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Level 60 Daevanion Armor Level 60 Daevanion Armor Edit


By completing Level 60 Daevanion Quests, you can collect a brand new full armor set.

There are five steps to these quests, and each rewards you with one piece of the set of plate, chain, leather, or cloth armor—whichever is appropriate to your class.
In addition to the bonus stats for equipping the full set, you will get smaller bonuses for equipping 2, 3, and 4 items. The Level 60 Daevanion items have relatively high default stats on their own, including Enmity increase/decrease (as appropriate), which makes them very useful for high level PvE and instances.
These armor's appearance is common to both Elyos and Asmodians. When equipped, they look identical for both races, except that they do not cover physical features unique to the Asmodians.

The Level 60 Daevanion Weapon will become available in a future update.


Level 60 Daevanion Quests

Level 60 Daevanion Quests edit

In typical Daevanion quests, you compete with other members of your own race. However, in the level 60 quests, you must compete with allies and enemies alike, because these quests take place in Sarpan and Tiamaranta--regions that contain both neutral areas and disputed lands.
Level 60 Daevanion quests are comprehensive tests that evaluate a variety of abilities including maneuverability, gathering skills, and crafting skills. In short, you must be very versatile to complete these quests. It is recommended that you prepare yourself thoroughly before starting these difficult quests.



Quest List


Quest Name



Steps to the Spear

Find four hiding NPCs and report back to Kahrun within 13 minute


A Tribute for All Seasons

Destroy structures that appear in the housing area for your race and collect quest items.


Spear Statues

Only crafting masters can carry out this quest. Craft a Shining Holy Statue of Siel by getting a critical crafting success.


Dew Patience

Build up your essencetapping to at least 400 before starting this quest. Wear a Shabby Ring and collect 50 Noble Dew in Sarpan and Tiamaranta.


The Koligran
Brohum Brouhaha
Soul Crusher
The Balaur Massacre
Reian Matter
Fall of the Vasharti
Turncoat Justice
The Gravebound
Fallen Spirits

Hunt monsters and get rewarded with Curios by Reian NPCs. Once you've collected enough Curios, you can turn them in to complete The Koligran quest.


The Shadow Spear

Speak with an NPC to receive the title.


Title edit



Shining Spear

Attack +3

Atk Speed +2%

Magic Boost +17

Casting Speed +2%



Shadow Spear

Attack +3

Atk Speed +2%

Magic Boost +17

Casting Speed +2%

Siel's Forgotten Plate Set

Siel's Forgotten Plate Set edit


Siel's Forgotten Chain Set

Siel's Forgotten Chain Set edit


Siel's Forgotten Leather Set

Siel's Forgotten Leather Set edit


Siel's Forgotten Cloth Set

Siel's Forgotten Cloth Set edit


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