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*** As of June 11, 2013, this guide is out of date. ***


*** New players please refer to this page for a guide on installing the Aion Installer. ***












Welcome to Aion! 


In the world of Atreia, Daevas are the chosen scions of the god Aion. These immortal beings, both righteous and wicked, spread their wings and take to the skies in an epic journey of exploration, discovery, and ceaseless conflict.

Join the struggle, ascend as an immortal, and unravel the secrets of Aion!



First time playing Aion?


We've got it covered! Check out Installing the Aion Client paragraph below, which covers the basics of creating an account and installing the Aion client. We've also created a few paragraphs for other topics new players often have questions about, including Master Account Security (a secure log in feature for the NCsoft Master Account), the Character PIN System (a log in security feature for the Aion game client), and Applying In-Game Items (applying in-game items to Aion characters through the NCsoft Master Account).


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Want a little background on the world of Atreia?


Atreia is a thriving world rich with verdant landscapes and fantastic creatures, and though beauty is evident in every corner of this wondrous land, Atreia's past is one of strife, betrayal, and hardship, stained red with the blood of millions who died in an event that would come to be known as the Cataclysm.


Take a peek at our Lore Guide, which covers the entire history of Atreia, from creation to present day.


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Need a little help getting started?


No worries! Check out the Beginner's Guide, and Asmodian and Elyos Level 1-10 Guides!


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What's there to do in Aion?


What isn't there to do in Aion! Check out our Guides page for an overview of some of the major features of Aion, including PvP, Instances, Crafting, Daily Quests, Named Monsters, and much, much more.


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What's new in Aion?


Check out the 3.0 Aion: Ascension page, the landing page for Aion's most recent major content update: Aion 2.5: Empyrean Calling!


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What's going on in Atreia right now?


The Aion Production and Community teams are always running in-game events. Check out the Community Calendar for more information on current events.


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Installing the Aion® Client

Installing the Aion® Client edit

Step 1: Create an NCsoft Master Account


Go to


If you have an existing NCsoft Master Account, enter your credentials, and click Log In (Skip to Step 4).


If you do not have an existing NCsoft Master Account, or would like to create a new Master Account, click Create Account (Continue to Step 2).












Step 2: Enter Account and Personal Information


Complete the required fields on the Account Information and Personal Information pages.


Click Create My Account.


Remember your security questions and answers, as these will be important to log in to your Master Account the first time. For more information, please see Master Account Security.



Step 3: Verify Your NCsoft Master Account


Prior to this step, you may be prompted to log in again using the Secure Login feature. For more information, see Master Account Security.


Once your Master Account has been created, click the Your e-mail address has not been verified. link from Account Management.


Log in to your e-mail account, copy the verification code, and enter it in the field to verify your account.



Step 4: Apply an Aion Serial Code


Click on Use Serial Code from Account Management.


Enter the serial code provided, or alternatively, located on the inside flap of the Aion Quick Reference Card in your Aion retail box.


Choose a payment method (payments only take effect once previously paid time expires, and you can cancel your subscription at any time by going to Account Management and clicking on Billing Summary). 



Step 5: Download The Aion Client


Now that you've applied your Aion Serial Code, an Aion icon with your account name will appear on the Account Management page. Click on the account name.


Click Download PC Client; this will install the NCsoft Launcher. Once the Launcher is installed, highlight Aion under Not Installed, and click the Install Game button.


Alternatively, insert the CD from your Aion retail box, and follow the on screen instructions to install the game. If this process does not begin automatically, access the files on the CD, and click setup.


Once the Aion client is fully installed and updated, highlight Aion under Installed, and click Play Now!


























Master Account Security

Master Account Security edit

The secure log in feature is part of NCsoft's continuing efforts to increase account security. Following initial account creation, you will be prompted to answer your security questions on the next log in.



Be sure to answer your security questions exactly as entered during account creation. Click Verify Account to complete the process.


On the next screen, you can authorize the current location (IP address) to log in to your account in the future by clicking Yes. Be careful when doing this from public or shared computers.



Once the location has been approved, you will not be prompted to answer security questions when logging in from this location in the future.

Character PIN System

Character PIN System edit

Introduced in early December of 2010, the Character PIN System is one NCsoft’s continued efforts to increase user security and thwart keyloggers. This feature adds a secondary password to each Aion account. Upon logging in to your account for the first time, you will see the following pop up:



Enter a PIN between 6-8 numbers using the mouse; be sure to remember your PIN, as you will need this to log in to your Aion account each time.


Because the PIN cannot be entered using the keyboard, this new security feature renders key logging programs ineffective. In addition, the numbers on the on-screen number pad change positions, rendering programs that track the mouse cursor’s movement ineffective as well.


For more information about the PIN System, please see our Character PIN System FAQ.

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
Please use the Search function if you are looking for something specific.

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