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Esoterrace Named Monsters Esoterrace Named Monsters Edit

Esoterrace is home to a number of fearsome foes, including the corrupted Elim, Dalia Charlands, the ardent Captain Murugan, the supreme Balaur Kexkra, and the master at arms, Warden Surama.


These foes will test the mettle of even the strongest Daevas, but those who conquer Esoterrace will be rewarded with Abyss relics, unique weapons and armor, pets, and even Platinum Medals.


Read the top strategies for Esoterrace, secure some well earned loot, and deal a crippling blow to the Balaur war effort!


Dalia Charlands

Dalia Charlands edit

Charlander, I choose you! Attack with Flamethro…err…wrong game. Now then, Dalia Charlands is an old Elim that has been the subject of Balaur experiments using Drana and Dragel. These experiments have turned the once noble Elim into a spiteful creature.


Dalia Charlands: Tactics


Dalia Charlands casts Rampage of Pain!

The key to this encounter is positioning. Dalia Charlands itself only has one unique attack, Rampage of Pain, which will hit all targets in melee range for around 5,000 damage. Melee DPS can either stay in or run out for this attack depending on the confidence of the healers.


Greenfingers spawn on the path leading out of the Dalia Garden

The encounter as a whole would be nothing if it were not for the additional monsters Dalia summons to its aid. These additional monsters, called Greenfingers, will attempt to do some massive heals on Dalia and buff it with a Protective Shield, but only if allowed to reach Dalia's melee range.

Position 2-3 DPS (preferrably ranged) classes near the path leading to the Drana Production Lab, and at least one DPS in melee range to the right side of Dalia Charlands. See the diagram below for more detail.



Kill the Greenfingers before they reach Dalia!

Dalia will summon three Greenfingers several times throughout the encounter (which appear on the path that leads to the Drana Production Lab), be sure each one of the three Greenfingers summoned is attacked. Even a single attack will interrupt the Greenfingers and prevent them from casting heals or buffs on Dalia Charlands. The positioning in the diagram above ensures there is ample time to attack each of the Greenfingers before it reaches Dalia.

When the encounter is over, players are rewarded with a Dalia Key from Dalia Charlands, which each player can loot. These Dalia Keys open the Entwined Chests surrounding Dalia Charlands. In addition, a Large Entwined Chest will spawn beneath Dalia itself, which is accessible with the Swirl Key.


Players can gather the Swirl Key from the Contaminated Esoterrace Vines located throughout the Naranaya Canyon, Drana Esoterrace, and Dalia Garden.

For a complete list of loot, see below.


Dalia Charlands: Loot


Abyss Medals and Relics












Esoterrace Legionary's Armor









Captain Murugan

Captain Murugan edit

Captain Murugan is Warden Surama's right hand man, a loyal servant devoted to a dangerous cause: to oppose a Dragon Lord. Murugan has been tasked with protecting the secrets of the Esoterrace, and guarding the fragments of Tiamat's power given to him by Surama.


Captain Murugan: Tactics


Captain Murugan casts Arrow of Grief!

Captain Murugan is a straightforward encounter without a lot of gimmicks. However, Murugan does have a deadly combo skill: Arrow of Grief followed by Hex Storm.

Arrow of Grief applies a debuff to the target that will make Hex Storm hit almost twice as hard, and can't be dispelled. It's important to keep an eye on players with the Arrow of Grief debuff, and ensure that their HP is topped off before Murugan casts Hex Storm.

Players can receive a little advance notice when Murugan is about to cast one of these skills, as Murugan will taunt before casting.


"Thou shalt come to grief!" =

Murugan is about to cast Arrow of Grief!


Murugan follows up Arrow of Grief with Hex Storm; make sure players affected by Arrow of Grief are topped off!

"I'll get rid of the cursed ones first!" =

Murugan is about to cast Hex Storm!

When the encounter is complete, two doors in Murugan's room open, granting access to Chilled Treasure chests which contain Abyss relics, Platinum Medals, and armor from the Esoterrace Legionary set.

See below for a complete list of loot.


Captain Murugan: Loot


Abyss Medals and Relics












Esoterrace Legionary's Armor












Kexkra edit

Kexkra is a supreme Balaur warrior, infused with energy from the Surkana Feeder. He is Warden Surama's finest creation, and wields the strength of ten Balaur soldiers.


Kexkra: Tactics


Kexkra lurches forward with a mighty swing!

Kexkra is a much simpler encounter when compared to the Kexkra Prototype and Warden Surama, however, there are a few things players need to know.

Kexkra has a slew of skills that can inflict extra damage to the tank and the Group, beginning with Repulsion Strike, Backbreaker, Blast Radius, and Earth's Torment.

Repulsion Strike stuns the target, while Backbreaker inflicts damage and applies a short damage over time debuff.

Blast Radius and Earth's Torment inflict damage to all targets in melee range.


Kexkra smashes all targets in range with Knock Senseless!

When Kexkra's HP starts to drop below about half, he starts to use Snaring Field followed by Knock Senseless. Snaring Field slows all targets in melee range, and Knock Senseless inflicts damage to all targets in melee range.

To avoid Knock Senseless, move out of melee range after Kexkra casts Snaring Field. Because Kexkra has a great deal of area of effect skills, it's important to keep the HP of all Group members topped off as often as is possible.

Groups who defeat Kexkra are awarded with one Laboratory Treasure Chest, and a chance at a Quest item from Kexkra himself.

See below for a complete list of loot.


Kexkra: Loot


Abyss Medals and Relics












Esoterrace Legionary's Armor














Surama's Armor




Bonus Attribute

Surama's Steel Shield55HP 226
Enmity Boost 4.3%
Block 68
Physical Def 56

Surama's Shield55HP 241
Enmity Boost -2.1%
Block 68
Magical Resist 30






Kexkra Prototype and Warden Surama

Kexkra Prototype and Warden Surama edit

Warden Surama is the master of Esoterrace, tasked with developing the bio-technology to infuse Balaur soldiers with infernal power. Often flanked by his loyal servant Murugan, Surama's cleverness and prowess in combat have fueled his arrogance to a boiling point. Surama now believes he can oppose Tiamat, one of the five Dragon Lords. But is Surama truly powerful, or has success merely driven his recklessness to madness?


Kexkra Prototype and Warden Surama: Tactics


The Kexkra Prototype encounter only lasts for a short time, and Kexkra only has one ability to speak of: Blast Radius, which inflicts damage to targets in melee range.

When the Kexkra Prototype drops to about 75% HP, Warden Surama appears.


Warden Surama is a much more complex encounter, and poses a challenge to even the most seasoned Daevas. Surama won't attack until engaged, so be sure to recover HP and MP before attacking him.

Surama unleashes Collapsing Earth...if this were

an actual encounter, the character pictured would be dead!

Surama begins the encounter with several heinous abilities at his disposal, including the devastating triple combo of Grievous Blow, Furious Barrage, and Crippling Cut. Be sure the tank is healed to full after Grievous Blow, or Surama's next two attacks could kill them before the healer has time to react.

As the encounter wears on, Surama will begin using Collapsing Earth. When Surama begins casting Collapsing Earth, the Surkana Stream Jets located around the room will generate an updraft.


To survive Collapsing Earth, the entire Group needs to hop into an updraft and spread their wings to avoid being hit. Collapsing Earth can inflict almost 15,000 damage!


Hop into an updraft from one of the Surkana Stream Jets to avoid the fatal impact of Collapsing Earth!


Surama follows Collapsing Earth with Energy Drain, which boosts his attributes for a short time, including speed.


Surama casts Gravity Blessing, ensnaring all targets!

When Surama's HP starts to dip lower, he will start using Gravity Blessing and Calamity Wave.

Gravity Blessing pulls all targets to Surama, and Calamity Wave inflicts massive damage to all targets in melee range.

When Surama is near death, he starts using Firebolt, which will hit the tank, but not inflict much damage. Keep a sharp eye out for Collapsing Earth, and don't underestimate Surama's ability to decimate the tank's HP in a matter of seconds.

Players who defeat Warden Surama will be awarded with two Laboratory Treasure Chests, and a chance at Fabled Surama series weapons from Surama himself.

See below for a complete list of loot.


Kexkra Prototype and Warden Surama: Loot


Abyss Relics and Medals












Esoterrace Legionary's Armor














Surama's Weapons



Surama's Armor




Bonus Attribute

Surama's Steel Shield55HP 226
Enmity Boost 4.3%
Block 68
Physical Def 56

Surama's Shield55HP 241
Enmity Boost -2.1%
Block 68
Magical Resist 30






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