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Staying Alive

Staying Alive edit

Maintaining and Recovering Health


There are a number of ways to boost or recover your health in-game. This helps to avoid the inevitable that will at some point occur: defeat.


Some methods to recover health can be used used while in combat, such as Healing Potions, Recovery Potions, and certain Food and Drink items. Others cannot be used successfully while performing another action.


You can rest or use a bandage to recover HP. You will start out in the game with 20 bandages and can buy more from most Vendors.


Offense and Defense


Use of your Skills, Buffs, Spells, Power Shards and Potions while in combat will help increase your damage to the enemy and reduce that done to yourself. There are also Offensive Scrolls and Defensive Scrolls that can boost your attributes. See our Combat section for more information.


Defeat edit


When the time comes and you must admit defeat, you will be given a resurrection dialogue. You can wait for another player to revive you (30 minute limit), choose Resurrection and be revived at the location where you bound to an Obelisk, or you can use Kisks and Resurrection Stones to revive yourself.


Resurrection edit


You will be revived at the Obelisk where were last bound. If you are just getting started and have not made it to your first town/village, you will be placed back in the starting area.


Up until level 6, your character will not suffer any Soul Sickness. You will need to rest however, and perhaps use a bandage or other consumable to quickly regain your HP and MP.


After level 6, your character will suffer Soul Sickness and you will notice that your character moves at a slow speed, has a temporary reduction in attributes, and is suffering a small experience debt (a grayed out area of XP).  This can be cured by a Soul Healer for a fee. Soul Healers are always located next to an Obelisk.


Even after visiting a Soul Healer, you may still need to rest or use consumables and/or a bandage to quickly regain your HP and MP.

Healing your Soul

Healing your Soul edit

When you are revived at the Obelisk, there will be a Soul Healer standing next to it.


1. Right-click on the Soul Healer and choose:


2. You will be given a prompt letting you know how much Kinah it will cost to heal your soul.


3. Your total amount of Kinah will be displayed, so you can make sure you have enough. Click on Yes to heal your Soul.


4. Once you do so, you will receive a message letting you know that your soul is healed. You should not be suffering any side effects of Soul Sickness now and can continue playing as you normally would.







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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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