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In Aion, the term "Cube" refers to the space in which the player’s items are stored, or in other words, the player’s inventory.

When a character is first created, their cube contains 27 slots. During the course of their travels, the player can expand their cube by paying Kinah to the cube craftsman or by completing certain quests.

When the player presses the Inventory Shortcut Key ( I by default ), the cube screen opens, and the player can check the items that they are carrying.



Item Stacks and Separation

Some items, including consumables, gatherables, and junk items, can stack. You can separate these stacks by pressing [Shift + Mouse Right-click] or [Shift + Mouse Left-click and Drag] on the stack.


Cube History

Cube History edit

The standard storage device in the Aion world is an item called a "cube.” It is a magical box that is smaller than the palm of your hand, but it can store many items of various shapes and sizes, making it a very convenient tool. Since their invention, many cubes have been created, and they’ve become such a commonplace that even humans are using cubes (the lowest model) in their daily lives. Daevas tend to use cubes with higher storage capacities.

The secret of cube crafting was originally developed by the lord of space, Israphel. He passed down this knowledge to the craftsmen who worked under him but with Israphel’s disappearance, the secret of cube crafting became known only to these craftsmen.

Due to this, certain guilds have monopolies on the cube crafting know-how. Also, they are taking over the banking businesses (warehouses), and in these banks, they are managing hundreds of thousands of cubes.

You begin the game with the lowest level cube (used by humans). But by purchasing upgrades via the cube factory craftsmen, this cube can be upgraded to something much better. In addition there are quests and other methods of upgrading your cube for free.

Cube Expansion

Cube Expansion edit

The basic cube that is first acquired has a total of 27 slots (3*9). The cube expands 9 slots for every level it is upgraded, up to a maximum of 9 levels. As of December 2010, it can be expanded up to level 8, or 99 slots (11*9) through various methods.


Cube Expansion Breakdown

Basic Starter Cube
Purchased Upgrades
Cube Expanding Quest 
Vindachinerk Quest
Cube Expansion Card

3 rows (27 slots) +
5 rows (45 slots) +
1 row  (9 slots)  +
1 row  (9 slots)  +
1 row  (9 slots)  =

11 rows (99 slots)


The Cube can be expanded in the following ways:

1. By giving the cube factory craftsman a set amount of kinah.
2. By completing the cube expanding quest.
3. By completing the Vindachinerk quests.
4. By redeeming a cube expansion card.


Among these, the first method is the most basic, while the other methods allow the player to expand the cube for free. Also, the order of the above methods doesn’t matter. No matter which you complete first, there is no change to the price, and no other expansion method becomes off limits. For example, if the player completes the Vindachinerk quest and the cube expanding quest, thereby expanding the cube by 2 rows (18 slots), the fee is still 300,000 kinah for the level 5 cube expansion. Because of this, many players try to clear the quests as soon as they are acquired.

In addition, there are no level restrictions for expanding the cube other than being able to access your race’s capitol city and the Abyss.

Cube Expansion - Cube Factory Craftsman

Cube Expansion - Cube Factory Craftsman edit


Using a Cube Factory Craftsman is the most basic cube expanding method.


By giving Kinah to the cube factory craftsman, the cube can be expanded 9 slots at a time, up to 45 slots (9*5). As the level increases, the cost also increases. Some cube factory craftsmen are not skilled enough to raise your cube to certain levels.  For those levels, you must seek out more qualified craftsmen.


After creating the character, in the first village that you enter (Elyos - Akarios Village / Asmodian - Aldelle Village) you can expand your cube to level 1. Larger cities such as Sanctum and Pandaemonium allow you to expand it up to level 4.

For the final stage, level 5, the player must go to Tigraki Island and speak with Jarumonerk.


Cube Expansion Costs

Cube Level

Expansion Cost
(Affected by Influence Ratio)

Cube Factory Craftsman

Cube Factory Craftsman

Level 1

1,000 kinah

Akarios Village:





Aldelle Village:





Level 210,000 kinah







Level 350,000 kinah







Level 4150,000 kinah







Level 5300,000 kinah





 Level 5 Cube Expansion

The final level of cube expansion, level 5, can only be done by purchasing an upgrade from Jarumonerk on Tigraki Island in the Abyss.


Tigraki Island is located in the Abyss upper layer, and it does not appear on the map. The distance to the island is quite far, so be sure to carry flight potions or utilize gliding to make sure you have enough flight time to reach it.


Tigraki Island located North of Krotan Refuge or West of Asteria Fortress.
Jarumonerk is skilled enough with Cube expansion to raise yours to level 5.


Cube Expansion - Capital City Quests

Cube Expansion - Capital City Quests edit

Once a character reaches level 29, the first Cube Expansion quest becomes available in their capital city.


The initial expansion quest is quite simple and only requires you to speak with a couple NPCs in your race’s capital (Elyos - Elysea / Asmodian - Pandaemonium). You will not have to pay any kinah to receive this upgrade to your Cube.


The quests are as follows:

 Quest NameStarting NPCLevel Acquired
ElyosA Lucky DayDemodocos29
AsmodianUnexpected RewardTalon29


Cube Expansion - Vindachinerk Quests

Cube Expansion - Vindachinerk Quests edit

At level 35, you can receive the Vindachinerk chain quest. The reward for clearing is expanding the cube 1 level.


The Elyos quest line, The Legend of Vindachinerk, changes depending on whom you deliver the item to--Suganerk or Kohrunerk. Regardless of who you choose, the cube will be expanded.


Elyos Vindachinerk Quests

Asmodian Vindachinerk Quests

 The Legend of Vindachinerk (Suganerk)
 Jaiorunerk’s Diary
 Where’s Vindachinerk?
 A Gift For Vindachinerk
 Vindachinerk’s Demand
 Vindachinerk’s Scroll


 The Legend of Vindachinerk (Kohrunerk)
 Pupil’s Diary
 Jaiorunerk’s Tombstone

 Materials for 100-slot Cube
 Looking for Garkbinerk
 Winning Vindachinerk’s Favor
 Vindachinerk’s Offer



There are two points regarding the Vindachinerk related quest. You must find Vindachinerk, whose whereabouts are unknown, and you must find the Black Cloud Island, which does not appear on the map.


 Vindachinerk’s Whereabouts
Vindachinerk appears at three specific locations, but at random times, making him a difficult NPC to track down. Information to help you track down Vindachinerk can be found below.


Vindachinerk appears randomly at one of the three locations marked on the map above.  The in-game time windows that he can appear are between 1:00am ~ 6:00am, 8:00am ~ 2:00pm, and 4:00pm ~ 10:00pm.



The hidden Black Cloud Island.


  Black Cloud Island
The NPC Garkbinerk, who helps you with the Vindachinerk quest, is on Black Cloud Island. It is in the southeastern part of the upper layer of the Abyss, but just like Tigraki Island, it does not appear on the map. The island is about a 50 second flight, so be sure to carry flight potions or utilize gliding to make sure you have enough flight time to reach it.

Cube Expansion - Cube Expansion Card

Cube Expansion - Cube Expansion Card edit

You can expand your cube by one row. Each character can only use it once.


Players who subscribe to the game long enough will receive a Cube Expansion Card as part of their 1 Month Veteran Reward.


Using this card will increase your cube level by 1, adding 9 slots to your inventory.  Note that using this card does not affect any of the other methods or costs for expanding your cube.


Cube Factory Craftman Locations

Cube Factory Craftman Locations edit

Each Cube Factory Craftsman has different cube expanding abilities. The craftsman first met in the beginner’s village can only expand your cube to level 1. You can expand the cube to level 4 by visiting craftsmen in your capital city, and if you meet the cube factory craftsman stationed at Tigraki Island in the Abyss, you can expand the cube to level 5.



 Beginner’s Area
Each race’s start village (Elyos - Akarios Village / Asmodian - Aldelle Village) has a cube factory craftsman who can expand your cube to level 1.


Baevrunerk in Poeta and Bacorerk in Ishalgen



At each race’s capital (Elyos - Sanctum / Asmodian - Pandaemonium), the cube factory craftsman can expand your cube all the way up to level 4.


Yiehmonerk, Heerunerk in Sanctum | Nekorunerk, Ondarinerk in Pandaemonium.





 Abyss - Tigraki Island
In the northern part of the upper Abyss is the hidden Tigraki Island. On this island, the Cube Factory Craftsman Jarumonerk can expand your cube to level 5. Note: The Elyos and Asmodians both can freely come and go in this area, so there is a high likelihood of meeting your enemy here.

Cube Management

Cube Management edit

 Cube Name Change
If you wish to customize your cube a litte more, you can change the name of each section of your cube.  To do this, begin by opening the Inventory (cube) window (I button). In the Cube’s Name Tab area, right click to make the menu Change Tab Name appear. Click this option in the menu and enter the new name. Press the Change button when you are finished and the cube’s new name will appear.

Right click the cube title tab and select Change Tab Name


Enter the new name and press the Change button

The new name will appear in the title area. This can be done for each title tab.

 Item Auto Sorting
In the Inventory (cube) screen (I key), press the small box on the bottom right side. The items currently contained in the cube will sort automatically throughout all of your cube sections.  You can also sort each cube section individually by right clicking the tab of the section you wish to sort and clicking the auto-arrange cube option.


Use this button to automatically organize your Inventory.



 Open/Close All Windows at Once
In the Inventory (cube) screen (I key), click the arrow mark on the top right side once to open or close all windows at the same time. Also, if you click above each cube’s screen, only the selected cube screens will open/close. This is convenience for organizing your items.



 Other Tools


Extra Inventory Slot - If your Inventory is full and you complete a Quest, the Quest reward will be placed here. You must clear space in your inventory and then the item will move out of this slot.


Drag and Drop items on to the Trash Bin to Delete them. Certain items cannot be deleted.  Additionally, you can simply drag the items out of your cube to delete them.


Pet Inventory - If you currently have a pack pet summoned, you can click this icon to quickly access their pet inventory.

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