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Fire Temple Guide Fire Temple Guide Edit

Fire Temple in general is a very confined instance.  Unlike the Nochsana Training Camp, you will have to navigate narrow hallways while avoiding or selectively fighting groups of 2 or more elites while watching for patrols and making sure you don’t get too close to another group. 

Fire Temple is also the first instance in Aion to have random-spawn named creatures.  This means that any given time you load into the instance, it will be slightly different.  There are 7 named creatures that have a chance to spawn, each with an increased chance to drop armor from the Level 35 Flame set and some even with the chance to drop Fabled quality weapons.  Check out the Fire Temple Named Monsters page for a list of those monsters and their drops!



Tactics edit
Like NTC, the Fire Temple will challenge your group with multiple elites in close proximity to each other. For this instance, dedicated crowd control is recommended.  Your best choice for this is a Sorcerer, preferably with the Curse of Roots I stigma for added control.  Spirit Masters who have learned their first Fear spell can also be quite helpful, as their spirit can potentially off-tank an elite while they keep another at bay with Fear.  Ranger crowd control is a less viable option than it was in NTC due to much less open space to run and kite, but a Ranger can still play an effective offensive and defensive role.

Fire Temple Map: Named Monster & NPC Locations

Fire Temple Map: Named Monster & NPC Locations edit

Starting Out

Starting Out edit


Once inside, you will be met with a fairly intimidating sight.  The narrow hallway you are standing in opens into a larger room filled with fire spirits of varying sizes.  There are several ways that you can make your way through this room.  If you are very careful, there is a pathway right up the middle that can be taken if you have confidence that your entire group can safely follow.  Otherwise, an outside path, following one of the walls is a more viable option.  You will have to deal with a few groups of enemies, but ultimately you’ll be in less danger.  Make your way through the room as your group chooses until you make it to a narrow cavern sloping downward.

Silver Blade Rotan

Silver Blade Rotan edit


Silver Blade Rotan is the only named “mini-boss” in the Fire Temple that will consistently spawn every time you enter, but that doesn’t mean it is predictable.  Each time you enter, it will choose from one of a few different paths to follow.  You may encounter it as early as the hill you are currently standing on (the first big hill that slopes downwards), further down the path by the first lava chasm, or by the ruins before Denlavis’ cavern.  Keep an eye out for movement on your mini map so as not to be caught unawares by this unpredictable roaming construct.

Avoiding Unnecessary Risk

Avoiding Unnecessary Risk edit


There are many groups of enemies within the Fire Temple but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to slay every one.  If you pay attention to your surroundings and the space that you have, there are some fights you can avoid completely, should your group decide to do so.  At the bottom of the hill at your present location, you will encounter a stationary group of 3 fire spirits.  While you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can actually stay close to the outside wall and fight the group of 2 fire spirits instead and avoid the dangers of dealing with 3 elites.  In some cases you may not have the choice but if you remember to stop and take a look around first, you may save your group time and soul healing. An experienced group can glide between these two groups and avoid them entirely, but failure to do so by even one member of your group may lead to 5 or more of these spirits attacking you at once, so take caution if attempting this method.

A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road edit


Fire Temple contains many different pathways that can be confusing your first run through, but depending on whether you’re seeking out the various named creatures, completing quests, or simply going after Kromede will ultimately determine which pathways you choose to take.  The important thing to remember is that all caverns lead to a dead end.  You will not be able to go down one and come back another, so prepare for a good amount of back-tracking and remember which creatures you avoided so as to not anger them on the way back.

Your first choice is a fairly easy one.  If you continue straight, you will find the caverns that have a chance to house Blue Crystal Molgat and Lava Gatneri.  Turning left will take you deeper into the Fire Temple and towards Kromede and Denlavis.  To your left you will also see a rather unwelcoming cliff leading to a lava pit.  Your only escape from this pit is to die or use your return skill so take extra caution not to make a pitiful jump into the flames and be burnt to a cinder.

Past the chasm, you will see another hill leading upwards.  At this point, your Templar’s Doom Lure I skill will really come in handy due to the stationary nature of the Mugolems.  They will stay in place and used ranged attacks for the entire battle, so the ability to bring them to your group will prove quite useful in avoiding alerting the Gargoyle patrols.  From this point, along the pathway to Kromede, the Gargoyles will be your primary enemy.  They will be stationary in pairs hiding around corners, patrolling pathways, and otherwise trying to hinder your progress.


Ruins edit


At the top of the hill, you will encounter the ruins of some ancient structure, protected by two Mugolems and a few patrolling Gargoyles (and occasionally Silver Blade Rotan).  This is one of the most dangerous areas in the Fire Temple due to all the potential for additional enemies in your fights.  The best thing to do here is to take out all of the patrols from the safety of the hill.  The Mugolems will continue to attack your group from range should they become aware of your presence, so move the creatures you are fighting down the hill to break the line of sight of the Mugolems. 

When it comes time to fight the two Mugolems, you have a couple of options.  Your Templar can use his Doom Lure I to pull the closer one to you and take the hits until the skill recharges to pull it further away from the other, your Sorcerer can keep the second one under control with his Sleep I or Curse of Roots I, or you can just attempt to power through both attackers.  The main thing to remember is that the Mugolems have a larger aggro radius than many of the other Fire Temple creatures, so if you haven’t taken care of the patrols, your fight could change very quickly.

From this point, you have 3 pathways you can take.  To your left is the optional pathway to seek out Flame Branch Flavi and Black Smoke Asparn.  Straight ahead, you will find Denlavis keeping watch over his treasure trove.  The right pathway leads towards Broken Wing Kutisen’s cavern and Kromede’s room.

The Pathway to Flavi and Asparn

The Pathway to Flavi and Asparn edit


If you’ve chosen to take the left pathway, you will travel up a winding cavern into a room with yet another lava chasm.  Ahead of you, you will see a land bridge over the lava pit and a small incline at the end of the room.  If Flavi has spawned for your run, he will be at the top of that incline, against the back wall.  Continuing across the land bridge will take you to where Asparn can spawn.  You should be able to see him right from the room entrance, so don’t worry about entering too deep searching for him.

You’ve fallen, but you CAN get up!

You’ve fallen, but you CAN get up! edit


If one of your party members manages to somehow fall into the lava pit, you can breathe a bit easier than before- there is escape from this one but it will take some effort.  You will notice an elevator platform rising and falling near a couple of stone platforms in the lava.  They are too high to reach by simply jumping, but luckily you are a Daeva and have wings!  Get a head start away from the platforms as shown in the screenshot above.  You will notice there are slight “hills” in the lava flow.  Run and glide, holding backwards after you do to catch the most air.  Aim your glide so that you catch the downward hills and with the right boost and updraft, you’ll find yourself safely on the platforms.  All that is left to do now is to ride the stone elevator up and carefully make your way across the floating rocks back to your group.

The Pathway to Denlavis

The Pathway to Denlavis edit


From the ruins, head straight forward.  You will enter a narrow pathway that opens up into a larger cavern filled with millions of sparkling kinah and other treasures that sadly are for decoration only (/groan).  This is the room of Chalice Guard Denlavis. 

One thing to be particularly aware of in this room is the lone Mugolem on the hill as you enter Denlavis’ cavern.  It may look like it is all alone and an easy kill, but looking at your mini map (or attacking it) will reveal a different story.  There are 2 Gargoyles within its aggro radius who will link and join the fight the moment to attack him.  If you don’t think you can handle 3 elites as a group, it is best to avoid this fight entirely.


The Pathway to Kromede

The Pathway to Kromede edit


The final pathway that can be taken is to the right.  This pathway will take you to where Kutisen can spawn and to your confrontation with Kromede herself.

The beginning of this pathway brings you to a small hill with a Mugolem at the top.  There are a total of 3 Gargoyles that cross within its aggro range, so pay particular attention to where they all are.  Kill the Gargoyle that patrols up and down the hill first.  The Mugolem is next and will be a fairly easy fight if your Templar has Inescapable Judgment.  Wait for the 2 Gargoyles to patrol out of the Mugolem’s range and pull him to your group.  If your Templar does not have Inescapable Judgment (or you don’t have a Templar) wait for the Gargoyles to get out of range and rush the Mugolem.  With luck and a focused attack, you will have it dead by the time they return.  Proceed to your right if you wish to look for Kutisen or go left to enter Kromede’s chamber.

Right where the cavern meets the stone floor of the chamber, you will notice anywhere from 2 to 5 Gargoyles.  Two of them will remain stationary and can be pulled one at a time (as long as the 3 patrolling are out of range).  Once you’ve dealt with the stationary Gargoyles, either eliminate the two other patrols or wait until they move away and follow the right wall onto the stone so that your party is on the right side of the stone pillars.  There will be one gargoyle patrolling around the pillars and a few more stationary leading up to the back wall.  Clear the entire right side of the pillars until only Kromede remains.  You should not have to attack any of the Caryatid.

Kromede’s Chamber

Kromede’s Chamber edit


As you may have gathered from the two images, there are two possible versions of Kromede within the Fire Temple.  The most common by far is Kromede the Corrupt but on rare occasions, Vile Judge Kromede will show herself offering your group a better chance at stigmas and other loot.



Kromede the Corrupt                                Vile Judge Kromede



Fighting Kromede


Kromede is a fairly straightforward battle if your group knows what to look for.  She will attack from range, so make sure your initial engagement pulls her far enough from any patrols so that your group can have plenty of room to do battle with her.

At roughly every 25%, she will use an area attack called Guilty Verdict.  She will also drop a set of traps that cause area damage.  If you have a Gladiator in your group, have them watch for these traps once she uses Guilty Verdict.  The traps do not have much health and can be destroyed easily, preventing any damage they would have done. Have your healers and ranged damage stay as far away from Kromede as they can to avoid these two abilities.

Once Kromede has reached roughly 25% health, she will use another ability called Miserably Struggle.  This is a very high damaging area attack, so everyone but the tank should attempt to get out of range of this attack when she begins to cast it.

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