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I am getting this error " Access to the path ’C:Program Files (x86)NCsoftAionin32game.dll’ is denied." [12]
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2011-03-16 16:11:40
I have tried running the Launcher as admin, i have changed the settings in the uac to never.  I am really getting frustrated.  Can someone please help!

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2014-09-26 14:36:40
I busted the textura need help pls
2014-08-06 18:33:00
i can't login. please help!
2013-05-27 00:29:47
I used to have that error, it's pretty depressing when you want to play... But I really don't remember what I did, I only remember I did somethings with my Firewall, and the Compability Problems thing, and also put it to always run as admin.
2013-04-07 11:31:52
It tells me to check the Atlas for reward, I do and nothing happens for me either.
2012-11-06 19:45:52
If this is about the atreian atlas reward for completing na instance you must e both on standard server when the quest is completed and you usually have ot get a weapon drop form the BOSS if there is no quest.
2012-09-25 20:56:21
try installing aion in the x32 folder and not in x86... may help!
2012-09-20 00:24:48
Yup. I am also getting annoyed, Atlas does not work properly or I don't recieve it like I used to at the appropriate time in game progression early on. I did the game update also, no change Sept.19. Not happy.
2012-08-20 10:11:36
i cant take atreian atlas reward .. it is bugged pls help!!!
2012-08-15 19:36:45
i can not open the say i need to download pando media booster but i can't download it....can u help me .....
2012-08-10 13:56:33
hey a little help with the bug please atreian atlas is bugged
2012-07-25 16:50:53
still cant get my reward .... hope u fix it really fast... that getting annoyed me more then u think
2012-07-18 20:42:05
Ok over 20 people are complaining of the atlas please fix it, it seems no one can get the reward in it now fix it please
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