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Taloc's Hollow Guide Taloc's Hollow Guide Edit

Taloc’s Hollow is a solo instance introduced in Assault on Balaurea.  Both Inggison and Gelkmaros have an entrance and it is available to characters from levels 51 to 55.  Elyos will have to travel to Taloc’s Forest, located in the Southwestern part of the Inggison map and speak with Lothas.  Asmodians can find their entrance within the Krug Basin by speaking to Taloc’s Guardian.  Upon entering, two items will be placed in your inventory: Taloc Fruit and Taloc’s Tears.  Taloc’s Hollow is not a very difficult instance as long as you do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed.  You will face multiple mobs at a time and if you are not careful, you may find you’ve taken on too much. 



Tools of the Instance

Tools of the Instance edit

Taloc’s Hollow gives players many different tools to help them through the instance.  Some of these, such as Taloc Fruit and Taloc’s Tears, will appear in your inventory immediately upon entering the instance.  Others will need to be found throughout the instance.





Taloc Fruit (Massive HP & MP buff)


Using the Taloc Fruit raises your maximum HP by 90,000 and maximum MP by 40,000.  This buff is a vital part of the Taloc’s Hollow instance due to the sheer number of elite monsters you will be facing at once.  The effect lasts for 2 hours and is only active within the instance.  The fruit itself has a 20 minute cool down so if your buff runs out before you are finished with the instance, you can easily reapply it.  Taloc Fruit will be applied to your inventory when you zone into Taloc’s Hollow.








Taloc’s Tears (AoE Damage, 10 sec CD)


The Taloc’s Tears item is a powerful weapon only usable within Taloc’s Hollow.  It unleashes an area of effect attack that deals 5000 damage to all nearby enemies.  There is only a 10 second cool down for using this item and it remains in your inventory for 2 hours, so be sure to use it often.  Using this item is also part of the main Taloc’s Hollow campaign quest.  Taloc’s Tears shares the same cool down time as Shishir’s Powerstone and will be applied to your inventory when you zone into Taloc’s Hollow. 








Shishir’s Powerstone (Single Target Damage, 10 sec CD)

This item is the first that you will receive off of a named monster within Taloc’s Hollow.  Shishir’s Powerstone deals 7,000 damage to a single target and has a 10 second cool down time.  Shishir’s Powerstone and Taloc’s Tears share the same cool down timer.  Using this item also advances the “The Struggle Within” and “With Friends Like These” quests, so be sure to pick it up off of Shishir when you defeat him.












Gellmar’s Wardstone (Self-shield, 1 min CD)

When used, Gellmar’s Wardstone will create a protective shield around you that lasts for 20 seconds and will block up to 10,000 damage.  This item will come in quite handy for situations where you have no choice but to face multiple enemies at once.  Gellmar’s Wardstone has a 1 minute cool down and shares the same cool down timer as Neith’s Sleepstone, so assess the situation as to which is more important for you to use.  Gellmar’s Wardstone drops off of Gellmar and using it is part of the “The Struggle Within” and “With Friends Like These” quests.









Neith’s Sleepstone (AoE Sleep, 1 min CD)

This item drops off of the spider Neith and is usually the last item of power you receive in Taloc’s Hollow.  Using Neith’s Sleepstone activates an area of affect ability that will put nearby enemies to sleep for 15 seconds.  As with most sleep abilities, a slept target will wake up if it receives damage, so watch the usage of area of effect abilities if you wish for your enemies to nap a bit longer.  Neith’s Sleepstone shares the same cool down timer as Gellmar’s Wardstone and using it is part of the “The Struggle Within” and “With Friends Like These” quests.








Healing Plant:

There are several Healing Plants scattered throughout the instance.  Using these objects will restore 30,000 HP instantly.  In the room before you battle Celestius, there is an empty Healing Plant station.  A Huge Healing Plant will appear inside of this station when you defeat all of the enemies in the room, besides Celestius.  In addition to the large amount HP recovered, the Huge Healing Plant also grants the Taloc’s Blessing buff, which will continually heal you for 3 minutes.





Taloc’s Hollow Map

Taloc’s Hollow Map edit

Starting Out

Starting Out edit


Once inside the instance, start off by speaking to Taloc’s Soul.  If this is your first time running Taloc’s Hollow, there should be a couple quests for you to pick up and complete while inside.  Open up your inventory and use the Taloc Fruit item.  You will need this buff in order to be successful within Taloc’s Hollow.  When you are fully prepared, move forward into the first room.  This room is a basic introduction to how the enemies of the instance will work.  You will face mostly normal monsters with a couple of elites added on.  Use your Taloc’s Tears to quickly deal with the normal monsters while you focus your attacks on the elites.

The Caccooning Chamber

The Caccooning Chamber edit


Once you have defeated the monsters, progress up the hill towards the Cocooning Chamber.  Here you will face Shishir who will drop two items for you; Shishir’s Corrosive Fluid and Shishir’s Powerstone.  Shishir is mostly harmless, but will use an ability called Toxic Talon that will prevent you from recovering an HP for 10 seconds.  Once you have defeated Shishir, you can use the Shishir’s Corrosive Fluid to dissolve one of the cocoons in the room.




Taloc’s Hollow introduces an NPC support mechanic to Aion.  You can choose to free either the Templar or the Cleric, whoever fits your needs best, from the cocoons.  After they are free, you may speak with them to have them join your party.  They will fight along side you until you defeat Queen Mosqua or until they fall in battle.  To free one of these NPCs, obtain Shishir’s Corrosive Fluid and interact with one of the cocoons.  Dialogue will appear telling you which class you are currently speaking to and you can choose whether to free them or not.  You may only take one of these NPCs with you per run.

Finding the Contaminated Soil

Finding the Contaminated Soil edit

There is a repeatable quest for each race within Taloc’s Hollow where you must find Contaminated Soil.  You must interact with 6 of these objects and obtain a Taloc Leaf from each.  Refer to the map above for the locations of each Contaminated Soil.


>> Elyos:  The Wounds of Change

>> Asmodian:  Soiled Soil

Finding Gellmar

Finding Gellmar edit

You will have to destroy the massive spider webs to gain entry to some corridors.


Gellmar has a chance to spawn in both the Muculent Grotto and The Swarmspring but finding him should not be too difficult if you are searching for the Contaminated Soil anyway.  Gellmar is a large, green clodworm who is always found amongst a swarm of other clodworms.  Because of this, there is very little chance you will face him alone.  Be sure to take advantage of the powerful area attack of Taloc’s Tears during this battle and dispose of the other monsters as quickly as possible.  Gellmar himself is not much of a fight, but he will use his Drain Moisture ability to damage you and heal himself in the process.  Once he is defeated, you can pick up Gellmar’s Wardstone off of him and proceed towards Kinquid’s Den.

Kinquid’s Den

Kinquid’s Den edit







Upon entering Kinquid’s Den, you will receive a cut scene with a strategy on how to defeat him.  The door behind you will close, so defeating Kinquid is your only option.  Use the smoke that erupts from the geysers in the floor to removes his physical and magical barriers.  The Purple Smoke will remove the magical and the Yellow Smoke will remove the physical.  Kinquid will mostly use regular attacks but will occasionally cause bleeding damage or moderate physical damage with Kinquid’s Thrust or Kinquid’s Bite.  He will also use an attack called Kinquid’s Blast.




Once you have defeated Kinquid, a dialogue will pop-up talking about a movement in Taloc’s roots.  Defeating Kinquid temporarily spawns a Reian Scholar named Hyas just a bit up the pathway.  Hyas gives out a Mithril Coin quest for both races, but it requires you to rush to Queen Mosqua, so if this is your first run, you may want to save this quest for another time.


Proceed up the roots towards Taloc’s Boughs.

Taloc’s Boughs

Taloc’s Boughs edit


Taloc’s Boughs is a winding pathway that leads to Queen Mosqua’s nest.  It is filled with many enemies and pools of sticky sap that will drastically lower your movement speed.  Here you will find the final 2 Contaminated Soil.  Start by moving up the winding pathway, defeating the insects as you go.  Very soon into your journey, you will happen across the first incline of the boughs.  To the left you will see the entrance to the Klawtira Broodlair.  You will find your 5th Contaminated Soil in this small enclave. Moving further up the pathway, you will run into the Funglesodden Grove.  The final Contaminated Soil is in this area as well as another Healing Plant. 

Taloc’s Tears

Taloc’s Tears edit


Taloc’s Tears is the final stretch before reaching Queen Mosqua’s nest.  Taloc’s Knot can be found in the very beginning part of this area and as you progress up the pathway, you will run into Neith, the keeper of the final Object of Power of the instance.  Neith will also drop an object called Dorkin’s Pocket Knife.  This knife is the key to a secret door hidden behind the nearby waterfall. 




Behind it, you will find Dorkin’s Nook, home to a recluse Shulack merchant.  You will need to speak with him to progress the “The Shulack of Taloc” and “A Shulack’s Story” quests, but Dorkin also has an object of interest in his room.  You can purchase a Shulack Hatchet from Dorkins shop if you want to take a gamble as to what may be inside the Golden Egg of Mutant Insect that lies in a nest next to him.  The egg can contain very valuable manastones and enchantment stones, but it could also net you a loss as the Shulack Hatchet costs nearly 100,000 kinah.  Open it up if you’re feeling lucky!


Just a short way up the path is the entrance to Mosqua’s Nest.

Mosqua’s Nest

Mosqua’s Nest edit


There are two objects of importance within Mosqua’s Nest: Queen Mosqua herself and the very large egg in the center of the room.  The egg covers a large Air Current that you will need to use in order to reach Taloc’s Heart and the lair of Celestius.  Before you can access this air current, you must destroy the egg that is blocking it and in order to do that, Queen Mosqua must first be defeated.


The most difficult part of fighting Queen Mosqua is the sheer number of potential adds that can join the fight.  There are many Supraklaw within the room and they will assist Queen Mosqua if they are too close to the battle.  In addition, Mosqua will use an ability called Spawn Eggs.  Destroy these eggs as soon as possible as they will turn into Supraklaw if they are left alone for too long.  Finally, during the course of the battle, she will use an ability called Queen’s Welcoming which will summon a weaker clone of Mosqua.  This summoned monster is also an elite and will assist the rest of the fight.




Once you have defeated Queen Mosqua, you will receive a system message saying that cracks have formed on her egg.  You can now destroy it and access the Air Current it is blocking.  Jump up and open your wings while within the Air Current to elevate yourself into Taloc’s Heart where Celestius awaits.

Taloc’s Heart

Taloc’s Heart edit


Taloc’s Heart is the final room of the Taloc’s Hollow instance.  In here you will find many Komad as well as the final boss, Celestius.  You do not need to defeat all of the Komad in the room as they will not follow you down to where you will face Celestius, but defeating all of them does have an advantage.  Once all of the Komad are defeated, a Huge Healing Plant will appear.  Using this item will not only heal you for a large amount, but it will also apply a 3 minute heal over time buff called Taloc’s Blessing.


If you choose to defeat all of the Komad, there are tools at your disposal to make the job easier.  Around the room you will find several Concentrated Sap.  Destroying these saps will cause a high amount of damage to the monsters around it but be aware that killing the Komad in this way will result in little to no XP.  When finished, Celestius awaits you in Blightroot, but beware, once you drop down into this area, you can no longer go back into any other part of Taloc’s Hollow.


Blightroot edit


Blightroot is where Celestius has taken over Taloc.  One other point of interest in this room is the Taloc Research Diary that is laying on the ground next to Celestius.  You will need this for the “The Lost Tome” and “What Book?” quests, so make sure you grab it before you exit the instance if you have the corresponding quest.


Celestius is the final boss of Taloc’s Hollow.  He will start using his Spore Shower skill early in the fight, which will poison you but is otherwise not very damaging.  Also watch out for his Grasping Tendrils skill, which will lift you into the air and slam you to the ground.  Players can use their Remove Shock ability to escape the stumble effect of this skill, but the damage of it will still be received.


Once Celestius has fallen, Taloc’s Mirage will appear.  Through him, you can turn in some of your quests as well as leave the instance.


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