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Asmodian Level 1-10 Guide Asmodian Level 1-10 Guide Edit

This is a small guide intended to provide some direction on where to go and who to talk to for levels one through ten. This is not the fastest way to get from level one to ten; it is simply one of many ways and is meant to serve as a guide for those who are unsure of how to get started.




This guide does not include all possible Quests in the area!



Starting Up (Level 1)

Starting Up (Level 1) edit

Following Character Creation, you will be shown a cutscene and wake up in the Aldelle Basin.

You will have the default character setup for all Key Binds and User Interface options. You will also notice that there is a “?” button near the bottom of your screen. This leads to the in-game tutorials that will pop up as you encounter different game mechanics.  


Use the tutorials if you are relatively new to the MMORPG world. However if you wish to turn them off you can click on any one of the “?” buttons and check the “Do not show tutorial from now on.”

The movement for Aion is set up to be the WASD or Arrow Keys by default.  Camera Movement is controlled by clicking and holding down the right mouse button. Camera Zoom is controlled by the mouse wheel.

Most of these things can be changed in the Options menu.  To access the Options menu, click the menu at the bottom of the screen, or navigate to the Options menu by pressing O. Select the “Key Mapping” tab to customize the controls and what keys do what.

Click Here to see the Key Mapping Page


There is also a “Game Options” tab that allows you to personalize the User Interface and chose which functions are available during game play. For example, you can toggle a “distance to target” display, enable a setting that displays numbers on Health and Mana bars, or view of the target’s target. Once you have a setup that works well for you, start your journey. You can always come back later and change the options.

Click Here to see the Options Page

The next thing to do is set up the Quickbar. By pressing K you can access all of your current skills, emotes and actions. Set these up on the Quickbar so they feel natural and comfortable to you. If you’re new to the game, be sure to have the “Return” skill bound to the Quickbar, which will allow you to return to the beginning area should you become lost. It’s also a good idea to have the “Loot” action bound to the Quickbar, which will allow you to loot any monsters you defeat.

Click Here to see the Quickbar Page

Once you have the Quickbar set up, you are ready to begin!

Look for an NPC (Non Player Character) with a blue arrow over their head. The blue arrow indicates that the NPC has a Quest. Double click or right click on the NPC to interact with them. Start the Quest and follow the instructions. 

Once you acquire A Bloody Task from Vandar, which requires you to kill Spriggs, you will be introduced to Aion’s combat. One of the easiest ways to target enemies is to click on them. You can also target the closest enemy in range target by pressing Tab. To attack the target, click the icons on the Quickbar, or press the corresponding keys on the keyboard.

Level 2

Level 2 edit

Becoming familiar with your skills and the targeting system is one of the more important things for a beginner. Walk around and experiment with combat a little until you feel comfortable with it.


While you’re wandering around, keep an eye out for glowing plants called Azpha. These are the first Gatherable objects in Aion. Gatherable objects can be used in crafting professions, which is something you can experience later. For now, gathering Azpha is a decent way to gain a bit of experience, and ten are needed for a future Quest.





Click Here to see the Gathering Page


Continue completing the Quests that begin with A Bloody Task to become more comfortable with the game.

Level 3

Level 3 edit

When you reach level 3, which should happen after completing three to four Quests, a small blinking button with a scroll icon will appear in the lower right area of your screen. This is button indicates a Survey has arrived; click to open it.

This particular survey is part of the Adventurer’s Guide, which was implemented in October of 2010. This feature is to help point you in the right direction as well as give you a few items to help with your journey. The reward for attaining level 3 is 10 Minor Life Potions.

Click Here to see the Adventurer’s Guide Page

Try to finish off any remaining quests in the Aldelle Basin and head to the first town, Aldelle Village. By this point, try to have those 10 Azpha mentioned earlier in your inventory. You can check your inventory by pressing I.

Once you enter Aldelle Village, a Quest menu will pop up and you will start on your first Campaign Quest. Campaign quests are the main story arc for your character, so completing them is central to the progression of the game. Campaign Quests will be displayed as bright yellow Quest markers.


Seek out the rest of the Quest related NPC’s in the village and speak with any of the merchants to sell off unneeded inventory items. Open your inventory and look for items with grey names; these serve no purpose other than as pet food or for selling to merchants. Armor or weapons you can’t use should also be sold to the merchants. 

Press J to bring up the Quest menu, and click the checkbox to track your progress on specific Quests.

You can also click any one of your current quests to see a small description of what you must do to complete that quest. If there are blue linked names in the text, that means that there is an in-game dictionary entry for the specific term or phrase. If it is a location or NPC, clicking the “Locate” button at the bottom of the entry will mark it on your map with a purple “X.”

Once you have acquired a bit of Kinah (Aion’s currency) by selling your unneeded items, you should bind to the Obelisk in Aldelle Village. This will allow you to teleport to Aldelle Village using the “Return” skill, or resurrect at Aldelle Village in the event of your demise. 

Next you can acquire more inventory space by speaking to the Cube Artisan, and having him expand your Cube for a small fee.


Once you have bound yourself to the Obelisk and expanded your Cube, you should speak with your Class Trainer and purchase the level 3 Skillbooks to learn new Skills. If you have extra Kinah, purchasing the level 5 Skillbooks in advance can be a good idea. This will save you a trip back to town. 

Since you are now level 3 and are able to learn some of these new Skills, familiarize yourself with them and be sure to bind them to your Quickbar.

On your way out of Aldelle Village, be sure to speak with Nobekk and give him the 10 Azpha you gathered. Head down to Lake Tunapre and talk to Bolir to pick up his quest.  Then start on The Shiner the Better, Love in Bloom, and Urd’s Request Quests down in the Lake Tunapre area. While you are down there finish the first step in the Campaign Quest, Thinking Ahead.


Be sure to turn in Love in Bloom to Bolir and complete the next Quest in the Questline, For the Love of Negi.

While down by the Lake Tunapre, be on the lookout for a named Ox-like monster named Hulker, who wanders around the large tree near the center of Lake Tunapre. He is a Brax that is a bit tougher than the standard level 4 monsters but can drop some unique gear.

Level 4

Level 4 edit

Finish up the Quests you have in the Lake Tunapre area and be on the lookout for a special Quest item dropped by the Blackbeak Airons. The item is called the “Rolled Scroll” and you can double click on it to receive Return to Sender. If you don’t get one by the time you have finished up Urd’s Request, you can spend a little extra time trying to get it to drop, but don’t waste too much time on it.

Once you have completed all the Quests at Lake Tunapre, head back up to Aldelle Village, turning in any Quests on the way back. Once at Aldelle Village you can make a stop at a merchant and empty your inventory of unneeded items to make some more Kinah.

Seek out the Quest related NPC’s in Aldelle Village and be sure to speak with Boromer to start the final step in the Campaign Quest Thinking Ahead. Head back down to the Sprigg settlement area, near where you found the Sprigg Grain Sacks, and hunt down 6 Sprigg Gatherers.


Level 5

Level 5 edit

Once you reach level 5 you will receive another Survey from the Adventurer’s Guide. This time, you will receive 20 Broiled Mela!

At level 5 you can use the next set of Skillbooks, so be sure to purchase them if you haven’t done so already. Rework your Quickbar and experiment with the new Skills a bit to get used to what they do and how you can work them into your growing repertoire. Finishing Quests in the Lake Tunapre area is a good way to become familiar with the new Skills.

At this time you should either be in Aldelle Village or in need of returning there to progress. Take this time to sell anything you want to the merchants and speak with your Class Trainer to purchase the next set of level 7 Skillbooks. If you can spare the Kinah, pick up the level 9 Skillbooks as well.

The next location on your journey is the Munihele Forest. Follow the path south to the forest and grab the Where’s Rae? Campaign Quest form Dabi. While you are there be sure to start Token of Lost Love, The Insect Problem, and Sap for Leather from both Motgar and Dabi.


Start on those Quests, and eventually you will need to speak with the Old Fortuneteller named Verdandi, who is southeast of Motgar and Dabi. She will have you start on the next step in the Where’s Rae? Campaign Quest and ask that you hunt some Whitefoot Darus just outside her half-fenced in yard.

Once you have completed all the current Quests in Munihele Forest , return to Verdandi and she will ask you to retrieve a spore pouch form some mushrooms. Once you have the pouch, give it to Verdandi. After a cutscene, Verdandi will give you one last task; find Rae. Once you have done so, return to Ulgorn and complete this Campaign Quest. You will be rewarded with a new weapon based on your class.


Level 6

Level 6 edit

Equip your new weapon, if you don’t have a better one, and take the Flightpath to the Anturoon Crossing. Flightpaths are fast travel options that cost a fee but are much faster than walking to the location.



Once at the crossing, talk to the people there and grab any Quests you can. Near the outpost are the Brax and Karnifs that are needed for two of the Quests. Hunt them down and turn in those Quests.

Next, head a bit east and kill the Sailors and Peons to finish up the Quest Up to no Good.

By this point you should be close to level 7, and should continue the pirate questline by picking up the next Quest in it called A Treasure Map. Make you way east and you should see a pirate ship in the bay, head down to it and collect the scroll on the table. Then you will need to return to Lidun to share your discovery. 

Level 7

Level 7 edit

Time to learn some more Skills! Rework the Quickbar and get comfortable with your new Skills.

A good place to do this would be while trying to find the treasure map for the Quest A Treasure Map. After you turn that to Lidun, the final Quest in the questline opens up, Black Opal, and you get to hunt down Carak, a named Karnif in a nearby cave. (Use the Dictionary and the Locate button to find his exact location.)



Once you are done with the Quest Black Opal, head up north and speak with Tanmarn and Jephani at the campsite outside of the Ishalgen Prison Camp. Head into the Ishalgen Prison Camp and start on The Captain’s Secret.  Once you have completed this Quest, head back down to the Anturoon Crossing, turning in the Quests you have completed, and turn in the Treasure of the Deceased Campaign Quest.         

Speak with Derot to start the next Campaign Quest, A Charmed Cube, and head back up to the Ishalgen Prison Camp. You will need to find one of the many Tombstones scattered around and use it to spawn a ghost. Fight and defeat the ghost. This will have a chance to drop the Charmed Cube for the A Charmed Cube Campaign Quest.


Deliver the Cube to Derot and he will send you up to the northernmost reaches of the Ishalgen Prison Camp to Munin, a prisoner. Once you have gotten a Charmed Cube back from Munin, take it to Derot to complete the Campaign Quest. 

Level 8

Level 8 edit

Once you hit level 8 you will receive another Survey. This is the third survey of the Adventurer’s Guide, and will award 20 Minor Life Serums!

After finishing up the Campaign Quest in the Ishalgen Prison Camp, head west to the Odella Plantation. On your way to the plantation, you will run across a small campsite occupied by Devalin and Alfrigh. Speak with them and get their Quests.



Make you way into the Odella Plantation and start on As Much as You Can Carry, Pearls Before Swine, A Good Tonic, and the Campaign Quests Hit Them Where it Hurts and Teaching a Lesson.  

After you have completed the Quests mention above, run back down to the Anturoon Crossing and turn in what quests you can. Next you should take the Flightpath back to Aldelle Village and to continue the Campaign Quest Hit Them Where it Hurts. Take this opportunity to stop by the merchants and empty your Inventory of any unneeded supplies. 

The next step in the Campaign Quest, Hit Them Where it Hurts, will send you back to the Odella Plantation to gather seven Mau Grain Sacks. These are scattered arounf the Odella Plantation and are usable objects. Once you have them and start heading back, take the western path in the Odella Plantation and speak with Nalto in Dubaro Vine Canyon.

You can start on Nalto’s Quest, Suspicious Activity, but keep an eye on your experience bar because once you hit level 9 you need to stop whatever you are doing and head to Munin for the Ascension Campaign Quest. 


IMPORTANT: Any Experience gained past Level 9 WILL BE LOST. You should proceed in completing the Ascension Campaign Quest before any other experience gain!

Ascension (Level 9)

Ascension (Level 9) edit

You should have the level 9 Skillbooks in your Inventory and can now use them. Rework your Quickbar and read the skill to see what it does. You can try using the skill on monsters if you wish, but remember, all experience you gain as a level 9 character will be lost.

Head back to the Ishalgen Prison Camp and run up the path to Munin. Once at Munin he will send you to gather different cards to help with a fortunetelling ritual.


The first card is with Urd, the old Tailor in Aldelle Village. Once you have spoken with her, she will give you a card and send you to the old fortuneteller Verdandi in Munihele Forest. Verdandi will give you her card and send you to collect the final card from Skuld, Who is overlooking the ocean directly south of the Anturoon Crossing.


After collecting the final card you will need to head back up to Munin who will use the cards to give you a vison of your future.


You will be enveloped in a vision and need to defeat 4 Guardian Assasssins, then face off against Brigade General Hellion. Once you have fought with Hellion you will watch a cutscene and then Munin will appear. Munin will confront you about choosing a specific Sub-Class based on the initial Class you chose when creating your character. Each Class has 2 Sub-Classes to choose from and Munin will give a small description of each when you select it.

Click Here to see the Classes Page

Once you have selected they Sub-Class you wish to play you will be returned to the Ishgalen Prison Camp standing in front of Munin. Completing this Campaign Quest will fill your experience bar all the way, however you will not level up to level 10.


You must first complete the final part of the Ascension Campaign Quest A Ceremony in Pandaemonium. Speak with Munin and he will teleport you into Pandaemonium and you must then speak with Heimdall. After the cutscene you will need to head down to the Great Temple to finish the ceremony. Take the first right and head down the ramp to enter the Great Temple. You must speak with Balder and then your class preceptor and you will receive a new weapon and finally be level 10!  

Level 10

Level 10 edit
Once you hit level 10 you will receive another Survey. This is the fourth Survey for the Adventurer’s Guide, and will award 10 Tombstones of Revival!


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