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Target Rings

Target Rings edit

The target ring is the red or yellow ring that appears below your current target. This helps to keep track of the target’s movements. The red target ring indicates a creature, NPC, or player you will be able to engage in combat. However, a yellow target ring indicates a creature, NPC or player you are unable to attack.


Target Frame

Target Frame edit

The target frame contains information that will allow you to assess your enemy’s status during combat. The red bar shown in its center is the visual representation of the target’s health. The emblem on the left side indicates its aggressiveness as well as the difficulty in comparison to other creatures of its type. The small number to the left of the emblem indicates the target’s level.


The frame that surrounds the targets status reflects its rating. The more basic the frame is, the lower the rating and difficulty of the creature you are fighting. However, the more elaborate the frame is, the higher the target’s rating and difficulty is.


Other optional information that can be shown is the "Target of Target" frame below the main part of the frame. This allows you to see what that creature is currently attacking or interacting with along with its health. When shown, it includes the "Target of Target"s health bar, its emblem and the level of the "Target of Target".


Also you can turn on the option to see the targets elevation in comparison to your own and its distance away from you. This is contain in the box to the left of the main frame.


To see the "Distance to Target" and "Target of Target" information on the Target Frame follow these instructions:


1) Open your options window - [O] then select Options from the menu


2) Scroll down till you see the "Combat Info" section


3) Check the "Show distance to target" option


4) Check the "View Target’s Target" option


5) Click on "Apply" or "OK" to save the changes you have made


Target Frame Ratings

Target Frame Ratings edit

There are several different ratings for creatures and NPCs. These ratings are displayed through the various target frames they have surrounding their health bar. Knowing what each frame means will help to determine whether you will want to fight your target alone or if you will need gather a group of friends to defeat it.



Target Frame

Recommended Group Size




2 to 4 Players


1 to 2 Full Parties


1 Alliance Group

(2-4 Full Parties)



Target Emblems

Target Emblems edit

Within the target frame you will see target emblems on the left side of the health bar. This emblem indicates the relative difficulty of a target in relation to others of its kind. This also can indicate whether or not you may want to gather a small group of friends before attacking it.


When targeting NPCs and creatures you can attack, the color of the emblem will denote whether it is a hostile or non-hostile target. For hostile targets if you get to close they will aggressively attack you. On the other hand, non-hostile targets will mostly ignore you. However, be wary when attacking a target when a similar creature or NPC is nearby as some of them will come to the aid of their comrades.


NPC and Creature Emblems:













Player Emblems:


















Spiritmaster Pet Emblems:







Mini-Map and Targeting

Mini-Map and Targeting edit

Once you have a target selected you will see this reflected on the mini-map as well. Depending on the target’s passive or aggressive nature, this will be displayed on the mini-map differently. Passive targets will ping on the map with small white circles. Aggressive targets will highlight with a gold range indicator around the red dot that specifies their location. This indicator lets you know how close you can get to a target before it detects you and attacks. However, if an aggressive entity is much lower level than you, the indicator will ping with red circles to indicate this.




Aggressive - Low Level

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