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Conditioning Guide Conditioning Guide Edit

Conditioning is a way to temporarily increase the attributes of weapons and armor. The duration of the Conditioning is dependent on several factors including: the level of Conditioning, how often the equipment is used, how the equipment is used, and if Divine Power is consumed while the equipment is equipped.


Basic Conditioning Information

Basic Conditioning Information edit

What Items Can Be Conditioned?




Move the mouse cursor over an item; below the Manastone sockets, there will be an energy bar detailing the level of Conditioning, and below that, the attributes gained from the Conditioned item.




Level of Conditioning – Shows both the current level and maximum possible level of Conditioning on an item.


Current State – Determines if an item is currently conditioned or not. (Grey = not Green = active)


Conditioning Effects – Shows what additional attributes are gained by Conditioning an item.




















How Do I Condition an Item?


There are two ways to condition an item.
The least expensive way would be to visit one of the Conditioning Officers scattered around Atreia.









Teminon Landing


Primum Landing






Kaisinel Academy


Marchutan Priory



The other way is to purchase a Conditioning item from a General Goods Merchant and use it to condition the desired item. These items are more expensive than seeking out a Conditioning Officer, but can be used at any time to replenish the Conditioning bar.



The price of Conditioning an item is based on its level and level of Conditioning desired; higher levels of Conditioning translate to higher prices.


Conditioning an item, or two items, that have been combined through Armsfusion does not have any disadvantages.  The item or items will not lose their Conditioning effects. If two weapons with Conditioning are combined, their attributes will stack and players will receive the benefits of both weapons.



























Conditioning Deteriorates


When an item has been conditioned, attacking with it equipped will cause the Conditioning to deteriorate. Using more skills, Divine Points skills in particular, will cause the Conditioning effect to wear off faster.

Once an item has consumed its Conditioning bonus, the Conditioning bar will turn grey and the level will indicate 0.


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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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