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Handicrafting is a profession that walks astride the living world and the manufactured one, taking raw materials such as wood and gemstones, then carving and cutting them into items that are deadly, decorative...or both. Simple handicrafts such as carved Crystal Gems, Betua Bows, and Tecoma Staves are within the abilities of nearly every handicrafter. But a Handicrafting Master can make Longbows, Staves, and magic jewelry of staggering power.



Designs and Materials

Designs and Materials edit

Handicrafting by Level

Lists of both Work Orders and Output Items from each Crafting Tier, Amateur - Expert.

Handicrafting by Type

Lists by type: Jewelry, Weapons, and Items

Handicrafting by Design

Design lists by both item output type and rarity.

The Handicrafting Skill

The Handicrafting Skill edit

Learn your new skill

Getting started with Handicrafting is simple -- Just visit Utsida (in Sanctum) or Lanse (in Pandaemonium), whom offer basic proficiency in Handicrafting to anyone who can afford 3,500 kinah for the skill. The price varies slightly depending on the current influence ratio. When you first become a Handicrafter, you start with 1 Expertise Point out of 99 possible. You’ll also have a Handicrafting experience bar in the Crafting tab of your Skills window. Each time that bar fills up, you gain another Expertise Point until you’ve hit your current maximum. The higher your Expertise Points, the better recipes you can attempt--and ultimately, the more powerful your creations.


Tip: When you are beginning to learn the Handicrafting skill, you’ll be doing a lot of Work Orders. Usually, you’re given more materials than you actually need to complete them in case you fail once or twice while crafting the requested item. It’s a good idea to hit the "Craft All" button when performing them. Doing this will help raise your skill level faster as you’ll gain more XP from the actual crafting and you’re not able to keep the excess materials anyway.


Later on, as you purchase the materials needed to complete the Work Orders at a higher level, you’ll want to avoid doing this to save yourself some kinah and materials you can use on another project.


Craft your first items

The Handicrafting Master immediately teaches you one recipe: Silver Ingot, and offers you the "Wooden Staff Completion" work order. You gain additional recipes through questing, looting fallen enemies and from merchants such as Chiwurinerk (Sanctum) and Obirunerk (Pandaemonium). As you gain Expertise Points, Utsida and Lanse will offer more difficult--and more rewarding--work orders.


Advance to the next Tier of Crafting

Whenever you reach the maximum possible Expertise Points, return to Utsida and Lanse and pay enough Kinah to raise the ceiling on your Expertise Points. Note that prices may vary somewhat depending on your faction’s current influence ratio. You get one Expertise Point immediately, which moves you up into the next tier.


Level 1-99


Level 100-199


Level 200-299


Level 300-399


Level 400-499

no cost

Level 500-549


Amateur Handicrafting (A)Novice Handicrafting (A)Apprentice Handicrafting (A)Journeyman Handicrafting (A)Expert Handicrafting (A)Master Handicrafting (A)
Amateur Handicrafting (E)Novice Handicrafting (E)Apprentice Handicrafting (E)Journeyman Handicrafting (E)Expert Handicrafting (E)Master Handicrafting (E)

Noble Handicrafts

Noble Handicrafts edit

Whenever you make weapons or jewelry (and not just the material for them), you have a random chance to make a Noble version of that item. A Noble version has better statistics and sometimes has more manastone sockets than the ordinary version.

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