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When Aion launched in North America and Europe, it was a completely different game that it is today. Here we have compiled a list of the major updates, mainly driven by player feedback, that have changed the face of Aion since its launch in September 2009.


The goal of these changes was threefold:


To provide players with a more enjoyable leveling experience, and encourage participation in all of Aion's low and mid-level content from the first level to the last.


To harmonize the improved leveling experience with additional and better rewards, ensuring players are able to set their own pace, and receive ample returns for their efforts.


To make high level content less risk and more reward, compensating those who reach the highest levels, and incentivizing others to reach the top tier of content and experience it for themselves.


Aion 1.9

Aion 1.9 edit

Patch 1.9 was the first significant content update for Aion in the West, and introduced a few welcome changes, particularly to Quests.


Richer Rewards!

 Improved the mechanics of Repeatable Quests; now Repeatable Quests can be completed a finite number of times, but offer better XP and Kinah rewards.


 Added a significant number of new Quests, including several Repeatable Quests.


 Increased the drop rates of Named Monsters in several Instanced Dungeons, including Dark Poeta, Theobomos Lab and Adma Stronghold, and Nochsana Training Camp.


 Introduced Daily Quests, including both PvE and PvP focused Daily Quest Organizations


 Added Energy of Salvation, which players accrue after remaining at the same level for a significant amount of time. Energy of Salvation increases XP gained by 30%.

Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea

Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea edit

Kromede's Trial


Perhaps the greatest change to both the landscape and mechanics of Aion came with Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea; Aion's first expansion. These changes included:


 Massive increase to the XP and Kinah rewards for all existing Quests


 Drastically increased the drop rates of Fabled equipment from several Instanced Dungeons, including Fire Temple and Steel Rake.


 The introduction of two Solo Instanced Dungeons at levels 18-22 and 37-44; Haramel and Kromede's Trial. 


 Increased level cap to 55, introducing the Balaurea continent, two new zones, and a wealth of content for high level players.

Aion 2.1

Aion 2.1 edit

This content update came in two parts, the first of which drastically boosted drop rates of all items from all monsters in the game, and the second of which addressed the complexities of the Crafting system.


Fine Designs Added in 2.1


 Drastically increased the drop rates of all Eternal, Fabled, Heroic, Superior, and Common items from all monsters in the game.


 Drastically increased the drop rates of all Fluxes, Skill Manuals, Stigma Stones, and Manastones.


 Reduced the material requirements of many high level crafted weapons, armor, and accessories.


 Added several designs for creating the “proc” or “greater output” version of a crafted item using multiple “non-proc” or “normal output” versions of the same item.


 Reduced the difficulty of Expert Crafting Quests


 Increased the drop rates of Balaur materials used to craft Balic items, and added the means to purchase specific Balic designs from Tigraki merchants.


The central goal of the changes from Patch 1.9, 2.0, and 2.1 was to make Aion's leveling experience more enjoyable, help players acquire better equipment, and encourage players to reach and participate in Aion's high end content, a trend that will continue in Aion 2.5: Empyrean Calling.

Aion 2.5: Empyrean Calling

Aion 2.5: Empyrean Calling edit

The Legendary Crab Norris will test you in the Empyrean Crucible!


Aion 2.5 Empyrean Calling introduces a number of new features that will once again change the landscape of Aion.


 Introduced the Mentor System; a new Grouping mechanic that allows high level and low level players to group together and work towards common goals, including Eternal and Fabled grade equipment for high level players, and XP and unrestricted loot drops for low level players.


 Boosted the effect of Energy of Repose and Energy of Salvation, which now also increases item drop rates by 5%!


 Added two new Instanced Dungeons for high level players, with hundreds of new items to obtain including weapons, armor, accessories, costumes, and pets.


 Introduced the Faction Incentive Program, which encourages players to create and play characters of the targeted Faction in order to address Faction imbalances on specific servers. Incentives include XP bonus amulets, additional opportunities to acquire Abyss points, and weekly rewards for participating in PvP content.

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