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Kromede's Trial Walkthrough Kromede's Trial Walkthrough Edit

Kromede’s Trial is one of three Solo Instanced Dungeons introduced in Assault on Balaurea, and is for Daevas levels 37-44. Inside Kromede’s Trial, Daevas will explore Kromede’s (of Fire Temple fame) tragic past—a tale of romance, revenge, and corruption.

Kromede’s Trial is home to four Named Monsters, however, unlike other Instanced Dungeons, these Named Monsters are linked to each other and engaging one will have ramifications for facing the others.

Kaliga is the final boss of Kromede’s Trial, and will drop different loot depending on whether the three Named Monsters prior are defeated. Should Daevas choose to engage the Instanced Dungeon’s other Named Monsters before facing Kaliga, those same monsters will fight alongside Kaliga in a weakened state during the final battle.

Kaliga himself will also be weakened should one of the other Named Monsters be engaged. If Daevas choose to face Kaliga without engaging the other Named Monsters, Kaliga will have a chance to drop Fabled weapons from the “Kaliga” series. If the other Named Monsters are engaged, Kaliga will drop Heroic armor and accessories from the “Corrupt Judge” series.

Here’s a little more information about Kromede’s Trial:



 Level 37-44
 Solo Instanced Dungeon
 Cooldown is 22 hours
 4 Repeatable Quests


 Most Monsters are Level 38 Normal
 4 Named Monsters that drop numerous Heroic and Fabled items


 Fabled grade weapons from the “Kaliga” series
 Heroic grade armor from the “Corrupt Judge” series
 Multiple Superior grade accessories
 Quest to upgrade a Heroic “Judge” weapon from Fire Temple to a Fabled “Kromede” weapon
 Earn a Sawteeth Rotan pet for completing Repeatable Quests. 


For information about Entry Quests, Quests, Named Monsters, and Loot related to Kromede’s Trial, check out the resources in the table below!


Kromede’s Trial Entry Quests

Kromede’s Trial is a level 37-44 Solo Instanced Dungeon. In order to enter, Daevas must first complete a series of entry Quests that begin in Beluslan (for Asmodians) or Heiron (for Elyos).

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough

Kromede’s Trial is one of three Solo Instanced Dungeons introduced in Assault on Balaurea, and is for Daevas levels 37-44. Inside Kromede’s Trial, Daevas will explore Kromede’s (of Fire Temple fame) tragic past—a tale of romance, revenge, and corruption.

Kromede’s Trial Quests

Inside the Kromede’s Trial Solo Instanced Dungeon, Daevas will find numerous Quests, including four Repeatable Quests which offer great Experience and exciting rewards. These rewards include Silver Coins, exclusive pets, and Heroic grade accessories.

Kromede’s Trial Named Monsters

The Kromede’s Trial Solo Instanced Dungeon consists of four different Named Monsters. Much like Kromede the Corrupt and Vile Judge Kromede in Fire Temple, the final boss of Kromede’s Trial has two forms.

Kromede’s Trial Loot

Fabled Weapons, Heroic Armor and Accessories, and more!


Kromede’s Trial Map

Kromede’s Trial Map edit

Kromede’s Trial - Unique Instance Items and Buffs

Kromede’s Trial - Unique Instance Items and Buffs edit

Kromede’s Trial Items


There are 4 different items which will aid Daevas through Kromede’s Trial. These items have unlimited uses, but only last for 2 hours.


Item Name



Silver Blade RotanSummon the Silver Blade Rotan to attack the selected target and reduce its speed.30 seconds
Explosive BeadInflicts explosive damage on enemies and causes them to become incapacitated.2 minutes
Maga’s PotionCompletely restores health and reflects enemy attacks for a short time.10 minutes
Sapping PollenInflicts sleep on the selected target for a short time, and damages the target when it awakens.5 minutes


Kromede’s Trial Buffs

Inside Kromede’s Trial, Daevas can acquire 4 different buffs that will aid them through the Instanced Dungeon. Use them before a difficult encounter or during a time of need; they might just be the difference between life and death!





Prophet’s TowerBlocks up to 500 incoming damage. Lasts 5 minutes.Yes
Garden FountainRecovers HP by 200 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.Yes
Porgus BarbecueIncreases Attack by 10 and Magic Boost by 10 for 5 minutes.No
Fruit BasketRecovers HP by 600 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.No

Kromede’s Trial Tactics

Kromede’s Trial Tactics edit

There are two different approaches to the Kromede’s Trial Instanced Dungeon, with the main difference being the loot that the final boss (and the antecedent Named Monsters) drops.


For a Fabled Weapon…1. Ignore the Named Monsters and proceed straight to Kaliga.
2. Defeat Kaliga the Unjust for a chance at Kaliga’s Key.
3. Use Kaliga’s Key to unlock a weapon rack that will provide the desired weapon from the “Kaliga” series.
For Heroic Armor…1. Defeat the 3 Named Monsters (Justicetaker Wyr, Lady Angerr, Hamam the Torturer) leading up to Kaliga.
2. Fight the 3 Named Monsters with Shadow Judge Kaliga at the end of Kromede’s Trial.
3. Shadow Judge Kaliga drops armor from the Corrupt Judge series, as do the 3 Named Monsters which will fight alongside him in their weakened state.


Daevas can enter Kromede’s Trial at Camp Kistenian in Beluslan (for Asmodians), or Arbolu’s Haven in Heiron (for Elyos).

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Grand Cavern

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Grand Cavern edit

The devious Kaliga makes a tenuous pact with Kromede in exchange for her help


Kromede avows to save her lover from harm, no matter what the cost


Daevas will experience Kromede’s Trial

through Kromede’s own eyes

The Grand Cavern contains Normal Level 38 Monsters

In the first area of Kromede’s Trial, Daevas will find the body of Rotan’s former owner. Complete the Quest Recovering Rotan (for Asmodians), or Meeting with Rotan (for Elyos) to receive the aid of Silver Blade Rotan. Bind Silver Blade Rotan to the Quickbar, target a creature or object, and send Rotan forth to rip it to shreds!

Rotan lingers near the body of its former master


Purge the area of monsters, then click on Rotan’s former

owner to gain possession of Silver Blade Rotan

Select a monster, then send Silver Blade Rotan to mutilate it!

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Temple Vault

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Temple Vault edit

The Grand Cavern narrows and leads into the Temple Vault, where Maga’s Potion is kept


To enter the Temple Vault, Daevas must first defeat the Guardian


Nagolems and Mugolems patrol the inner sanctum of the Temple Vault


Divine Hisen, an ancient Daeva of Lady Siel’s Spear Legion, protects Maga’s Potion inside the Temple Vault. Defeat him to secure Maga’s Potion and save Robstin’s life.


The Temple Vault is a sacred place protected by an ancient Daeva


Divine Hisen has had centuries to hone his skills; beware, he’s no pushover!


Once Divine Hisen has been defeated, grab Maga’s Potion and teleport back to the Kaliga Manor

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Dungeons

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Dungeons edit

Kromede’s lover, Robstin, is imprisoned in the Kaliga Dungeons. With the Grand Cavern cleared and Maga’s Potion is secured, Kromede teleports to Kaliga’s Manor, only to be betrayed by Kaliga. In order to reach Robstin, Kromede must defeat Warden Baal and the Manor Guard Captain, and secure the key to Robstin’s prison.


Kromede awakens to imprisonment in the Kaliga Dungeons


Once Kromede realizes what has happened, she uses Rotan to break free from her cell and rushes to reach Robstin


Enemies in this area are tough; be sure to use Rotan often

Defeat Warden Baal to move to the next area


Loot the Dungeon Grate Key, and use it to proceed into the Dungeon Hall


Proceed into the Dungeon Hall where the Manor Guard Captain is located


Kill the Manor Guard Captain to acquire the Dungeon Door Key, which leads to Robstin’s prison


Loot the Old Relic Chest to acquire an Explosive Bead

Be sure to bind the Explosive Bead to a Quickbar.

Using the bead will unleash a devastating attack

that stuns enemies and deals damage


Unlock the grate and defeat Guard Bitin to reach Robstin…


…but Kromede is too late…

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Manor

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Manor edit

Overcome with the desire for vengeance, Kromede proceeds to the Kaliga Manor. Inside the Manor are numerous Normal Monsters, Named Monsters, and the final boss, Kaliga. Daevas will also find a handful of items and useful buffs to aid them in enacting Kromede’s revenge.


Watch out for sentries in this area, and remember,

even the butlers and maids are dangerous!

Click on the Prophet’s Tower in the Manor Entrance

 to receive a powerful buff


Kill Shadow Executor Asusin on the second level of the Kaliga Manor to receive Maga’s Potion and a potent recovery skill


Wander into the Kaliga Gardens to restore health at the

Garden Fountain

Be sure to pick up the Sleep Flower in this area, which

allows Kromede to use a unique crowd control skill


Proceed through the Great Hall towards the Kaliga Library


Stop in the Banquet Hall and scarf some

Porgus Barbecue to receive the Tasty Meat buff

Snag some Sweet Fruit from the Fruit Basket

to restore health, then proceed to the Kaliga Library


Lay the smackdown on Jeeves to secure the Secret Safe Key, and the way to the Kaliga Treasury

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Treasury

Kromede’s Trial Walkthrough - Kaliga Treasury edit

In this area are a couple more Normal Monsters, and the final boss, Kaliga. Depending on Kromede’s actions in the Instanced Dungeon, she will face either Kaliga the Unjust or Shadow Judge Kaliga.


Notice the weapon racks leading up to Kaliga. Kaliga the Unjust has a chance to drop Kaliga’s Key, which will open

one of the weapon racks and grant Daevas access to a Fabled weapon of their choosing


If facing Shadow Judge Kaliga, he will also be accompanied by any of his allies that were defeated during the Instanced Dungeon. These allies are Hamam the Torturer, Lady Angerr, and Justicetaker Wyr. However, when fighting with Shadow Judge Kaliga, these Named Monsters will be in a weakened state.


Shadow Judge Kaliga fights alongside his allies in their weakened state


If facing Kaliga the Unjust, Kromede will have her hands full. Kaliga the Unjust is a much more difficult Named Monster, and has numerous abilities that can dish out massive damage and make him a hassle to defeat.


Kaliga the Unjust begins the battle by stunning Kromede and activating his two Orbs


The Orb of Strength reduces the damage Kaliga takes

from all attacks to 1, making this Orb a priority to destroy

Destroying the Orb of Magic will further reduce Kaliga’s

defenses, and make him easier to defeat


While avoiding Kaliga might seem a wise idea, he’ll use his magic to yank foes back when they’re out of range


Throughout the encounter, Kaliga the Unjust will summon Golems to aid him. Be sure to beat

the Golems down fast, their health is low but they hit hard!


Be careful when Kaliga creates a lightning circle, he’s about to unleash a devastating attack!


When Kaliga the Unjust is defeated, there’s a chance he’ll drop Kaliga’s Key, which can open

one of the Weapon Racks and grant access to a Fabled weapon!


With Kaliga slain, Kromede has her revenge, but the pain of Robstin’s death corrupts her into a creature not so dissimilar from the one that took her loved one’s life…


Thus, the once noble and compassionate Kromede becomes Kromede the Corrupt.

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