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Active Skills

Active Skills edit

Skills Window (K)

You can view your list of Active Skills. As you purchase and learn new skills, they will be added to the list.


When you placed your mouse over the skill icon, a skill information window will appear displaying the: skill name, skill description, target to use the skill on, cast time, cooldown, trigger rate, and if there are any other requirements to use the skill (ex - You must have a Melee Weapon equipped)




Passive edit

Passive Skills are skills that are automatic and don’t need to be turned On or Off. Some of them are auto-learned as you progress in the game and others must be purchased and learned from a Trainer.


Ex: Advanced Archery Training 1 - Allows you to use bows skillfully.


You can hover over the Skill icons to display the Skill name, level, description, and target information


Craft edit

Crafting skills encompass all of the skills you need in order to successfully Craft items in-game. Collection is a skill you will use earlier on in the game, yet once you become a Daeva you will advance to Extraction and no longer need your Collection skill.


You can hover over any of the Skill icons to get the name, description, and skill level.


Ex: Extract Aether - You can obtain the Aether Crystals floating in the sky. Skill Level 1/99


Emotes edit

Emotes give you the ability to have your character show emotional responses in-game.


Emotes can be entered through the Chat Window or they can be placed in your QuickBar for ease of use.


Hover over the different Emote icons to see their /command.


Ex: Laugh = /laugh


Actions edit

Action skills allow you to perform different actions with your character and its weapons. It also has a number of Actions that can be used if you are in a Legion.


Toggle Combat and Pick up Item will be in your QuickBar when you first start playing the game.


You can drag items off of the QuickBar and release to remove them. To add items, drag and drop them on to the QuickBar slot you wish to use.


Hover over the icons for a brief description.


Chains edit

Chain Skills are skills that are only available once you use another skill. The Chains Window will let you know the progression of Chain Skills to give you a better understanding of how they work and in what order.


Ex: Once you use Ferocious Strike II, Robust Blow I and Shouting I become available for use.


Skill List

Skill List edit

The Skill List displays all of the Skills that are and will be available to you. You can hover over any of the skills for detailed information on the skill. It also displays the Skill Name, Level it’s available for use, How it is Learned, What type of Chain Skill it is, and if there are any prerequisites.


You will only have level 1-9 available until you choose a sub-class.


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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
Please use the Search function if you are looking for something specific.

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