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Earth-shaking Moomba

Eltnen - Named Monsters
s Skull Earrings Tukroll's Dagger Tukroll's Sword Tukroll's Warhammer Tukroll's Tome Earth-shaking Moomba 37 Moomba's Tear Moomba's Greatsword Moomba's Spear Moomba's Staff Moomba...
[API] Named Monster - Elysea (Eltnen)
Tuifoce the Storm Mane 33 Kratia 33 Iceheart Amorel 34 Lichna of Fiendishness 35 Mean Tukroll 37 Earth-shaking Moomba 37 Head Krukel 38 Chieftain Shaku 39 Chieftain Mamaku 39 Head...