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- Levels 56-60.

- Group (6-player) instance.

- Cooldown time is 6 hours.

- Located at the 5 o'clock position in Sarpan.

- Choose from short and long versions of the instance.

- Gather three key pieces to open a treasure box containing Fabled Hats.


- Most monsters are levels 57 and 58.

- If certain conditions are met, a hidden named monster appears.

- You need to employ a different strategy to kill each named monster.

- Hard mode: If you do not kill two key named monsters, a strengthened boss appears.

- Normal mode: A weakened boss appears if you kill all key named monsters.


- Fabled weaponsarmor, and hats are dropped.

- Eternal accessories are dropped.



Choose your pat: short or long!
Raksang is a prison for both Balaur and Daevas. It is designed for a 6-member group, and you can choose your path: a short course (hard mode) or a long course (normal mode).
① Short course: You pass two key named monsters without fighting. This course is shorter, but you have to deal with a more powerful named boss at the end.
② Long course : You must kill the two key named monsters. It may be more difficult in the short run than the short course, but they drop a wide range of Fabled items, and the final boss will be weaker.


Background Story

Background Story edit

Long ago, the Balaur Raksha gathered its followers and challenged Tiamat. However, it couldn't defeat the great Dragon Lord, so Tiamat cast the rebels into a deep pit and sealed them in.

Recently, seeing the Reians garnering more support from Elyos and Asmodian troops, Tiamat decided to enact a ritual, deep inside the prison, to resurrect Raksha and unleash it upon his enemies. The Reians' excellent information network heard about this plan, and scouts were dispatched to Balaurea to locate Raksha's prison.
They followed some Balaur guards heading for a deep pit, and discovered the entrance. Now that the prison has been located, the Reians are asking for help from both the Elyos and the Asmodians, in order to stop Raksha's resurrection...

Getting There

Getting There edit

The entrance to Raksang is located in the Fatebound Garrison at the 5 o'clock position in Sarpan. Both the Elyos and Asmodians use this entrance. Don't forget to pick up the related quests in Kamar before entering Raksang. They are worth about 7 million XP.


Quest Name





 Prison Break-In (Elyos)


Talk with an NPC

XP 6907092  / 47000 Kinah

Title Raksang Sealbreaker


Enoa's Necklace x 1
Enoa's Pendant x 1 - Select one of them.

 Raksang: the Prison of Death (Asmodian)


Talk with an NPC

XP 6907092  / 47000 Kinah

Title Raksha Confronter


Merlean's Necklace x 1
Merlean's Pendant x 1 - Select one of them.



① Take the Aerolink to fly to your race's garrison at the 5 o'clock position.
② Walk toward Satrakand, and you will find the entrance.




Layout edit


[Normal mode] Work your way through all sections from 1 to 5.

[Hard mode] Skip sections 2 and 3 to make your journey shorter.


Features edit

Before facing the last named monster, you will find a treasure box containing hats and Gallant Guestblooms for appearance modification. To open this box, you have to gather three pieces of the key, which are scattered around the dungeon. Please note that the key pieces cannot be traded. You must appoint one member of your group to collect all three pieces.




Key piece 1: After fighting the first named boss, you can find it on the left of the passage.



Key piece 2: You'll find it in a large empty lot on the way to the second named monster.




Key piece 3: After killing the second named monster, you'll see a door, and the key piece next to it.


Before you pass through the door to fight the final named monster, there'll be a treasure box in the left-hand corner.



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