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The hammer, anvil, and forge are the tools of the Armorsmith, capable of making chain armor, plate armor, and shields that are proof against the strongest attacks. At first, your creations will be modest: simple boots and gloves. But with time and determination, you can become a Master Armorsmith capable of making nigh-impregnable suits of armor and shields worthy of an Empyrean Lord.


Item, Design, and Work Order lists

Item, Design, and Work Order lists edit

Armorsmithing by Level

Lists of both Work Orders and Output Items from each Crafting Tier, Amateur - Expert.

Armorsmithing by Type

Lists by armor type: Boots, Torso, Gloves, Helm, Pauldrons, Pants, and Shields

Armorsmithing by Design

Design lists by both item output type and rarity.


"Armorsmiths have it backwards, I think. Why spend weeks or months on an item that keeps things from happening? Spend that time instead on weapons. At least a weapon does something."

--Logi, Weaponsmithing Master of Pandaemonium

The Armorsmithing Skill

The Armorsmithing Skill edit

Learn your new skill

Becoming an Armorsmith is a matter of visiting Vulcanus (in Sanctum) or Kinterun (in Pandaemonium) and spending 3,500 Kinah for the skill. The price varies slightly depending on the current influence ratio. You’ll start with 1 Expertise Point out of 99 possible. You’ll also have a armorsmithing experience bar in the Crafting tab of your Skills window. Each time that bar fills up, you gain another Expertise Point until you’ve hit your current maximum. The higher your Expertise Points, the better recipes you can attempt--and ultimately, the tougher armor you can make.


Craft your first items

When you first obtain armorsmithing, you immediately gain one recipe: Steel Ingot. Your Armorsmithing Master (Vulcanus or Kinterun) offers you the "Metal Plate Supply" work order. You gain additional recipes through questing, looting fallen enemies and from merchants such as Menomes (Sanctum) and Grupaks (Pandaemonium). As you gain Expertise Points, Vulcanus and Kinterun will offer more difficult--and more rewarding--work orders.


Advance to the next Tier of Crafting

Whenever you reach the maximum possible Expertise Points, return to Vulcanus or Kinterun and pay enough Kinah to raise the ceiling on your Expertise Points, according to the table below. Note that prices may vary somewhat depending on your faction’s current influence ratio. You get one Expertise Point immediately, which moves you up into the next tier.


Level 1-99


Level 100-199


Level 200-299


Level 300-399


Level 400-499

No cost

Level 500-549


Amateur Armorsmithing (A)Novice Armorsmithing (A)Apprentice Armorsmithing (A)Journeyman Armorsmithing (A)

Expert Armorsmithing (A)

Master Armorsmithing (A)

Amateur Armorsmithing (E)Novice Armorsmithing (E)Apprentice Armorsmithing (E)Journeyman Armorsmithing (E)Expert Armorsmithing (E)

Master Armorsmithing (E)

Noble Armor

Noble Armor edit

Whenever you make armor (not just the material for armor), you have a random chance to make a Noble version of that armor. A Noble version of armor has better protective statistics, offers bigger bonuses, and sometimes has more manastone sockets than the ordinary version.

Gathering Materials

Gathering Materials edit

A steady supply of metals fuels your advancement as an Armorsmith, so keeping pace with your Extraction skills will keep you supplied with the materials you need. Depending on your Extract Vitality skill level, you can gather from the following ore nodes:


Extract Vitality Level

Ore Type

360Burning Orichalcum
370Burning Mithril

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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