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Runaway Poppy is a new production pet introduced in 2.6, and can be purchased with Crucible Insignias in the Marchutan Priory or Kaisinel Academy.

While Runaway Poppy will be a loyal companion to any owner, the porgus's true merit is as a production pet able to produce Elemental Stones, Manastones, and rare Platinum Medals.

By participating in the Crucible Challenge, players will acquire Poppy Snacks, which Runaway Poppy will scarf down with much delight. Each time Poppy eats a Poppy Snack, it will produce a reward bundle which can contain a number of useful items.

Poppy can eat a maximum of forty Poppy Snacks before becoming too full to eat more, at which time if players desire to have a chance at more items, they will have to abandon Poppy, and purchase another Runaway Poppy Egg from the merchant.


Purchasing a Runaway Poppy Egg

Purchasing a Runaway Poppy Egg edit

Asmodian and Elyos players can purchase a Runaway Poppy Egg for 2,010 Crucible Insignias from the Consumable Item Distributor in the Marchutan Priory or Kaisinel Academy.

As with all pet eggs, players will need to speak to a Pet Minder to hatch their egg and claim their new companion.


Consumable Item Distributors


Asmodian players can speak to Felder in the

Marchutan Prioryto purchase a Runaway Poppy Egg

Elyos players can speak to Monilou in the

Kaisinel Academy to purchase a Runaway Poppy Egg

Feeding Runaway Poppy

Feeding Runaway Poppy edit

Runaway Poppy can eat three different types of Poppy Snacks, all of which are acquired from the Crucible Challenge.

The three types of Poppy Snacks are: the basic Poppy Snack, the Tasty Poppy Snack, and the Nutritious Poppy Snack.


To feed Poppy, simply right click on the pet's target frame, and select the Feeding tab. Place any of the Poppy Snacks in the pet's food dish, and Poppy will produce a present after eating!

Procuring Poppy Snacks

Procuring Poppy Snacks edit

Run Poppy! Run!

Runaway Poppy's favorite food, the Poppy Snack, can be obtained in the second stage of the Crucible Challenge.


The second stage only has one round, however, after the round is over players participate in a bonus round with Poppy being chased by gluttonous Dukaki Cooks!

Protect Poppy by slaying the Kobold Cooks. If Poppy survives until the end of the bonus round, players are awarded with Poppy's Present, a treasure chest containing one of three different types of Poppy Snack.


It's important to remember that players can participate in the Crucible Challenge an infinite number of times, however, Poppy will only eat a total of 40 Poppy Snacks and produce a total of 40 reward bundles.


Keep Poppy alive in the Crucible Challenge to earn

Poppy's Present, and a Poppy Snack!

But after eating 40 Poppy Snacks,

Poppy won't eat more...

Poppy's Rewards

Poppy's Rewards edit

Unlike other most other production pets, Poppy produces a reward bundle each time it eats a Poppy Snack, and there is no wait time to receive the reward bundle.

Depending on the type of Poppy Snack, Poppy will produce a different reward bundle, with Poppy's Greater Bundle having the highest chance to contain the best items.


See the table below for what reward bundle each type of Poppy Snack will produce.


Feed Poppy the Poppy Snacks to receive Elemental Stones, Manastones, and a small chance at a Platinum Medal.


Poppy Snack to Reward Bundle Conversion






Poppy Snack

Poppy's Lesser Bundle
Tasty Poppy Snack
Poppy's Bundle
Nutritious Poppy Snack
Poppy's Greater Bundle


Potential Rewards from Reward Bundles




Manastone: Healing Boost +3Increases Healing Boost by 3 points when mounted onto the manastone-socketing slot of an item.
Activate the Manastone item by double-clicking (or right-clicking) it, then select an item to socket the manastone.

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