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Levels: 50+  |  Cooldown: 12 Hours

 - Elyos: Heiron - Kishar Observation Post

 - Asmodian: Beluslan - Hoarfrost Shelter

 - Elyos/Asmodian: Abyss - Eye of Reshanta


When the Abyss was discovered, the first in thousands of cutthroat battles were fought over the Abyss Gates leading to inner Atreia. In time, the Elyos secured or destroyed all Abyss Gates leading to their lands, until just one remained: Poeta.

Following a bloody conflict that saw several immortals banished or stripped of their soul, a handful of courageous Daevas, with the assistance of the Seraphim Lords, collapsed the Abyss Gate leading to Poeta. The Balaur shrieked in anger, hurling the sum of their rage at the now decrepit portal. But to no avail, the way was shut.

Time passed, and life in Poeta went on, its citizens seldom aware that their land had ever been in danger. But on the other side, the Balaur schemed, and when enough failures, and bodies, had piled up, the Abyss Gate reopened. The Balaur cackled, drinking in their magnificence with forked tongues.


The Dragon Lords tasked Brigade General Anuhart and his Anuhart Legion with razing Poeta. Anuhart himself was the first through the Abyss Gate, but no sooner had he set foot in Poeta, than he realized something was amiss. Timolia Mine was in shambles. The Krall, who had a base of operations there, had been driven back and defeated…decades prior it seemed; this was not the Poeta of the present.

In their frenzied pursuit to reopen the route to Poeta, the Balaur had made a critical miscalculation. This Abyss Gate led to a future Poeta…but was this a bane, or a blessing in disguise?

Anuhart needed no affirmations from the Dragon Lords; the Balaur spilled from the Abyss Gate, a contagion of disfigurement and disease following in their wake.


Akarios burned; its citizens crying out for heroes that would never come. Daminu Forest withered, and the Elim became horrid shades filled with ire. Those creatures that survived the pestilence were malformed by the Balaur, subjected to horrific experiments or driven to madness by desperation.

The sylvan land blistered and cracked as the draconic war machine rolled over, dragging a funeral shroud behind it. Darkness consumed Poeta, and when the carnage ended, the Balaur had created a foothold on the interior of Atreia.

The future lost, hope now turns to the present, for it is but a matter of time before the Balaur in this Dark Poeta open more Abyss Gates. The fate of Atreia falls to brave Daevas, both Elyos and Asmodian, to drive the Balaur back through the Abyss Gate, and ensure that the Dragon Lords’ influence is not allowed to spread.


Dark Poeta Index

Dark Poeta Index edit

Entering Dark Poeta

To enter Dark Poeta, players must complete a Quest, acquire 5-20 Blue Balaur Scales, and purchase a Rift Essence, which are sold by General Goods Merchants.

Dark Poeta Walkthrough

Driving the Balaur from Poeta will be no simple task, but those willing to take up the challenge will have to establish goals for time and points, and set a pace appropriate for their Group.

Dark Poeta Loot

Dark Poeta is a veritable treasure trove of loot, with Superior, Heroic, and Fabled weapons, armor, and accessories, as well as Eternal grade weapons from the Tahabata series!

Dark Poeta Rating Structure

Dark Poeta is a unique Instanced Dungeon due to its rating structure, which evaluates Groups based on their performance and provides an appropriate Named Monster for the final encounter.

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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