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Consumable items are used to do a variety of things. Some add buffs to improve your weapon attacks, while others heal you or recover mana. There are also items needed for specific skills--Odella Powder, for example. Some items can revive you on the battlefield, such as kisks or resurrection stones.


There are also various items that can be used to upgrade your weapons. These items are used in different ways in enhancing items permanently to improve your attributes.


Most of these items can be found while adventuring through Atreia and looting enemy NPCs. However, you will also find a lot of of these items on sale in General Stores, Potion Stores, and Contribution vendors. This allows you to stock up on them in the inevitable long venture into enemy territories.



Item Type



Potions assist players by allowing them to recover health, mana, flight time, and in some cases to remove abnormal conditions.

Odella Powder

Odella Powder is used by the Mana Treatment skill to recover mana and the Herb Treatment skill to recover health. Depending on the Mana or Herb Treatments level higher level Odella Powders will be needed.

Food and Drink

Food and drink items benefit the adventurer in various ways. They can buff recovery rates, increase physical and magical abilities, and in some cases can transform players into other creatures.

Power Shards

When equipped and activated (B), power shards increase the effectiveness of your weapon attacks.


Like food, scrolls apply a variety of effects on a character. These can be defensive or offensive effects or can increase running speed or flight time. Some scrolls even have the ability to teleport you from one place to another.

Kisks and Resurrection Stones

Kisks are essentially mobile Obelisks, Resurrection stones allow players to revive their fallen comrades.


These items allow you to change the color of your Armor and Head Gear.

Weapon and Armor Enhancement Items

Weapon and Armor Enhancement Items edit

These items allow you to enhance weapon and armor. Enhancing items increases their attributes to better improve your chance of conquering your enemies. However, different items affect weapon and armor differently. Manastones add specific attributes to a weapon or armor piece. Enchantment stones allow you to increase a specific attribute based on the type of item you are enhancing. Godstones add a special ability that grants a chance to affect a target when struck .



Item Type



These items fit in the manastone slots on weapons and armor and add attributes to them.

Enchantment Stones

These increase an items enchant level and, depending on the type of item, increase an attribute on that item.


These items add an effect that has a chance to be applied to an enemy target when struck by a weapon. These can only be placed on weapons.

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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