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Gladiators are Daevas who follow the Star of the Sword. They expertly wield most melee weapons and are especially proficient using polearms. Their ultimate goal is to obtain a variety of battle skills according to each weapon’s properties. However, rather than flamboyant techniques or tricks, they prefer to attack the enemy with power and accuracy. Therefore, Gladiators reveal their true value in close combat. They also perform crucial roles in most legions.


While training, Elysean Gladiators tend to follow the teachings of the Empyrean Lord Nezekan, who watches over the just war, while Asmodian Gladiators serve the Empyrean Lord Zikel, who presides over destruction and slaughter.


Gladiator Characteristics

Gladiator Characteristics edit

Basic Attributes

Power 115 / Health 115 / Agility 100 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 90 / Will 90
Available WeaponsSwords / Daggers / Maces / Greatswords / Polearms / Bows
Available Armor

Cloth / Leather / Chain / Plate / Shields

Class Features● Can use a variety of weapons, including the Polearm

● Can increase defense with the ability to wear Plate Armor
● Can strike many foes in melee range with skills that utilize Polearm

Combat Roles and Abilities

Combat Roles and Abilities edit

Striking with brute force, and a variety of weapons, the Gladiator is the premier
front line soldier.  Their resilience and ability to wear plate armor gives Gladiators the endurance to fight not only single foes but many at once. However, unlike the Templar, the Gladiator depends on dealing damage rather then taking it. While it can use skills to attack multiple foes at once, the Gladiator must be careful not to take on more than it can handle.


The Gladiator can utilize its speciality with the polearm to make sweeping attacks that can knock their opponents off their feet. Once on the ground the Gladiator can lay devastating blows upon them with a variety of chain skills.



A well experienced Gladiator can indeed be a great asset to any party as it is a versatile warrior that is able to field a wide variety of equipment from light cloth armor to the heaviest plate armor. They also have the ability to use most melee weapons and can even carry a shield when needed. This allows the Gladiator to provide various roles within groups from one-on-one tanking, to single target damage dealing, to assisting with the defeat of several foes at once.


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Solo and Group Play

Solo and Group Play edit

Solo Play

Gladiators possess a myriad of attack skills as well high Defense, which allows them to engage in solo combat without much trouble. Also, since they can use a variety of weapons, Gladiators can choose easily switch to a proper weapon appropriate to the situation.


However the Gladiator’s self recovery skills are lacking, so during combat, they must always pay attention to their health. When engaging in solo play, discard the shield and use the two-handed weapon Greatsword or Polearm. There is also a Stigma skill that allows the use of dual weapons.


The Gladiator’s ability to use the polearm allows it to use chain skills to help keep an opponent off their feet and susceptible to various chain skills. It also gives the Gladiator the capability to attack multiple opponents at once.



Group Play


Despite its melee style, the Gladiator possesses "area of effect" attacks, which makes it effective in group play when multiple enemies must be fought at once.


As such, the Gladiator must be mindful of the enmity it creates when using its area of effect skills. In certain situations, it may want to avoid using them and use skills that focus on a single target. In other situations, such as protecting healers and mage classes, The Gladiator may want to be sure to create as much enmity as possible so the attackers focus on it rather than the weaker casters.

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