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Steel Rake Upper Levels Walkthrough Steel Rake Upper Levels Walkthrough Edit

Steel Rake Upper Levels Map

Steel Rake Upper Levels Map edit

The Anchor Chamber and The Central Deck

The Anchor Chamber and The Central Deck edit

When a group has completed the Steel Rake Lower Levels, they will have the option to teleport to the Steel Rake Upper Levels using the Pirate Ship Anchor in the Anchor Chamber.



The Steel Rake Upper Levels again begins in the Anchor Chamber. Destroy the Air Vent Cover and move forward to the Central Deck.


On the Central Deck, players will need to find Largimark the Smoker, who spawns in either the Southeast corner or the Northwest corner of the deck.


Largimark the Smoker

Central Deck Mobile Cannon


Procure Largimark’s Flint, and then find the Central Deck Mobile Cannon, located on the Eastern half of the Central Deck near the middle. Fire the cannon to kill the monsters standing at the foot of the stairs near the Northern part of the Central Deck.


Chief Mate Menekiki

Firing the Central Deck Mobile Cannon will cause Chief Mate Menekiki to spawn. Be aware, Menekiki has an enormous aggro radius that covers almost half of the central deck, so be prepared to fight!

Once Menekiki has been defeated, loot the Weapon Storehouse Key, and head back to the Air Vent that leads to the Anchor Hanger.

The Armory and The Large Gun Deck

The Armory and The Large Gun Deck edit


To the left of the Air Vent is a door which leads to the Armory. Be wary, at the bottom of the stairs leading down are two Shulacks in Hide mode who will attack the first person they see!



Zerkin the One-eyed

Proceed through the Armory and down another flight of stairs.


At the bottom of the stairs, players will encounter Zerkin the One-eyed, who carries the Large Gun Deck Key which opens the door to Chief Gunner Koakoa.


Zerkin the One-eyed is a straight "tank and spank" encounter, though the close proximity to other monsters will necessitate a careful pull.  

When Zerkin has coughed up the Large Gun Deck Key, open the door to the Large Gun Deck, but take caution not to move until the entire Group has moved in, as two guards on the other side of the door will aggro as soon as any group member moves.

Once the monsters have been defeated, Chief Gunner Koakoa is the next target.

Chief Gunner Koakoa

Chief Gunner Koakoa edit

Chief Gunner Koakoa

Koakoa is a straightforward encounter that will require occasional movement from the whole group. Throughout the fight, Koakoa will summon a bunch of bombs throughout the room.


There will be two kinds of bombs, Colossal Bombs, and Teeny Bombs. When Koakoa first summons the bombs, he will move to the middle of the room, in addition, Koakoa will gain the Bulletproof Armor buff, which makes him invulnerable to damage. 

On Koakoa’s right or left side, a Teeny Bomb will appear (note that it’s possible a Teeny Bomb won’t appear to Koakoa’s right or left, but there will always be one somewhere else in the room). The group will need to move to stand on top of the Teeny Bomb, and destroy it as quickly as possible before it explodes.


Once the Teeny Bomb has been destroyed, the group remains bunched up on top of the Teeny Bomb until the rest of the bombs explode. It’s important that the entire group remains outside of the blast radius of the Colossal Bombs, as these will inflict significant damage.


Once Koakoa has detonated the rest of the bombs, the Bulletproof Armor buff will expire, and the group should spread out and move away from him. Only the tank and melee damage dealers should be in melee range of Koakoa, as his skills will inflict area of effect damage to targets in close range, and targets in close proximity of each other.


Koakoa will continue to summon bombs throughout the encounter, and each time the group will need to stack up on the Teeny Bomb to Koakoa’s right or left side, destroy it, and then wait for the other bombs to explode.



Chief Gunner Koakoa’s Skills





Sub Type

Take InitiativeArea Attack + Knock Downphysicalattack

Indiscriminate BombardmentPowerful area attackmagicalattack

Bulletproof ArmorInvincible + Shield + Max Physical and Elemental Defensemagicalbuff

The Gun Repair Deck and The Steering House

The Gun Repair Deck and The Steering House edit

When Koakoa has been defeated, be sure to loot the Gun Repair Deck Key. Proceed out of the Large Gun Deck, and head East through the door that leads to the Gun Repair Deck.


Once on the Gun Repair Deck, don’t bother killing the monsters roaming this area, just run out and click on the Suspicious Cannon! The Suspicious Cannon will shoot players to the Bridge Deck.



After landing proceed East to the Steering House, and enter, but do be careful of the two Shulacks in Hide mode in front of the Steering House Door.


Inside the Steering House, players will face Brass-Eye Grogget, the final boss of the Steel Rake!

Brass-Eye Grogget

Brass-Eye Grogget edit

Brass-Eye Grogget

Brass-Eye Grogget is the final Named Monster of the Steel Rake, and by far the most challenging encounter. This encounter will require players to deal with Grogget in the first phase of the encounter, and a number of additional monsters Grogget summons in the second phase.

Begin the encounter by engaging Grogget and pulling him to the middle of the room. Here Grogget will use Activate Amplifier to bring the first of his Stigma Amplifiers online.


The Stigma Amplifiers allow Grogget to use different skills. Grogget will activate a new amplifer at 75%, 50%, and 25% HP. The first two amplifiers should only require some extra group healing on behalf of the Cleric.

Grogget will also cast Dauntless Spirit on himself, which reduces the physical damage he takes by a significant amount. Having a Spiritmaster in the group to dispel Dauntless Spirit can be helpful.

After remaining active for a while, Grogget will retreat to the helm of the ship and begin calling his servants for help. While calling his servants, Grogget will gain the Captain’s Pride buff, which renders him immune to all attacks.


At this point the group should switch all damage to the servants, some of which should take priority over others. In particular, Grogget’s Healers and Grogget’s Shaman need to be defeated as fast as possible.


Grogget’s Healers will cast healing spells, while Grogget’s Shaman will inflict significant magical damage to their targets. The other monsters can be damaged down in any particular order without a lot of trouble, though Grogget’s Raiders do tend to do more damage than the rest.

Once Grogget summons two waves of additional monsters, he will become active and run back to the tank. Grogget should be activating another Stigma soon after this, but there isn’t much to worry about until 50% when he activates the Stigma which allows him to cast Curse of Old Roots.


At 25% HP, Grogget will activate the final Stigma which is the most difficult to deal with. When Grogget uses Activate Amplifier, this Stigma will pull the Group to the middle just as Grogget begins casting a skill that will inflict massive damage to all targets in melee range. It’s important to get out as fast as possible after this skill has been cast!

In an ideal group, Grogget’s HP will drop about 25% in each phase when he is active, with the goal being to defeat Grogget before the 4th phase in which he summons additional monsters. Grogget will summon an extra wave of monsters in the 4th add phase, which can be trouble for an unprepared group.


Brass Eye Grogget’s Skills





Sub Type

Activate AmplifierA display skill. Physical and magical defenses are reduced temporarily.magicaldebuff

CapturePull + Movement Speed Reductionphysicaldebuff

Dauntless SpiritShieldphysicalbuff

Enhance AmplifierA display skill. Physical and magical defenses are reduced temporarily.magicaldebuff

The Steering House Continued

The Steering House Continued edit


Following Grogget’s defeat, players will have the opportunity to loot the Shining Box and the Captain’s Treasure Box, both of which contain Quest items.



If players desire to return to the Stern of Steel Rake, there is a Hidden Escape Exit nearby.

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