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Introduction edit
When the Balaur began to threaten the peace and stability of Atreia, Aion created the Daevas as protectors and guardians of the Humans and of the world. Daevas had the ability to tap into the Aether, the mystical force that filled Atreia, and to use it to channel great power.


They were led by the Twelve Empyrean Lords, the first and the most powerful among them, who are revered by Daevas and Humans as gods.


Daevas were created from Humans, and some Humans still transform into Daevas through the process of Ascension.

Military Structure

Military Structure edit

Each faction has a military made up of elite Daevas:


The Elyos have Guardians
The Asmodians have Archons

A Daeva’s Duty

A Daeva’s Duty edit

A Daeva usually becomes a servant of the Empyrean Lord who granted the revelation of the Daeva’s power. Traditionally, Daevas do good deeds in their Lord’s name, earning the respect and glorification of the humans they defend, but they do not rule over the humans.


Daeva’s tend to live separate from the humans, in the capital city (either Pandaemonium or Sanctum), which is harder for humans to access. Some humans see this as arrogance and have begun to resent the Daevas, believing that the Daevas merely pay lip service to their duties, and prefer to live lives of ease and luxury in the beautiful capitals, while the humans eke out a living in the ravaged lands outside.

Human Birth and Growth

Human Birth and Growth edit

Humans make up most of the population of the world, and from their unions a very few heroes with special potential emerge and become Daevas. It is believed that a special sensitivity to Aether causes certain humans to Ascend, though it is impossible to predict which humans will be affected.


When this kind of special human appears, the local high priest will inform the patron Empyrean Lord of that village and ask for a revelation in order to prove divinity. If a fledgling Daeva overcomes all trials determined by the revelation, they are called before the Empyrean Lord to swear allegiance. In return, they are entitled to be an agent of the Lord’s position and authority.

Daeva Birth and Growth

Daeva Birth and Growth edit
One born of two Daeva parents may have the advantage of an upbringing among Daevas who have decades or centuries of experience. But, that does not mean that their abilities are greater than those of Daevas born of two Humans.

Empyrean Lords & Daevas

Empyrean Lords & Daevas edit

It is said that a Daeva born to a coupling between an Empyrean Lord and a Daeva has the potential to be the most powerful of all, but there are no known cases on record.


As for a Daeva coming from the coupling of two Empyrean Lords, there seems to be an unspoken rule that forbids it.

Death of a Daeva

Death of a Daeva edit

While Daeva’s can experience enough damage to seperate the spirit from the body, Daevas are immortal and will always resurrect at the Obelisk where they are bound.

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