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Skills are the spells and abilities your character utilizes while in combat, assisting others in combat, or providing benefits and other useful temporary powers to you or others outside of combat.


Most skills are used to damage a target while in combat, and depending on the class you have chosen will either be short- to medium-range melee abilities or medium- to long-range ranged abilities.


Other skills will apply de-buffs to your target. These types of skills will lower the target's performance in combat and movement speed, or in some cases apply damage or other effect over a short period (damage over time or DoT).


There are other skills, similar to buffs or de-buffs, that you can place on friendly targets and players. Depending on the skill used, you can improve the target's combat abilities and movement as well as apply healing over time (HoT) effects.


Lastly, there are skills that can heal friendly targets directly and can be very useful in groups. However, these types of skills are limited to Priest classes normally. As with other skills, once a target has been selected you simply make sure you're within range and either click on the skill or use the hotkey you have it bound to.


Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills edit

Once you have entered the world of Atreia, your character will have very few skills to use. However, as you master these skills your character will advance in experience quickly. Once you reach the appropriate levels you will be able to learn new skills. To find these skills you will need to find the trainer appropriate to your class in the nearby town. This vendor will have books you can purchase that will teach you new skills. To see if you are high enough level you can mouse-over the book to see its description, which includes the minimum level needed to learn that skill.


Books highlighted in red by the vendor are to high level for you to learn or are not available to your class. Also, the books tooltip will tell you if you already know that skill.











Once you have purchased your skill books, you will need to open your inventory and right-click on the book to add the skill to your skills list. A quick animation will occur along with a ping sound to indicate the spell has been learned and the skill book will be removed from your inventory.


Skill Trainers

Skill Trainers edit
Skill Trainers are the Preceptors you speak with to expand and hone the skills for your class. You’ll want to visit them as you progress in level as new and better skills will become available to you. You can find more information on what skills are available, and from whom, by visiting the Skill Trainers page.

Adding Skills to the QuickBar and Using Them

Adding Skills to the QuickBar and Using Them edit


Once you have learned new skills, you will want to make them available for use. To do this you will need to move them from your Skills Window [K] to your QuickBar. This is easily accomplished by dragging the skills icon from the Skills Window down to the Quickbar slot you prefer it to be in.



Once you have the skill on the Quickbar you can click on it to use it or use the Key Command assigned to the slot it is in. Key Commands can be modified in Key Mapping.

Skills and Classes

Skills and Classes edit

Each Class uses its own set of skills and abilities to perform their specific roll within the world. Gladiators and Assassins tend to fill the roll of melee damage dealers. Rangers, Sorcerers, and Spiritmasters tend to fight at longer ranges, doing lots of damage as well using spells and traps to slow or hold their opponents. Clerics and Chanters are somewhat hybrid classes that use both ranged spells and melee skills to attack, however they also have abilities to both buff and heal other players. Templars are defensive characters focusing on absorb tanking while dishing it out at the same time.


Class Skills Lists:

















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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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