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Beshmundir Temple Beshmundir Temple Edit


Daeva doesn’t want to go to spooky Balaur graveyard, is bad place! Once Duddlinerk’s cousin, Doofinerk, not brightest Shugo mind, decide to moonlight as grave robber. Doofinerk sneak into Balaur catacombs and return with stories of sinister rituals, treasure hoards, and dark secrets. Then one night, Doofinerk go out and never come back, nyerk!



Wait wait wait wait…I can desecrate a sacred Balaur gravesite, pillage untold riches, and uncover dark secrets all in the same place? Count me in!


Beshmundir Temple is a level 55 Group Instanced Dungeon located in Silentera Canyon. Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter Beshmundir Temple, and both races share the same entrance.

Upon entering Beshmundir Temple, the Group leader will be able to choose a path. The Safe Path is easier, and players will have a chance to acquire a variety of Fabled and Heroic equipment. The Perilous Path is much more difficult, and players will have a chance to acquire the same Fabled and Heroic equipment, as well as Eternal equipment unique to the Perilous Path.

Players will earn Abyss Points from defeating monsters in Beshmundir Temple, and will have a

chance at a variety of loot including Fabled weapons,

armor, and accessories.


Beshmundir Temple Guides

Beshmundir Temple Guides edit

Beshmundir Temple Portal

Beshmundir Temple is a level 55 Group Instanced Dungeon located in Silentera Canyon.

Entering Beshmundir Temple

There is no Entry Quest for Beshmundir Temple, however, Silentera Canyon must be accessible in order to get to the entrance.

Beshmundir Temple Walkthrough: Normal Mode

In Beshmundir Temple, Daevas can take the fight to the Balaur on their own hallowed soil. Experience fascinating new environments, encounter powerful monsters, and rake in some fat loot!

Beshmundir Temple Walkthrough: Hard Mode

In addition to more challenging encounters, Named Monsters in Beshmundir Temple: Hard Mode have increased drop rates, and drop new items including Eternal grade weapons and armor!

Beshmundir Temple Quests

There are several Quests related to Beshmundir Temple, including a chain of consecutive Quests that will allow players to face Flarestorm.

Beshmundir Temple Named Monsters

Tiamat's strongest warriors guard the Beshmundir Temple.

Beshmundir Temple Loot

The loot players will receive from Beshmundir Temple is dependent upon which path the Group leader chooses.

Beshmundir Temple Lore

Beshmundir Temple Lore edit

The Beshmundir Temple is a series of catacombs constructed under direct orders from Dragon Lord Tiamat. The Temple was built as a memorial to fallen Balaur warriors, and is filled with sacred remains and relics from some of the strongest Balaur of the past. Graves of Balaur heroes are scattered throughout the Beshmundir Temple in crypts, vaults, courtyards, and gardens, and within the walls, Balaur priests hold ceremonies and conduct sacred rights.

While on the surface Beshmundir Temple seems like naught but a memorial, there are whispers that something darker and far more sinister lurks deep within its catacombs. Scouting reports indicate that Tiamat’s strongest warriors guard the Temple, and the Laksyaka Legion, which consists of some of the most fearsome Balaur in all creation, is stationed there as well.

Forces of such power are unwarranted for a location of low strategic importance, but there must be a purpose for their presence. It is up to brave Daevas to discover that purpose. Penetrate the Temple’s defenses, evade the traps, and discover what Tiamat so desires to protect.

Named Monster Loot Distribution

Named Monster Loot Distribution edit















**Eternal weapons and armor are obtained from the Perilous Path (Beshmundir Temple: Hard Mode)



Captain Lakhara



The Plaguebearer

Vehala the Cursed


Ahbana the Wicked

The Great Virhana

Dorakiki the Bold

Taros Lifebane

Isbariya the Resolute


The Soulcaller


Thurzon the Undying



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