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Patch Notes Patch Notes Edit

Patch Notes [Client]

Patch Notes [EN-Language] 


Instanced Dungeons

Instanced Dungeons edit

1. [Beshmundir Temple] Changed the Monolithic Ambusher and Monolithic Gladiator in the Hero’s Vault so that they can detect Hide.


2. [Beshmundir Temple] Fixed a bug causing the boss monster Plaguebearer to die in the air.


3. [Beshmundir Temple] Fixed the a bug that allowed the boss monster Macunbello to be killed twice.


4. [Udas Temple Underground] Fixed boss monster Debilkarim the Maker’s special attack skill, so that players cannot evade it using the topography, and also increased the skill’s range.


5. [Fire Temple] Changed the entry requirements so that players can now enter the temple from Morheim and Eltnen automatically upon reaching a certain level, without requiring a key.
 Elyos: level 30
 Asmodians: level 27.


Environments edit

1. Fixed part of the topography at Alukina’s Palace in Beluslan.

2. Fixed part of the topography of Gallows Run and the Nunglark Ruins in Gelkmaros.

3. Fixed the problem causing some Windstreams in Gelkmaros to be invisible.

4. Fixed the name of the West of Siel Guard Tower, which was previously referred to as just “Guard Tower”.


NPCs edit

1. Fixed spelling mistakes in some of the NPCs’ dialogs.

2. The Balaur will now take over Kysis Fortress in the Abyss during normal Siege times

3. Named Gatekeepers in Inggison and Gelkmaros can no longer be kited for large distances, and their stats have been increased

4. Omega and Ragnarok can no longer be trained to Fortresses. If a player tries to get friendly Fortress guard NPCs to help them take out these powerful boss monsters, the monsters will reset.

5. Fixed a bug where some Gryphu monsters were incorrectly referred to as Condors. All Condor references have now been changed to say Gryphu.

  Additionally, Big Wing Condors are now Razorwing Gryphus.

6. Changed the name of the NPC Fulla in the Desert Garrison in Morheim to Cliessa, to differentiate her from the Fulla in Poeta.


7. Renamed the elite Eracus Gargoyles in the Eracus Temple to “Crouching Eracus Gargoyles”, to distinguish them from the non-elite ones of the same name. Only the elite ones dropped the quest items for [Elyos] Earning Marana’s Respect.

8. Changed the Nicoyerk Mist Merchant NPC in Reshanta to Paranerk, to distinguish him from the other Nicoyerk in Morheim.


9. Renamed Poporinerk to Suganerk to avoid making rude insinuations in German.

10. Untangled the Munmun Lookouts. Renamed some to Munmun Looksees, and some to Munmun Sentinels. The ones that are left as Munmun Lookouts are the ones that update the quest [Asmodian] The Munmun’s Ginseng.

11. Renamed the Tursin Viewers in the Kabarah Strip Mine back to Tursin Big Bosses. (They’d inadvertently got renamed in a recent build.)

12. Changed the Watch Cadets in Beluslan to Watch Neophytes to distinguish them from the Cadets in Brusthonin.


13. Changed the Brutal Mist Mane Stalkers that do not patrol with Taygas to Watchers, to distinguish them from the Stalkers with the Taygas. Asmodian quest [Group] Revenge is Sweet will now ask you to kill Watchers and Stalkers, instead of Stalkers twice.

User Interface

User Interface edit

1. In the character PIN window, clicking on the number button with the mouse will no longer do the ‘click' action, but it will still work.

2. Deleted the Close Window button of the error message that appeared when the character PIN was entered or changed.

3. Fixed a bug that let users use the keyboard to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the character PIN after it was entered.

4. In character creation , using the advanced slider bars to adjust facial features no longer causes the face to disappear.

5. Fixed a bug causing the character info, which appears when a player clicks another player's name in chat, to cut off.

6. Fixed the example macros for new characters, which had not been updated since the macro syntax changed. (Please note: this does not apply to characters that already exist. The sample macros do not update for existing characters.)


Items edit

1. There is now a daily upper limit for the amount of Kinah that players can earn by selling items to an NPC. Trying to sell items that will cause you to exceed this limit will result in an error message.
  The Kinah limit increases with character level.
  All characters on an account share the same Kinah pool, so if you reach the limit on one character you cannot use another character on that account to sell the items.
  The limit is reset every day at midnight (server time).
  This does not affect trade between characters (Trade Broker, Private Store, Private Trade).

2. Made general changes to armor item types to give each a more distinctive single-word name.



3. Fixed some Soulbound items that were incorrectly named Soul Sealing or Spirit Sealing.

4. Fixed some Ghostbound items that were incorrectly named Ghost Sealing.

5. Changed the names of some “Defender’s” items, where the names had become scrambled:



6. Simplified the names of many items available as coin rewards:



For example, the “Rank 5 Asmodian Sword” is now the “Rank 5 Asmodian Sword”.

7. Changed the way that artifact possession is indicated in the artifact name. The old labels were too long, and caused the artifact names to get cut off in buff tooltips.



8. Renamed some items that had been misnamed “Wymir’s” items and should have been “Yumir’s”, after the NPC Yumir.

9. Fixed a bug causing some items not to appear correctly when equipped.

10. Corrected the tooltip for the Fabled Godstone ’Kaisinel’s Fantasy’ so that it now says it has a 5% chance to succeed (as opposed to the incorrect 10%).

11. Reduced the quantities of materials required for many crafting recipes.
  Reduced the quantities for 593 Elyos and 593 Asmodian level 45-55 crafted weapons, armor, and accessories.
  This affects materials like Aether, gatherable materials, and crafted components, but not fluxes or materials sold by vendors.


12. Added new quality designs.
  Added 338 new quality designs each for Elyos and Asmodian.
  The new designs allow players to change their weapon, armor, or accessory from Common to Superior rank.
  The new designs and materials are sold by each craft’s supplies merchant.

13. Increased the drop rates of crafting materials, including:
  Balic materials dropped by the Balaur.
  Distinct crafting materials dropped by both common and boss monsters.
  The Balaur Hearts needed to buy Balic Designs.

14. Increased the chance of gathering greater materials from the following resource nodes:
  Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Ferilla, Griffonia, Subella, Grobule, and Aether.

15. Reduced the price of vendor items that can also be made by crafting.

16. For all types of coins except Iron Coins, reduced  the number of Coins required to buy coin items.

17. Fixed the icons for Spicy Anevra with Wine and Tasty Spicy Anevra with Wine so that they are now the same.

18. Changed Chico Sauce Salad to Kuvano Juice.

19. Made a temporary change so that the Pet Food the Elyos/Asmodian Pet Merchant NPC sells can be sold back to him or her.

20. The quest item for [Elyos] Medicinal Clodworms is now Clodworm Teeth rather than Clodworm Tooth.

21. Gold Medals are now Gold Medals to match related items.

22. The items for quests [Elyos] Part of the Crashed Dredgion and [Asmodian] Dredgion Salvage were all mixed up, referred to as different things in different places. The interactible objects are now consistently called Dredgion Parts, and the inventory items you collect from them are now consistently called Dredgion Salvage.

23. Unscrambled the names of the Flame Tribe claw items:

24. Changed the scrambled item name “Soul Hunter Topaz Necklace” to “Soul Hunter Topaz Necklace”, which is what it should have been.

25. Changed the “Raiders’ Crystal Ring” to “Raiders’ Crystal Ring” to match the rest of the series.

26. Changed the Fleeting Jerkin and the Fleeting Breastplate to Spiritual Jerkin and Breastplate to match the rest of the series.

27. Changed a series of Superior items dropped by the Greybeard monster from “Omega’s” to “Greybeard’s”. They had somehow become confused with an Eternal set dropped by Omega in Inggison. This applies to Greybeard’s Warhammer, Dagger, Tome, Shoes, Boots, Brogans, and Sabatons.

28. Changed the “(Item) of Itima” series to “Ebon (Item)” to match the naming system better.

29. Changed “Warmonger’s Shield” to “Warmonger’s Shield” to match the monster who drops it.

30. Changed the quest item for the [Asmodian] Petrifying Elim quest from “Essence of Elim” to “Essence of Elim”. (It was referred to in both ways in different places.)


Pets edit

1.    Added new Fortune Pet, the Headstrong Poroco, to both Elyos and Asmodian Pet Merchants.

          This pet gives a new reward, the Bundle O’ Wings, which can contain gathering materials, but also has a small chance to give Eternal grade wings.


2.    The Pet Merchants in each of the large cities sell new Pet Food.

          The new Pet Food can be used as food for all Fortune Pets.

          The new Pet, Headstrong Poroco, only eats the new Pet Food.


Quests edit

1.  Added or changed reward items for quests and greatly increased the general rewards for quests. (Please note that players will not receive these rewards retroactively for quests they’ve already finished.)

2. Added additional Coin Chests (containing Bronze Coins, Silver Coins, etc) and Unusual Sacks (containing Enchantment Stones or Manastones) as rewards to some Campaign Quests, including:
  Ascension Quest (both races)
  Abyss Entry Quest (all 4 quests for both races)
  Various other Campaign missions throughout each zone

3. Reduced difficulty of the [Elyos] Miragent Holy Templar, [Asmodian] Fenris’s Fangs quests.
  The quest NPCs will always appear at a certain time.
  Greatly increased the loot rate of [Elyos] Tear of Luck, [Asmodian] Light of Luck, which can both be acquired through gathering.
  All members of a group can now acquire [Elyos] Tear of Luck or [Asmodian] Light of Luck at the same time.
  Now players can resume the quests even after killing Captain Zanata on the  Chantra Dredgion.

4.  Balic Designs that could only be acquired through a quest can now be bought at the store.
  Players can buy Balic Designs with Balaur Hearts, Hot Balaur Hearts, and Burning Balaur Hearts.
  They can be bought from the designer at Tigraki Island.
  Designs can be bought even if a character is not an Expert, though they cannot be learned by non-experts.

5. Changed the required items for Expert crafting quests.
  No crafted items are required; all ingredients can now be gathered or bought at the vendor.
  Each supplies vendor sells the Expert quest designs and materials.
  For all crafts except cooking, the greater (Noble) version of the item can be crafted directly from the Noble recipe. For cooking, you still need to buy the ordinary recipe and craft them until it procs; however, the proc rate has been greatly increased.

6. Greatly increased loot rate of required Expert Gathering items for Aethertapping and Essencetapping.

7. Changed rewards for Coin quests.
  Increased the amount of reward Coins for quests that were changed to daily quests.
  Increased the reward for solo Coin quests to 2 Coins and 1 Coin Chest.
  Increased the reward for group Coin quests to 5 Coins and 1 Coin Chest.
  Increased the Iron Coin reward of Coin Quests to 5 Coins.
  Increased the Platinum Coin reward of Coin quests to 2 Coins and added coins as a reward for [Elyos] Angel’s Eye, [Asmodian] Demon’s Eye.

8. Reduced the difficulty of some of the Coin quests.

9. Reduced the number of times you can repeat certain quests with weapons and armor rewards in the following places.
  Steel Rake.
  Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  Daily quest factions.
  Kromede’s Trial.

10. Reduced the difficulty of Spy quests.
  Deleted prerequisite quests for [Elyos] [Spy/Group] The Tigraki Agreement, [Spy/Group] The Draconic Assignment, and [Spy/Group] The Tigraki Assignment quests.
  Slightly increased the drop rates for [Elyos] [Spy/Group] Suspicious Scientists, A Disturbing Report, [Asmodian] [Spy] Medicine for Nesteto quest items, and changed the quests so that all group members can acquire items at the same time.
  Moved the book for the [Elyos] [Spy/Group] The Research Journal quest to the entrance of the Alquimia Research Center so that players don’t have to enter to complete the quest.
  Added the location of RM~114c in the Abyss for the quest [Elyos] [Group] RM-114c.

11. Changed some daily quests to weekly quests.


 Weekly quests will be reset each Wednesday at 9am, server time.
 Players cannot acquire the corresponding quests before it is reset.
 Group quests can now be acquired even if the character is not part of a group.
 Players can acquire weekly quests even after finishing other weekly quests.
 These quests do not count toward the daily quest list and are acquired directly from an NPC.
 Changed the heading of these quests from [Daily] to [Weekly].

12. Reduced the difficulty of [Elyos] [Group] Hokuna Matata quest and changed the amount of gatherable items.
 Changed the number of required Broken Odium Pieces from 40 to 5.

13.  Changed the number of required items for quests according to reduced difficulty levels.


14. Reduced the quantities of certain items required for [Elyos][Asmodian] quests to match the reduced difficulty levels.



 Reduced the number of Balaur Relics from 30 to 6.
 Reduced the number of Blessed Aurium Ingots from 20 to 1.
 Greatly increased drop rates of Vorpal Essence.

15. Reduced the difficulty of the [Asmodian] [Spy] Reaper Squad Squish quest.
 The quest now requires the player to fight a new normal monster, the Reaper Squad Scout, which  updates the quest instead of the old elite monsters.
 Reduced the difficulty of the quests and changed them from Alliance quests into Group quests.

16. Increased the EXP reward of some daily quests.
 [Elyos] Radiant Ops Recruitment, Fortuneers Call to Arms
 [Asmodian] Call of the Crusade, Charlirunerk’s Daemons Want You!

17. The level 53 quest monster Moonflower will now drop the quest item for the [Elyos] Local Delicacies quest.

18. Made some Coin quests daily quests.

19. Fixed a problem causing some daily quests not to be acquirable.

20. [Elyos] [Daily/Coin] Thinning the Ranks now points the player toward the Lepharist Citadel (in Morheim) rather than the Lepharist Bastion (in Eltnen).

21. [Asmodian] [Daily/Coin] Collecting Dranatig is now called [Daily/Coin] Collecting Crystals, to reflect what you actually have to collect.

22. Fixed a bug with the [Elyos] Mint Condition quest, where Goimonerk had a blue quest arrow but would not give out the quest.


Skills edit

1. Increased the total EXP that can be gained through Energy of Repose and Energy of Salvation.


2. Expanded the criteria for players to gain Energy of Salvation.

3. Fixed a number of system messages that misidentified who was the caster of a skill and who was the target.

4. Added a note to the Gladiator skill Crushing Blow, indicating that it does not crit until Crit Strike is over 500.


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