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Korean PTS: Initial 3.0 Patch Notes Korean PTS: Initial 3.0 Patch Notes Edit


Environment edit

1. The proud Daevas of Elysea and Asmodae have fought their way into a newly discovered region of Balaurea, which had previously been hidden behind a veil.





Many humans and Daevas, as well as the members of Siel's Spear were stranded in Balaurea after the Cataclysm. Cut off from Atreia and outside the Aetheric Field, they wandered their new home, hiding from the violent Balaur, until they arrived at Sarpan. Tiamat had farmed this area for Drana until it became barren, and no longer had any interest in it. For a while, the refugees lived there quietly, adopting Kamar as their stronghold, but eventually incurred Tiamat's wrath, and were forced to abandon Kamar and go into hiding. A powerful mysterious figure named Kahrun emerged to claim leadership of the Reians. He taught them to use Drana to increase their power, and they took the fight back to the Balaur. In the end, the Reians not only reclaimed Kamar and built a splendid city, but they also drove all the Balaur from Sarpan.


Many dangers still threaten the region: frequent Dredgion infiltrations; threats from Tiamat's legions trying to reclaim Sarpan; the powerful Sapiens; Tiamat's energy, which is eroding away the earth; and more.







Tiamaranta is the stronghold of Dragon Lord Tiamat. Tiamat manipulated reality in various parts of the region into the Lands of Rift, Gravity, Anger, and Petrification—all to make the perfect conduits for Tiamat's specialized powers. The heart of each land, where the source of Tiamat's power is located, is guarded by Tiamat's retainers.


In the center of the region lies a tremendous castle called the Eye of Tiamaranta, which is connected to Tiamat's main fortress. While most regions of Tiamaranta, just like Sarpan, have been made neutral by Kahrun's binding, the Eye of Tiamaranta and the Balaur Legion Garrison are contested areas where Elyos and Asmodians can fight.




2. The new regions of Sarpan and Tiamaranta contain brand new group areas and boss monsters.


3. Kisks can no longer be set up in some regions of Balaurea, Inggison and Gelkmaros. Players who have kisks in these areas when the patch is implemented will be teleported back to the obelisks to which they are bound.


4. Modified some parts of Vorgaltem Battlefield in Gelkmaros.


5. Modified some parts of the Great Chapel in Udas Temple.


6. Neutral regions, where PvP between Elyos and Asmodians is not permitted, have been added to some new and existing regions.
- Consensual duelling between Elyos and Asmodian characters will be permitted in some parts of the neutral regions.
- Characters cannot trade with, group with, follow, or visit the private store of, an enemy race character.
- An icon near the minimap will indicate when you have entered a neutral region.




Instances edit

1. Six new and very different instances have opened their doors.
- Round up your most trustworthy allies to defeat the boss monsters within them and acquire their excellent rewards.




Long ago, the dragon Raksha gathered its followers and challenged Tiamat. However, it couldn't defeat the great Dragon Lord, so Tiamat cast the rebels into a deep pit and sealed them in, posting trusted guards to the entrance. Recently, seeing the Reians garnering more support from Elyos and Asmodian troops, Tiamat decided to resurrect Raksha and unleash it upon Tiamat's enemies. The Reians' excellent information network heard about this plan, and scouts were dispatched to locate Raksha's prison. They followed some Balaur guards, and discovered the entrance to the prison. Now that the prison has been located, the Reians are asking for help from both the Elyos and the Asmodians, in order to stop the dragon's resurrection...




- Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter through the "Tahmes Entrance" located in the Satrakand region of Sarpan.




<Rentus Base>

The Reians built a secret fortress in the canyon between Tiamaranta and Sarpan in order to launch an extensive counterattack against the Balaur. They raised many troops in the secret fortress and made preparations for the fight, crafting and stockpiling weapons and armor.


Unbeknownst to them, the leader of this counterattack, Merops, was conspiring with Brigade General Vasharti, who is a lieutenant of Tiamat, and leaked information about the secret fortress. Merops opened an abyss gate allowing Vasharti's legion to infiltrate the fortress. The Reian bravely fought against the sudden onslaught, but the Balaur were too many, and the fortress eventually fell. Numerous Reians who had been stationed in the fortress were slaughtered.


Some of the surviving Reian soldiers escaped and sought help. They are requesting fellow Reians to send reinforcements to recapture the fortress. The Balaur have placed troops on all the roads leading to the fortress, and have prepared many defensive measures in case the Reians and Daevas lead any kind of counterattack.




- Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter through the "Road to the Rentus Base" located in Tiamaranta's dragoon training camp.




<Ladis Forest/Dorgel Manor>


Ladis Forest has been home to spirits since the beginning of time, and is the source of many of the sprits that found their way into Balaurea and Atreia. Until recently, their power was so strong that nobody else could enter. The Balaur determined that they had more to lose than to gain by possessing this forest, so they did not try to take it over.


There are many spirits in Ladis Forest that cannot be seen in elsewhere in Atreia or Balaurea. For this, there are two main reasons. Firstly, the environment of this place is unlike any other. Secondly, a Drakan sorcerer recently breached the defenses and began experiments to try and harness the power of the spirits.


The Reian sorcerer Davlin knew that this place was the source of the spirits, and so came here to research them. She had her Golems build a mansion there, and lived and worked there successfully for a while. But Zadra, the Drakan sorcerer, craved the power both of the spirits and of Davlin's Golems. He imprisoned Davlin, and took over her mansion and Golems. Then, he took up her research where she had left off, and hit upon the idea combining the power of the spirits and that of the Golems.


The Reians, after not hearing anything from Davlin for a while, started to worry, and they are asking their friends among the Elyos and Asmodians to find out the current status of the Reian sorcerer and to rescue her.




- Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter through the "Ladis Forest Entrance/Dorgel Manor Entrance" located in Sarpan's Ladis Forest area.




<Aturam Sky Fortress>


Tiamat's Balaur have powerful air troops, which they deploy either to attack the fortresses that are owned by the Daevas, or to defend the Bulwark from the Elyos or Asmodian forces that are trying to infiltrate. It is now apparent that these troops are trained and stationed in a sky fortress located in the floating islands over Sarpan. Tiamat maintains and supplies the Dredgion from this fortress. The latest intelligence indicates that a new formulation of Surkana has been obtained from Beritra, who has the most advanced Dredgion crafting skill, in order to suppress the Elyos and Asmodian forces. Daevas responded by sending infiltration forces to shut down the sky fortress and destroy the new Surkana.



- Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter by talking to "Silion", who is in Galdar village in Sarpan.
- When entering Aturam Sky Fortress for the first time, you can reach the last boss monster only after completing the quests given by the NPC Hariken.




<Sand Lord's Lair>


A box of highly-enriched experimental Dratamin rolled into an Earth Rift that Tiamat created. Sand bugs living underground ate the Dratamin, and began to mutate. A small number of Drakan troops went into the Rift in order to retrieve the box, but when they learned that the sand bugs had devoured all the Dratamin, they became angry and tried to kill the creatures. But in the end, they were eaten by the Great King Bug and his minions. When the sand bugs devoured the Drakan, they absorbed the consciousness, memories, and language of the Drakan. One, who preyed on the highest-ranking Drakan, became more powerful and intelligent than all the others, and came to be known as Lord Darushitashada.



- Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter through the "Sand Lord's Lair" in Sarpan's Sabat Twilight region.



2. Characters of level 56 and above who apply to enter the "Crucible Coliseum" will be matched with other characters of the same level range.


3. When a character dies and resurrects in the "Crucible Coliseum," the duration of resurrection buff will now vary according to ranking.


4. In the Arena of Disciple and the Discipline Training Grounds, if one player has 1500 points more than the other, it will now cause the training to end.


5. Removed the buff that was given to the 2nd place character at the start of the 3rd round in the Arena of Discipline and the Discipline Training Grounds in the Crucible Coliseum.


6. Increasd the maximum score that can be obtained in the Arena of Discipline.


7. Fixed the bug where the background color of the character tooltips in the Arena of Chaos and Chaos Training Grounds differed according to whether the character was of the friendly or hostile race, allowing players to tell the races of their opponents.


8. Fixed a bug that allowed players could see names of other characters (who were refusing View Detail access) in the Arena of Chaos and the Chaos Training Grounds, by using the View Detail function.


9. Changed the level and placement of monsters in the "Steel Rake" (middle level), to allow for solo play.
- You can now enter without being in a group.


10. Removed the subordinate monsters that used to appear alongside Dorakiki the Bold in Beshmundir Temple.


11. Players can no longer resurrect themselves inside the Dredgion by using Tombstones of Revival and Reviving Elemental Stones.


12. Fixed a bug where a group member's status window was displayed as inactive upon entering the Empyrean Crucible.


13. Multi-fire cannon items can no longer be used inside the Crucible Coliseum.


14. Fixed a bug that caused Udas Patrollers in Udas Temple to keep appearing even after their death.


NPC edit

1. Tweaked the placement of some monsters in the following locations:
- Poeta: Kabarah Strip Mine, Agaric Spore Road, and Timolia Mine.
- Ishalgen: Anturoon Crossing, Ishalgen Prison Camp, Odella Plantation, and Dubaro Vine Canyon.


2. Changed the levels and placement of monsters in the following locations to allow for small group play:
- Verteron: Tursin Outpost, Tursin Garrison, and Kraka's Den.
- Altgard: Black Claw Village and Black Claw Outpost.


3. Changed the levels and placement of monsters in the following locations to allow for solo play:
- Heiron: Kishar Village and Indratu Barracks.
- Beluslan: Hoarfrost Outpost.


4. Fixed a bug when fighting Greenfingers (which is summoned by Dalia Charlands, the boss monster of Esoterrace,), where using certain skills on it caused the monster to fight erratically.


5. Fixed the sensory skill of Isbariya the Resolute, Beshmundir's boss monster in Beshmundir, so that it is no longer applied to spirits.


Sieges edit

1. The new Tiamaranta region contains four capturable locations.
- They become vulnerable every 3 hours.
- Whenever a location is vulnerable, a defender will appear, and the attackers must defeat this defender within 30 minutes in order to capture the location.
- If a defender cannot be defeated within 30 minutes, it disappears and the siege ends.
- Unlike in existing fortress battles, loot is not provided via the mail; successfully capturing one of these locations will allow players to claim their rewards via a short quest from an NPC that appears after the siege.
- When a location is owned by a race other than the Balaur, it will switch to Balaur possession 5 minutes before it becomes vulnerable.
- When a particular race occupies more than 2 of the 4 source areas, a passage into the Eye of Tiamaranta will appear.
- Occupying a location in Tiamaranta does not affect the race influence ratio.


2. There are 11 new artifacts in Tiamaranta.
- Greater Temporal Stones are needed in order to activate these artifacts.



Housing edit

1. Players can now own housing in one of the new residential areas.




2. These areas are accessible from Heiron and Inggison for the Elyos, and from Beluslan and Gelkmaros for the Asmodians.


3. There are 5 different types of housing (mansion, luxury, high-end, detached, and townhouse).


- You can acquire a townhouse after completing a new quest, acquired at level 21.



- Mansions, luxury, high-end, and detached houses are available through an auction.


<Housing Auction Window>


- Townhouses share a townhouse entrance in Elian (Elyos) and Pernon (Asmodian).
- Mansions, luxury, high-end, and detached houses have their own addresses.
- A new skill, Passage of Return, allows you to return to your house. This skill is obtained as a reward for the new level 21 housing quest.
- Signs indicate whether or not a house is for sale.
- Each house type has a minimum level requirement for players to bid in the auction.



- You can go to a house auctioneer, butler, or sign, from 00:00 Monday to 24:00 Friday, and list a house you own for auction.
- Bidding is via house auctioneer, butler, or sign, from 00:00 Monday to 12:00 Sunday.
- During the Sunday noon (12:00) auction, if there is a bidder when there are about 5 minutes remaining, the auction will be extended by another 5 minutes, for a maximum total of 30 minutes.
- A character cannot bid for more than 2 houses at the same time.
- A character may only use one house at a time. If you already own a house when you win a new house at auction, a 2-week grace period begins, during which time, the new house cannot be used.
- If the character sells the existing house to another character the new house may immediately be used.
- At the end of two weeks, if the existing house is not sold, ownership of that house is revoked, and the house is automatically listed for auction. Some of the old house's cost will be refunded, and the new house may now be used.
- If a character sells all their houses at auction and no longer owns any houses, basic townhouses are once again available from the townhouse manager NPC—Parline for Elyos, and Sarik for Asmodians.
- Houses are subject to a weekly maintenance fee.
- If the maintenance fee is not paid, 1st and 2nd warnings are given. If the house maintenance fee is not paid over 2 weeks, ownership is revoked and the house is listed for auction. Some of the house's cost is refunded to the owner.


4. You can decorate the interior and exterior of your house through the house decoration function.
- Click the house-shaped button located at the bottom right upon entering your house to enter decoration mode.



- Inside the house, you can decorate the wall and floor, or place interior items.
- Outside, you can decorate the roof, walls, frame (lumber frame), door, yard, fence, and  legion insignia, or place exterior items.
- Interior and exterior items can be purchased from the Residential Facility Merchant, House Manager, Furniture Merchant, and other NPCs in the villages.



- You can acquire installation items with special appearances through crafting, collection, quest, peddler, and drop.


                        <Crafted Item>                                                              <Collected Item>


- Interior items for houses can be acquired in the following ways:
• By looting them from the boss monsters in certain instances.
• By purchasing them from Shugo traveling merchants who appear at certain times in 8 places throughout Elian and Pernon.
• By completing quests.
• By looting them from monsters who appear at certain times in 4 places at Elian and Pernon.
- You can acquire wallpaper from the recycle boxes in Elian's Silver Fountain village and Pernon's Fountain Square village.
- Certain items can be installed to open up special functions.
• Poti and Pora, allow you to use the catalysts acquired from the butler located in your house.
• Poti and Pora, also allow access to certain items and functions.
• Storage furniture inside a house allows for extra storage slots.


<Storage Closet>


- Certain other items, allow access to stores and warehouses from inside the house.



5. Characters can use the House Exterior Change function to choose  their house's exterior appearance. There are currently 3 options available for Detached housing and 2 for High-end houses. Alternate exteriors for Mansions and Luxury housing will be added in the future.


6. The butler NPC allows players to set access rights and mount a sign to the exterior of the house.



7. Players are also able to expel visitors from the house by talking to the butler.



8. Using the Orb of Relation, a player can visit friends' houses.
- All houses have an Orb installed.
- The Orb will list the addresses and privacy settings of all friends' houses. If a house is not set as private, you can use the Orb to teleport directly to your friend's house.


Skills edit

1. With the new level cap of 60, new skills have been added for all classes
- In addition to the new skills, higher levels of existing skills have been added.
- Elyos may acquire the skills in Sanctum from the Protectors Hall and the Cloister of Kaisinel. Asmodians may acquire the skills in Pandaemonium from the Capitol Building and the Convent of Marchutan.


2. New skills available after level 55:









3. Certain of the new skills can be used repeatedly like a chain skill. This is known as ‘repeat activation'.



- In the skill window, repeat activation skills have a curved arrow icon at the top right, along with a number indicating the number of repeats.
- Repeat activation skills pop up in the chain notification just like chain skills.



4. Players can now use "Remove Shock I" even when silenced.


5. The Altered State Resist  of the Gladiator/Templar skill  "Unwavering Devotion I" has been reduced from 1000 to 800.


6. Fixed a bug with the  Gladiator skills "Explosion of Rage I~IV" "Seething Explosion I ~ IV" where the animation didn't display correctly when the skills were used while flying.


7. Reduced the cooldown of the Templar's "Steel Wall Defense I" skill from 12 to 6 seconds.


8. Added strong enmity to the Templar skill "Incite Rage I ~ V". This lasts for 5 seconds, and then gradually fades.


9. Changed the formula for calculating the attack power of the Templar skill "Break Power I ~ IV".


10. Added an effect to the Assassin's "Killer's Eye I" skill, which increases Magical Accuracy by 300.


11. Reduced the cooldown of the Assassin's "Sprint I" skill from 30 to 10 seconds.


12. Increased the cooldown of the Assassin's "Wind Walk I" skill from 30 seconds to 1 minute.


13. Reduced the cooldown of the Assassin's "Oath of Accuracy I" skill from 5 to 3 minutes.


14. Increased the HP drain of the Assassin's "Blood Rune I ~ II" skill.


15. The following Assassin skills may now be used while moving:
- "Assassination I ~ III"
- "Agonizing Slash I ~ IV" 
- "Agony Rune I ~ II".


16. Increased the Magical Accuracy of the Assassin's "Blinding Burst I" skill.


17. Increased the accuracy effect of the following Assassin "Pain Rune" skills:.
- "Darkness Rune I"
- "Rune Swipe I"
- "Pain Rune I ~ IV"
- "Signet Silence I"
- "Blood Rune II"


18. Increased the Magic Boost effect of the Sorcerer's "Robe of Flame I ~ III" skills, and added a Magical Accuracy effect.


19. Increased the Magic Boost effect of the Sorcerer skill "Zikel's Wisdom I" from 300 to 500.


20. Reduced the duration of the fear effect that the Spiritmaster's "Fear I" and "Fear Shriek I" skills have when used on enemy players.


21. Increased the range of the Spiritmaster's "Spirit Substitution I" skill from 10m to 20m.


22. Added a Magic Cancellation +100 effect to the Priest's "Blessing of Rock I" skill.


23. Added a Stumble resist to the Cleric's "Prayer of Focus I ~ II" skills.


24. Added a Magic cancellation +100  effect to the Chanter's "Blessing of Stone I" skill.
- The Tooltip currently says it's a 100% increase. This will be fixed in a later release.


25. Decreased the time it takes to dismiss a summoned spirit from 5 to 3 seconds.



Known Issues:
1. The Cleric's "Authority of Destruction I" skill incorrectly increases the healing done by 250. This will be fixed in a future release.


Character edit

1. Increased the level cap from 55 to 60.


2. Added new Magic Cancellation and Magic Defense stats.


3. Increased the cap for Magic Boost.


4. Reduced the amount of XP required to level up beyond level 46.

- Energy of Repose and Energy of Salvation have also been adjusted appropriately.


5. When receiving a heal or buff from an ally, auto targeting will no longer occur.


6. Fixed a bug where learned motions did not show up correctly in the skill list.


7. Fixed a bug where the Paralysis Godstone was applied to Guardian General transformations.


8. There are areas in the new Elian and Pernon regions where you can restore Energy of Repose, up to 15%.
- HP and MP can also be restored along with Energy of Repose.


9. Fixed a bug where characters would suddenly rise vertically for no apparent reason in certain situations.


Item edit

1. Added vehicles that can be used for fast travel.



- Vehicles are inventory items that you must use in order to ride.
- You can both move and fly while riding your vehicle.
- Vehicle speed is fixed and is not proportional to your character's speed.
- While riding the vehicle, you can accelerate by pressing the <R> key.
- You can speak to NPCs while riding vehicles.
- You cannot use items, skills, or engage in combat while riding a vehicle.
- Pets will be dismissed when you get on a vehicle.
- If you enter an instance while on a vehicle, it will be dismissed.
- If you are attacked or hit with an Altered State while on a vehicle, you will be dismounted.
- Entering a Trade Broker area while on a vehicle will cause you to be automatically dismounted.
- You can purchase vehicles from special merchants in the residential areas (Elian and Pernon). Some may be acquired from instance boss monsters or monsters that appear in residential areas.



2. Added new Mithril Medals.
- Mithril Medals may be acquired through quests or from the Coin Fountains in the new regions of Sarpan, Tiamaranta, and the Elyos residential area of Elian.
- The Coin Fountain in the Asmodian residential area "Pernon Plaza" has not been added yet. It will be added soon.


3. Added a new furniture crafting skill that allows players to craft decorations for houses.
- Furniture can be crafted in the Crafting Zone in capital cities (Sanctum and Pandaemonium), or in the residential areas (Elian and Pernon).


4. Added new designs to each crafting profession.


5. Adjusted the skill Levels of some existing designs.


6. Added an option to forfeit Expert/Master crafting status.
- Visit the crafting master for that profession and pay the fee in order to forfeit your status.
- You will no longer have access to the Expert/Master recipes for that profession.
- However, this will open up the opportunity to become an Expert or Master in another profession.


7. Added new Focused Learning crafting stations that increase skill level faster than the existing stations.
- These are located in the Crafting Zones in the residential areas (Elian and Pernon).
- In order to use these stations, players will need a crafting boost item as well as the crafting materials.
- The crafting boost items are sold by each crafting merchant.


8. Crafted items will have better enhancement success rate.


9. Added a magic enhancement system for items.
- These items can be enhanced using AP.
- Only some items can be magically enhanced.
- Performing magic enhancement on an item activates additional options.
- There are 2 stages of magic enhancement.
- As with conditioning, magic enhancement is consumed over time. The rate depends on combat behavior (attacking, blocking, skill use).
- When you fuse 2 weapons that have been magically enhanced, the magic effects of both weapons are applied to the item created.
- You cannot fuse a weapon that can be magically enhanced with a weapon that can be conditioned.
- Magic enhancements can be done through these NPCs.


1) Elyos 


2) Asmodians


10. Added a random item stat system.
- Some, but not all, items will have random stats applied.
- When you acquire an item, there's a certain chance that a specific stat changes.


11. Added new Academy items that can be purchased with the Academy Insignias and Academy Insignias of Courage.
- Added new Academy items that can be equipped at level 60.
- Changed the NPCs that sell level 2 conditioning items.


12. Added level 60 Abyss items, which may be purchased from the distributors in the major temples for each race, as well as in Sarpan.
- Level 60 abyss armor has class and type restrictions.



- Some abyss items have rank-related equip restrictions.
- Some abyss items may be eligible for magic enhancement.
- If you are no longer eligible for the item because your Abyss Rank drops while you have the item equipped, the item will automatically be unequipped after a certain period of time.
- When that item is armsfused with another, the higher restriction will be applied.
- Items may be purchased regardless of rank.


13. Fixed the bug that caused some items to appear incorrectly.


14. Fixed the bug where the Special Ordnance Quartermaster would sell Padmarashka's Cave Key to enemy players.


15. Crafted equipment now has a higher chance of being enhanced.


16. You can now obtain an "Opportunity Token" from the Crucible Coliseum's Arena of Discipline or Arena of Chaos depending on the results.
- Arena of Chaos: Given to characters ranked 4~10 (according to rank)
- Arena of Discipline: Given to the character ranked 2nd
- Opportunity Tokens can be exchanged for a Box of Opportunity from the distributor for each race.



- The following items can be acquired from the Box of Opportunity.



- Bead items may only be used inside the Coliseum. They can be used again after a cooldown of 10 minutes.
- By using a Crucible Coliseum Transformation Bead, the character can transform into a monster for a certain period of time.



- Certain stats will increase while transformed, and three new skills can be used.



17. Fixed a bug where the Noble Tac Officer's leather set did not appear properly.


18. The legion cape will now appear the same regardless of race or gender.


19. Fixed a bug causing some items to appear abnormally.


20. Fixed a bug where the Special Ordnance Quartermaster in Inngison and Gelkmaros would sell items to enemy characters.


21. The names of the newbie regions' gatherables have been changed as follows:





Quests edit

1. Added many quests in the new regions of Sarpan and Tiamaranta.
- You can travel from Balaurea to Sarpan using the "Day of Advancement" quest, which is automatically acquired at level 55.
- The Tiamaranta campaign quest is acquired automatically at level 58.


Known Issue:
- When progressing through the "Day of Advancement" quest, there's a problem where the quest does not update correctly if you do not use a normal attack at least once. If you land at least 1 normal attack, the quest will update correctly. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.


2. Added a new type of hunting quest to kill Balaur in the new area of Sarpan.
- These Balaur appear in four random places in Sarpan.
- Receive hunting quests automatically by joining a hunt. If the hunt is successful, the quest completes automatically.


3. Added a new  organization that gives daily quests in Sarpan and Tiamaranta.
- Daevas over a certain level may join the organization through an NPC located in Sarpan region.



4. Added crafting quests related to furniture crafting.
- Skill Level can be increased through the furniture crafting quests.


5. Added a crafting organization.
- Masters above a certain skill level in any crafting profession can join the crafting organization through the NPCs in the major cities.
- You may obtain daily quests after joining the organization.


6. Added a new Daevanion Quest at level 60.
- Obtain the quest from an NPC located in Sarpan.



7. Added new quests that allow you to acquire a Townhouse.
- Elyos "Elian" region, Asmodian "Pernon" region.
- The pre-requisites must first be completed.
- Completing these quests will allow you to learn "Passage of Return", and with it, move to the house you are bound to.



8. Added a quest that will reward you with an additional Greater Stigma slot.
- You can obtain the quest from the Stigma Masters in Sarpan.



9. Added indicators to quest icons so that they can be more easily distinguished.



10. Unified all Top Expert quests to "Expert".
- The progression, rewards, experience, titles, and items are identical to the existing Top Expert quests.


11. Changed the progression and rewards of some quests in the novice areas (Poeta and Ishalgen).


12. Changed some campaign quests and quest progression.
- Changed the quantity of items or the number of monsters required for many quests.
- Changed quest progression and completion NPCs.
- Because the monster difficulty was adjusted, some group quests have been changed to solo quests.


13. Changed the Kinah, consumable items, stigma shards, and XP of some existing campaign quest rewards.
- Increased the XP rewards for 3603 quests of  level 10 and up.
- Increased the Kinah rewards, as well as Consumable Items, and stigma shard rewards for  491 quests above level 10


14. Added quests that can be acquired in the new regions of Sarpan and Tiamaranta through the Mark of Kahrun
- You may trade this Mark for equipment, accessories, and special items.



- Kahrun items are purchased in the order below.
Level 57 Heroic - Level 60 Heroic - Level 60 Unique - Level 60 Hero
- In order to purchase the next level item, you need the previous level item and a Mark of Kahrun.
- Items used in payment must be the same type of item.
    Eg. Can be traded: Reian Trainer Sword + Mark of Kahrun = Reian Legion Sword
    Eg. Cannot be traded:  Reian Trainer Sword + Mark of Kahrun = Reian Legion Barbed Sword
- Added a new coin exchange NPC has been added.
- Added a Coin collector who exchanges Radiant Tokens and Crusader Tokens for Marks of Kahrun.



UI edit

1. Added a function to draw a on the map for group, alliance, or legion members.
- Click the paint bucket icon at the bottom of the map to toggle drawing mode.
- Use ‘send map' from the picture menu to send the map to your group, alliance, or legion members.
- Only the menu of a group that you belong to will activate.
- In the paint map menu, send to legion is only available to the Brigade General, and send to alliance is only available to the alliance leader.
- Group, alliance or legion members who received the picture can view the picture by clicking the show picture button at the bottom.
- You can save after drawing or call a saved picture.
- Saving the picture saves it to the UserMapPainting folder in the AION directory.
- Players can draw using 4 colors until the gauge is depleted.



2. Maps have been added for the following instances:



3. The transparent map now displays all information that show on the regular map when it is zoomed all the way out.



4. Changed the ‘view detail' window.
- You can now check the target's wings.
- Changed the direction of the weapon switch arrow.


5. Wings can now be previewed.


6. Wings can now be compared.


7. Added an option under Menu -> Options that makes it so that the names of gatherable items are always shown.


8. Added a delay limit to macros so that the total delay can't exceed 290 seconds.
- Existing macros with more than 290 seconds of delay can no longer be used.
- New macros with over 290 seconds of delay will not be saved.


9. Trade brokers have been updated with decoration and furniture categories.


10. Fixed the issue where checking ‘auto-arrange windows' while in wide screen mode would cause the chat window and transparent map to switch positions.


11. Fixed a bug where the transparent map was opening up in an incorrect location.


Graphic Options

Graphic Options edit

1. When connecting for the first time after the 3.0 update, all hardware that supports the advanced graphics will use the advanced graphics engine.


2. There is now an ‘advanced lighting' section in the advanced graphics settings.



Misc edit

1. The Aion 3.0 update is about 3.5GB in size. Please make sure you have sufficient hard drive space before downloading the update.


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