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Nochsana Training Camp Nochsana Training Camp Edit

Class Roles

Class Roles edit

While there is no one way to play any class, there are still specific roles each must cover. This section will briefly explain some of the core responsibilities of each class within the Nochsana Training Camp instance. Ultimately, it is up to your group which classes you bring with you, but knowing what to expect can be the difference between life and death.



The Templar is the protector of the group. It is usually the Templar’s job to be the party leader, moving first, marking targets, and keeping the enemy from attacking their weaker allies. In NTC, a Templar will also have to be cautious when pulling multiple enemies or those who are near patrols. A Templar should also be sure to use their enmity abilities often to keep the enemy’s attention away from healers and damage dealers.

GladiatorThe role of the Gladiator changes based on the group’s compliment. If there is no Templar, the Gladiator must step up as the main tank. If your group has a Templar but is lacking crowd control, the Gladiator should act as a secondary tank, assisting to kill the main target while the Templar holds the secondary. 
ClericA Cleric’s role will rarely change in instances. It is their job to restore the health of their allies and keep them alive. A Cleric’s main focus will be keeping their tanks alive, but occasionally someone else will attract the attention of the enemies. If the Cleric finds they are drawing more attention than the tank can counter, they should try healing at a slightly slower pace, instead of keeping the entire group completely topped off, as long as it is safe to do so.
ChanterA Chanter can bring many things to a group. As with the Gladiator, the Chanter’s main role will depend on the rest of the group. Without a Cleric, they must step up as the main healer. Even with a Cleric in the group, the Chanter won’t be able to simply focus on damage alone. They will act as a backup healer, assisting the Cleric should they get attacked, healing the off-tank, or simply assisting in a tough situation.
AssassinAssassins are all about damage. NTC does not have any specific cases where an Assassin will have to scout ahead, so your role here should be to help take down your enemies as fast as possible. The Assassin must be careful though- their high amount of damage often leads to a lot of attention from their enemies. Always let the tank establish a few hits on the target before jumping into a fight so that you lower your chances of being the brunt of the attack.
RangerRangers are also primarily a damage class for the purpose of NTC, but they can also be a Cleric’s last line of defense. Since a Ranger attacks mostly from a distance, position yourself in-between your Cleric and the enemy. If your Cleric’s heals draw enough attention for them to be attacked, you should have plenty of time to place a snare trap or a well-placed sleep arrow to give your healer time to move and your tank time to re-establish the agro.

A Sorcerer’s role in NTC is to make life as easy as possible for their group. With their roots, sleeps and slows, a Sorcerer is the ideal candidate for controlling the fight. A Sorcerer with the Curse of Roots stigma when used back to back with their Sleep spell can hold an opponent for an extended period of time. A group must be extra careful not to bother enemies who are under the Sorcerer’s spell, though. One hit can disrupt a carefully controlled situation.

SpiritmasterWhile Spiritmasters can really shine as crowd control in later instances, NTC is still on the lower end of their progression. A Spiritmaster at level 28 who has acquired their first Fear spell will be able to keep some enemies out of the fight for a short duration. Younger Spiritmasters can only rely on their slows and roots. One major encounter a Spiritmaster can really excel during is the Aetheric Field Guard. She will activate a self shield that absorbs damage. A Spiritmaster’s dispel ability is a great way to quickly remove this buff.

Related Quests

Related Quests edit

Nochsana Training Camp, as with all instances in Aion, has specific objectives within it related to quests throughout the world.  Below is a listing of the related quests which can be completed within NTC.  For more information on each quest, refer to the guide below or visit the quest links in this section.



  Level 25: [Group] Killing the Guardian Deity General of the Training Camp

  Level 25: [Group] Weapons Inspection

  Level 25: [Group] Cut Off the Head of the Class


  Level 25: [Group] Killing the Nochsana Fortress Guardian Deity General

  Level 25: [Group] Prototype Weapon

  Level 25: [Group] The Draconute Instructor


Loot edit

Instances are a great way to acquire gear for your character.  In the Nochsana Training Camp, you have a chance to find the items listed in this section.  For more detailed information on these items, visit their pages through the links below.


ArmorEldritch Armor Sets
WeaponsNochsana Weapons

Instance Map

Instance Map edit

Nochsana Training Camp instance map     [View Large Map]

Entry & Objectives

Entry & Objectives edit

Nochsana Training Camp (NTC) is the first group instance you encounter in Aion. It introduces you to the process of capturing a vulnerable fortress in The Abyss. While the experience is not exactly the same as in a high-level Abyss fortress siege, you get to mimic the capture of an artifact, defeating fortress guardians, destroying a castle gate with a siege weapon, killing the opposing faction’s teleporter to hinder reinforcements, and defeating the Nochsana General to claim the fortress. Both the Elyos and Asmodians have access to the instance from their respective race’s landing. The screenshots below note the entry points for each race:


Elyos entrance to NTC from Teminon Landing


Asmodian entrance to NTC from Primum Landing



Groups of one to five Balaur soldiers patrol the surroundings of the Nochsana Training Camp. Watch out for them. They are always ready to try to intercept your group.

Starting Out

Starting Out edit

The Nochsana Training Camp and her Balaur horde await!


If you and your group want to complete the quests within NTC, first you need to begin taking out the bosses within the camp. The first boss is on top of the hill directly in front of where you enter. Access the hill by taking the right hand path. The first two mobs put up only minimal resistance against your group, but toward the top of the hill, you meet your first elite Balaur. Ignore the two Balaur standing side by side up the small hill for now and take out the single patrol going up and down the pathway so that he doesn’t interrupt your group later.


Tactics edit

The Nochsana Training Camp has many encounters with groups of elite creatures. Be ready!


Many encounters in this instance from this point consist of at least two elites. Your tactics on dealing with the second Balaur vary based your group’s composition. Groups with a Sorcerer should find most of these encounters straightforward. As long as group members watch their area of effect attacks, Sorcerers can keep the second enemy in some sort of crowd control. Alternating between Sleep I and Curse of Roots I is very effective if a Sorcerer has the Curse of Roots stigma. For groups that do not a Sorcerer with Curse of Roots, a Sorcerer’s or Cleric’s Root I or a Ranger’s Sleep Arrow I or Spike Trap II can hold the second elite mob until the Sorcerer’s Sleep cooldown has expired or the group has finished with its primary target.If your group does not have a Sorcerer, you will have to take care of the additional elite mob using other methods. Groups with two tanks can off-tank the second mob, groups with two healers can have both of them focus on the Templar as he or she attempts to tank both mobs, and groups with a Ranger who is confident at kiting elites can lead the second mob away while the first is taken care of. Analyze your group’s strengths and weaknesses to determine the best course of action.

Nochsana Protector

Nochsana Protector edit

Once you have defeated the two Balaur at the top of the hill, you should see the artifact that the Nochsana Protector is guarding. You have to deal with a couple more two-mob pulls as you clear the area around the artifact, so be sure to keep an eye on the Protector’s aggro radius (see image) so as not to accidentally pull her before you are ready.


The Nochsana Protector has a very watchful eye!

Be careful not to attract too much attention!


The Nochsana Protector guards a powerful artifact that can aid you in battle.


As long as your group is able to keep the Nochsana Protector away from the other mobs surrounding the artifact, this is another simple fight. One important tool you have at your disposal is the artifact itself. While it is not a quest requirement to use the artifact, doing so grants your group a shield that can block up to 3000 damage for up to 1 minute. That shield goes a long way to protect your more vulnerable allies should the Protector switch targets.


Using an artifact can change the course of the battle.

Nochsana Guard

Nochsana Guard edit

The Nochsana Guard uses his powerful wings to knock his foes to the ground.


As you continue down the hill, your party runs into a few more groups of mobs. Keep an eye on the mobs’ health bars, as some of these are not elites and can be taken care of quickly and easily. Your group will pass under a stone walkway and come to another hill where more mobs and the flying Nochsana Guard await you.


Defeating the Nochsana Guard is more difficult than defeating the Protector. It uses a couple of area of effect attacks that can set your healers scrambling to top everyone off. Your best bet is to keep your healers and ranged allies at a distance while your melee group members hold the Nochsana Guard’s attention and keep him stationary. Your Templars and Gladiators should be able to survive the onslaught with the help of your healers. Assassins in melee range should keep behind the Guard and rely on their Focused Evasion I and Aethertwisting I to avoid the Guard’s Wide Area Flame Emission and Wing Flapping attacks when possible.


After you have defeated the Nochsana Guard, move through the hallway and turn to your right. You will see a ramp leading up to where the next boss waits.

Aetheric Field Guard

Aetheric Field Guard edit

The Aetheric Field Guard and her minions.


When approaching the Aetheric Field Guard, you will notice two Balaur standing guard in front of her. Pull these two away from the Naga to deal with them on their own so you can face the Field Guard alone. The Aetheric Field Guard, like most Naga, uses mainly magical attacks. First, she casts a magical shield on herself that negates all damage until your party can break through it. This shield can prove to be daunting to break through while she is unloading spells on you. To counter the shield, Spiritmasters in your group can dispel the magical shield with the Dispel Magic I skill. If your group does not have a Spiritmaster, Sorcerers can use Sleep I, and Rangers can use Sleep Arrow I. Since you are not dealing any damage to the Naga while she is asleep inside her shield, she remains asleep for the duration of the spell while your group deals damage to take down her shield.


Once the Field Guard’s shield has been eliminated, the battle truly begins. The Field Guard uses attacks such as Instant Magical Attack and Earth Axis Strike (which also has a chance to stun those it hits). The fight continues until the Field Guard has roughly 25% of her health remaining. At that time, she sometimes reapplies the magical shield you faced in the beginning of the fight. If she does, use the same tactics you did before to tear down her shield, and then finish her off.

Prototype Weapon / Weapons Inspection Quests

Prototype Weapon / Weapons Inspection Quests edit

Prototype Weapons can be found in the chests scattered around the fortress. 


Each member of your group who has the Prototype Weapon or Weapons Inspection quest for the weapons crates needs to collect four of them. The crates look likes chests with rounded lids (see picture) and their locations are marked as a green X on the map in this guide. An ample number of chests are placed throughout the Nochsana Training Camp, plenty for everyone to complete the quest in one run. The first group of weapon crates is located outside of the Fortress Gate surrounding the outside wall. The second group is placed within the fortress on both the lower and upper levels.

Fortress Gate

Fortress Gate edit

Knocking on this door won’t get you very far. Be ready to knock it down. 


One often overlooked quest requirement to Killing the Nochsana Fortress Guardian Deity General and Killing the Guardian Deity General of the Training Camp before killing the Nochsana General is using your siege weapon to destroy the fortress gate. Destroying the gate by yourself does not fulfill that quest requirement. You must use the training siege weapon provided to you by Nereus or Lisya to destroy it.


When you deploy the siege weapon, it acts as a support pet. Once you activate the siege weapon, you see a row of icons similar to those a Spiritmaster sees when he summons a spirit. Target the Fortress Gate, and select the attack function from among the icons. The siege weapon should begin powering up and attack the gate.


If everyone in your party has already completed the quest to kill the Nochsana General, you will have no siege weapons to use and you will have to rely on normal attacks. Normal attacks still destroy the gate, although at a slower pace. The moment the gate is destroyed, two Balaur attack your group. Back away from the rubble of the gate, and let them come to you so that your group can be ready to face them.

Entering the General’s Room

Entering the General’s Room edit

The General’s room quite crowded. Be careful not to draw too much attention.


One of the more difficult pulls of this instance is just after you enter the General’s Room on the other end of the entry hallway. Two Balaur stand guard in front of the hallway, and a scout patrols the hallway between them. Pay attention to the location of the patrol. Beginning the fight with the patrol in range can bring a third or fourth elite into the battle, which is something you want to avoid. A careful Templar with a keen eye can wait until the patrols are moving away from the group and pull the duo far into the hallway their party should be standing in.  Be sure you wait to use any crowd control on the second Balaur until he is in the hallway with you, otherwise the patrol will notice him in distress on his return trip. 


Here you meet another pair of patrols that cross paths.  Be careful with your pulls.


Another area that groups may have trouble with is on the top layer of the fortress.  As you reach the top of the ramp, you will see the scene shown in the above screenshot.  Two stationary Balaur and two separate patrolling Balaur all cross within the same path.  To begin, wait for the first patrol to come to you at the ramp.  It should be well out of range of the other enemies when you begin your attack.  Next, you will want to wait for the patrol on the bridge to begin his walk away from the two stationary.  Once he has, you can pull the two remaining over to you near the ramp.  If you bring them far enough, the remaining patrol should pay no attention to you on his return trip.



Nochsana Teleporter

Nochsana Teleporter edit


The Nochsana Teleporter has more up her sleeve than is originally apparent.


The Nochsana Teleporter is the last of the fortress guards you must defeat for the The Draconute Instructor or Cut Off the Head of the Class quest. The fight can be challenging. First off, the Nochsana Teleporter summons up to two elite minions to assist her throughout the battle. If you have a Sorcerer, you should be able to deal with one minion through Sleep I and Curse of Roots I. If the Teleporter summons two minions, follow the same tactics that worked for your party for multiple elite groups.


With the Naga’s minions subdued, your group can focus their attacks on her. About halfway through the battle, the Teleporter changes tactics and begins using different magical attacks. One of them, Hydro Eruption, hits hard. Healers should be ready to top off tanks quickly after a Hydro Eruption hits, and Rangers and Assassins should save their Focused Evasion for this attack, should they be targeted. Unlike the Naga that you’ve faced before, this Naga also employs a silence spell that specifically targets your healers, making them unable to cast any spells.  Have potions ready in case your healer is hit with this silence and you need an emergency health boost. 

Nochsana General

Nochsana General edit

The Nochsana General has guards, but they can be pulled separately from him. 


The Nochsana General is the final boss in Nochsana Training Camp. He is probably the first hero ranked boss that you will face in Aion. Because he is hero rank, he has many more Hit Points, and he hits much harder than his elite or regular counterparts. As with the Aetheric Field Guard before, the Nochsana General has two elite Balaur protecting him, but also as before, they can be pulled without disturbing the General himself.  He begins the battle with a mixture of normal attacks and a charged power attack. Once your group has depleted roughly 25% of his health, he begins uses his Wide Smash attack and Wide Area Wrathful Strike attack. Wide Area Wrathful Strike can knock down those hit by it, and it is chained to another charged ability called Strike at Weakness. Healers need to respond quickly after this devastating chain. When the Nochsana General drops to 25% of his health, he uses an area of effect fear ability, an area of effect stun, and then follows that by pulling out some of his previously used attacks. Be prepared for that 25% of health point in the battle by making sure that everyone is topped off in health, and that your cooldowns are clear to hammer the boss after the fear and stun dissipates. Be sure, though, to let the tank solidly regain aggro after the fear and stun before bringing the boss down with those tactically placed damage-dealing abilities.


If you’re lucky, defeating the Nochsana General just might leave you with a shiny new weapon!


Defeating the Nochsana General is the last major objective for the Nochsana Training Camp and offers those victorious a chance at the Heroic rarity items from the Nochsana Weapons set.  From this point, your group can decide if they wish to stay and clear the remaining enemies from within the instance, or if they wish to exit. 

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