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Aion: Ascension 3.1 Update Patch Notes Aion: Ascension 3.1 Update Patch Notes Edit


Housing edit

1. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused housing scripts to fail to initialize settings properly.
2. The Gale Cyclone in Pernon will now always apply its buffs correctly.
3. Fixed a slightly displaced interior wall in Palaces.
4. Reduced the maintenance fees for some housing types.
















5. Garden Accessories and Decorative Accents sold by Furniture Merchants now last an indefinite time.
        - Note that this doesn't apply to items that characters already own before the changes go into effect.
6.  Furniture sold by the Furniture Merchant NPC and the Special Crafting Merchant NPC in Sarpan now lasts an indefinite time.
        - Note that this doesn't apply to furniture already owned.
7.  Added a system message saying that the player has exceeded the bid limit if a housing bid exceeds 999,999,999,999 Kinah.
8. The preview window now always appears when in Decorate mode for housing.
9. Changed the names of some greeting emotes in the Greeting script.
10. Changed the message in the popup window that appears when using a friend's Relationship Crystal to clarify that you will go to the house of a random friend of the current house's owner.
11. Fixed the appearance of the floor in certain houses so it no longer juts out strangely.
12.  Fixed an issue causing certain houses not to appear on the radar.
13. Bundles obtained from Blooms will now all display the correct reuse timers.
14. Changed the audible range for the sound effect that plays when a box-type Bloom has been used the maximum number of times.
15. Fixed the problem causing the Greeting housing script's “boo” emote not to work. We plan to fix the problem of the “Struck by Lightning” emote not working in estates and palaces in a future update.


UI edit
1. Fixed a bug causing the minimum levels for appearance modification to sometimes display incorrectly in the preview window.
2. The Black Cloud Camp in Tiamaranta is no longer mistakenly shown as a disputed land (PvP zone).
3. Changed the copyright year displayed on loading screens.
4. The Black Cloud Camp in Tiamaranta now shows up properly on maps.
5. Characters in certain areas of Sarpan are no longer mistakenly displayed abnormally on the radar.
6. A description was added to the skill effect of the Chaos Rage Artifact in Tiamaranta.
7. Mailboxes in Sarpan and Tiamaranta now display properly on the map when searching for them.
8. Fixed a problem where some area names would not display properly on the map.
9. Fixed typographical errors in the Aerolink at Gelkmaros Fortress.
10. Removed unnecessary “Awaiting Collection” tab from the mailbox window.


Instances edit

1. Players who die inside Muada's Trencher can now resurrect inside the instance, instead of at the obelisk or kisk where they were bound.
2. Modified some of the combat patterns for Pagati Tamer Nishaka in Rentus Base.
3. The Reflective Shield effect used by Brigade General Vasharti in Rentus Base can now be removed by Spiritmasters.
4. Reduced the stats for Tarotran in Rentus Base.
5. Reduced some of the stats for boss monsters and regular monsters in Dark Poeta.
6. Modified the conditions for using certain teleport devices:











7. Added new teleport devices to allow easier travel to the Draupnir Cave instance.








        - Players can now travel to the Draupnir Cave Entrance or Draupnir Cave Abyss Gate by using these teleport devices.
8. Players can now always enter Draupnir Cave through the Draupnir Cave Abyss Gate in Dragon's Blood Canyon in Heiron.
9. Reduced the minimum level requirement for Beshmundir Temple from level 55 to level 53.
10. Reduced the stats of monsters in both the normal and difficult versions of Beshmundir Temple.
11. Modified the combat patterns for some boss monsters in the normal version of Beshmundir Temple.
12. Reduced the stats of monsters in Dark Poeta.
13. Reduced the HP of the Sealed Gold Chest in the Sulfur Tree Nest reward instance.
14. Fixed a problem where spirits would sometimes materialize outside of the barrier when summoned during the waiting time in Crucible Coliseum.
15. Modified the sound for The Canyonguard stationed at Elementis Forest.
16. Modified the level requirement and difficulty of some instances:
















        - Changed the entrance requirement for Alquimia Research Center from level 40 to 35.
        - Removed some traps in Adma Stronghold.
17. Modified the number and abilities of monsters and boss monsters in Raksang.
18. Modified the number and abilities of monsters in Satra Treasure Hoard.
19. Added a Giant Dimensional Rift in Theobomos Observatory Village that allows entrance to Adma Stronghold and modified Adma Stronghold for Elyos characters.
20. Added a Distorted Dimensional Rift in Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin that allows entrance to Theobomos Lab and modified Theobomos Lab for Asmodian characters.
21. Increased the reentry time for Alquimia Research Center and Aetherogenetics Lab from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.
22. Increased the XP gained from monsters in Alquimia Research Center and Aetherogenetics Lab.
23. Removed the level cap for Raksang and Taloc's Hollow.
24. Fixed a problem where the boss monster would not notice the character attacking Surkana in the Terath Dredgion.
25. Fixed a problem where spirit transformation would not occur with the Stone Skin effect active in the Alchemy Lab of Argent Manor.


NPCs edit
1. Moved Master-at-Arms Ranigan in Tiamaranta's Eye to a new location.
2. Reduced the Divine Power earned by defeating the pets summoned by certain Protectorate monsters in Tiamaranta's Eye.
3. NPC guards from the opposing race no longer attack players when installing Kisks in Cindercone Outpost and Notus Outpost in Tiamaranta.
4. Changed the respawn rate for certain Sandstorm Target monsters in Tiamaranta.
        - Wallowing Garnetis, Raging Phernind, Burning Urstan, Jeweloop Vitale
5. Captain Mituna in the Abyss now spawns when the server starts.
6. Significantly reduced the stats of all Guardian Generals in Siel's Western Fortress, Siel's Eastern Fortress, Sulfur Fortress, Roah Fortress, and Asteria Fortress.
7. Significantly reduced the stats of the Dredgion Commander in the Siege Dredgion in Reshanta.
8. Added Moltenus, a level 60 raid boss, to fortress areas in the interior of the Upper Abyss.  This monster spawns on Sunday nights at 8p.m. and disappears after an hour if not killed. It can spawn randomly in one of the three locations in the Upper Abyss between Krotan Refuge, Miren Fortress, and Kysis Fortress.
9. Changed the stats for Omega in Inggison and Ragnarok in Gelkmaros. 
        - Decreased their aggro range
        - Changed their levels to 60
        - Decreased their abilities
10. Moved some monsters near the entrances to the Aetherogenetics Lab, Alquimia Stronghold, and Azoturan Fortress to make it easier to get into these instances.


Quests edit

1. Modified part of the mission "The Serpent of Fear" to allow players to undergo the quest near the Aetheric Field Teleport Device and avoid Disputed/Neutral territory.
2. Added new quests to certain instanced dungeons allowing players to earn Kahrun's Boxes and Bundles. Most can be acquired automatically, simply by attacking the target of the quest. These can be acquired an unlimited amount of times. 












3. Added an additional quest related to the 6th Greater Stigma quest, enabling players to earn a Mysterious Stigma.









4. Some of the repeatable daily and weekly quests for Medals or Kahrun's Symbols can now only be completed once.










































5. Increased the number of Kahrun's Symbols and other rewards for certain quests.
6. The Elyos quest “The Siege is On, and the Asmodian quest "To Be a Siege Master" can now be acquired simply by attacking any one of Tiamat's Incarnations.
7. Added a new target monster for the quest "[Daily/Group] Target Practice".
8. Reduced the Kinah awarded for the following quests: 
        - Elyos: [Service/Daily/Group] Hostile Territory, [Service/Daily/Group] Contested. 
        - Asmodian: [Service/Daily/Group] Show of Strength, [Service/Daily/Group] Hot Zone.
9. Group members on the quest "[Group] Lovers Lost" now earn credit towards the quest even if another group member not on the quest deals more damage to Aurio.
10. Moved the Explorer's Backpack needed for the quest "Explorer's Backpack" to a new location.
11. Added Construction quests for the Level 50 Daevanion crafting quest.










12. Increased the reward XP for certain quests.
13. Certain quests now give coins as bonus rewards.
14. Some of the daily coin quests are now repeatable an unlimited number of times per day.
15. Certain limited repeatable quests can now only be completed once. Rewards have changed accordingly.
16. Certain quests now give coin equipment as rewards.
17. Since the required level for Beshmundir Temple was reduced to 53, the related quest can now be accepted at level 53.
18. The quests Elyos: "[Weekly] How to Garden Aggressively" and Asmodian: “[Weekly] A Room for the Guestbloom” can now be accepted on Wednesdays.
19. An alert message about being unable to accept a quest is no longer repeatedly displayed for no reason while fighting boss monsters in an instance.
20. Players on the quest "[Group] Bait and Squish" now receive proper updates to the quest when other group members not on the quest kill the target monsters.
21. Changed the rewards for “The Protector” quest (Elyos) from Silion's weapons to Killios's weapons, and ”The Guiding Hand” quest (Asmodian) from Silion's weapons to Aimah's weapons.
22. When undertaking the quests ‘DRAKINT: Crystal Map‘ (Elyos) and ‘Mapping the Battlefield‘ (Asmodian), the Protectorate Fighter now drops the Sounding Gem. 
23. Fixed a problem where quest rewards could not be obtained if Misorin was chosen during the “Fated Heartbreak” quest.
24. Fixed a problem with the Asmodian “[Service/Weekly/Alliance] Strikeback” quest in which the NPC's name would appear as Elyos.
25. The Elyos quest “[Daily/Group] Target Practice” can now be renewed by hunting Rumbling Enzique.
26. Added new quests allowing entrance to the other faction's instances.























27. Added new PvP quests:











28. Changed the required level for some regular quests and campaign quests. 
        - Changed the XP in accordance with the level change.
29. Changed the coin rewards for some coin reward quests


Characters edit
1. Shortened the animation for character resurrection.
2. Modified the abyss points gained and lost from PvP.
3. Increased the maximum attainable abyss points for a given time per class.
        - Reduced the recovery time for obtaining abyss points after reaching the limit for a given time.
        - Reduced the abyss points lost when 3-Star Officers, 4-Star Officers, and Generals die.
        - Reduced the abyss points earned when defeating 3-Star Officers, 4-Star Officers, and Generals.
        - Relaxed the limit on abyss points that can be obtained when a General or above defeats a character of a significant difference in level.
4. Fixed a problem where characters demoted to Rank 1 Soldier or below from officer or above would revert back to their previous ranks after obtaining a certain amount of abyss points.


Skills edit
1. Targets are now properly afflicted by 5 stacks of Rune Carve from the Assassin skills Pain Rune I – V.
2. The tooltip for the Cleric skill Healing Servant I – III now correctly lists alliance members instead of just group members as valid targets.
3. Fixed a problem where the Assassin skill “Remove Shock 1” would not function properly while the “Shadowfall I” skill was active.
4. Fixed an error in the tooltip description regarding Tempest Spirits and Magma Spirits for the Spiritmaster “Spirit Ruinous Offensive I” skill.
5. Fixed a problem that reduced the target's physical attack by 50% rather than 50 points when using the Cleric skill “Enfeebling Burst I~III”.  Changed this effect from 50 points to 100 points and decreased the skill's cooldown time from 2 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds.
6. Fixed the tooltip description for the “Transformation: Guardian General I~V” skill from “resist all altered states” to “resist most altered states”.


Items edit

1. Tatar's weapons and Sunayaka's weapons can no longer be traded.
2. Siel's Forgotten Tunic can now be destroyed if desired.
3. The Primal Spirit Greatsword now has the intended appearance.
4. The Wild Kitter's Spellbook no longer fires apple-shaped projectiles.
5. Corrected certain errors in item names and descriptions.
6. The eternal weapons and shields dropped by Kradi the Glutton, Governor Sunayaka, Berserker Sunayaka, and Golden Tatar now drop as a box.
        - These eternal boxes can be traded.
        - The eternal items contained in these boxes cannot be traded.












7. Increased the equipment item drop rate by boss monsters in Dark Poeta, Abyssal Splinter, Taloc's Hollow, Lower Udas Temple, and Beshmundir Temple.
8. Slightly increased the stats of equipment sold by the Administration Officer NPC for Coins in each region. These NPCs no longer sell Superior items of level 36 or higher.
9.  Certain items dropped by Empress Muada can now be temporarily traded as intended.
10. Fixed the abnormal appearance of certain items. Modified the tooltips for the Life Leaf items to show which faction can use each one.
11. Changed the level required to use ‘[Event] Beshmundir Temple Time Scroll' to 53.
12. Fixed the incorrect appearance and effects of some items.
13. Fixed the problem of gatherables spawning in areas where gathering is not allowed in Theobomos.
14. Elyos and Asmodian chanters now receive a ring recipe instead of a necklace recipe when using the Ring Alchemy Recipe Buncle.
        - When using the Ring Alchemy Recipe Bundle, Elyos characters now receive the Elyos ‘[Event] Life Leaf Alchemy Recipe' item rather than the Asmodian item.
15. Increased the equipment drop rates for boss monsters in some zones and instances 
        - Zone: Sarpan, Tiamaranta
        - Instances: Aturam Sky Fortress, Raksang, Elementis Forest, Argent Manor, Rentus Base
16. Increased the drop rate for medals from Treasure Boxes in Upper/Lower Abyss instance dungeons.
17. Added Treasure Boxes with abyss armor and accessories to some instances in the abyss.
        - The treasure boxes may give random abyss armor or accessories. There is a chance that neither will be given. 
        - They can be found in all fortresses in the lower abyss as well as fortresses in the outer areas of the upper abyss (Chamber of Roah, Asteria Chamber).
18. Boss monsters in Alquimia Research Center and Aetherogenetics Lab now drop Fabled and Heroic equipment.
19. Omega in Inggison and Ragnarok in Gelkmaros now drop enchantment stones.
20. Lowered the purchase price of Squad Leader and Centurion abyss equipment.
21. Changed the name of the “Box of Enchantment Stones and Manastones” items to “Enchantment Stone/Manastone Box” to avoid confusion, since they always contain either an Enchantment Stone or some Manastones, never both.


Legions edit
1. Fixed the limitations applied to exclusive items according to legion level.
2. The legion warehouse access log no longer fails to display in certain situations.


Environment edit
1. Changed some areas of Rentus Base.
2. Changed some areas in the War Chest of the Satra Treasure Hoard.
3. Escorted Reian NPCs no longer get stuck in certain areas in Taloc's Hollow.
4. The opposing race is no longer incorrectly shown as attackable near the Black Cloud Camp in Tiamaranta.
5. Moved some of the borders of the Neutral Zone near the Gurrik Tree in Tiamaranta.
6. Changed some of the areas near Siel'sTemple Ruins and the Fissure Barrens in Tiamaranta.
7. Characters can no longer get stuck in the Seapath Village fountain in Oriel.
8. Changed some of the sound effects used in the Empyrean Crucible.
9. Changed some of the areas inside the Arena of Chaos of the Crucible Coliseum.
10. Modified the location of the Aetheric Field between Neutral and Disputed zones in some parts of Tiamaranta.
11. Fixed a problem causing water damage to be applied incorrectly due to topography in certain areas of Zumion Canyon in Verteron.
12. Modified part of the terrain surrounding Rancora Fortress.
13. Fixed a problem where the Astriclox Seed was not visible when riding it after jostling the Sarpan Wildflower Field's Giant Astriclox.

Fast-Track Server

Fast-Track Server edit

1. Introduced a new Fast-Track Server, accessible to characters from all existing servers, so that they can play together and receive benefits that help them level up quicker.
        - Only characters up to level 50 can use the Fast-Track Server.
        - The zones available are Poeta, Verteron, Eltnen, and Heiron in Elysea, and from Ishalgen, Altgard, Morheim, and Beluslan in Asmodae. Additionally, you can only transfer to the Fast-Track Server from these zones.
        - Most instances in these zones are available, except Dark Poeta.
        - Go to Menu -> Go to Channel -> Go to Fast-Track Server to transfer to the new server.
        - Once on the Fast-Track Server, you can transfer back at any time to your original server by selecting Menu -> Go to Channel -> Go to Standard Server.












This dialog box will pop up, asking you to select a server (please note, there is only one Fast-Track Server).
























        - You can only travel to a friendly region on the destination server.
        - Character names are displayed as follows:








2. The Fast-Track Server has several major differences from the Standard Servers:
        - XP for hunting and gathering (not crafting) is doubled.
        - Rifts do not exist.
        - If you are a member of a Group, Alliance, or League on the Standard Server, you can still join a new Group/Alliance/League on the Fast-Track Server.
        - You can bind to a different Obelisk or Kisk than the one you are bound to on the Standard Server.
        - If you try to travel to a region that does not exist on the Fast-Track Server, you will automatically be transferred back to your Standard Server. When you next return to a zone that is available, you will be automatically returned to the Fast-Track Server.
3. Some functions cannot be used at all on the Fast-Track Server.
        - Level 50 characters cannot level up further.
        - Characters cannot trade with one another. (Exception: items that can be traded temporarily when acquired can be traded until the time limit is up.)
        - You cannot open a private store.
        - Group/Alliance/League loot distribution is limited.
        - Trade Broker NPCs do not exist, so you cannot use the Trade Broker's services.
        - Limited Sale NPCs do not exist, and their goods are unavailable.
        - You can still read your mail, but you cannot send any mail.
        - Some legion functions cannot be used.
        - Abyss rank titles are not displayed.
        - You cannot check abyss information from the character information window.
        - You cannot check the influence ratio.
        - You cannot change Your Note from the Find Friend window.
        - You cannot add or block friends.
        - You cannot use the Mentor function.
        - The loot distribution option of bidding for high quality items when in a Party, Alliance, or League is unavailable.
        - You cannot use the "Homeward Bound" skill on the Fast-Track Server.
4. The Fast-Track Server has the following number of channels in the available zones:













5. When a group member on a Standard Server moves to the Fast-Track Server, that information is displayed on the character's tooltip.
6. Now that players can use the Fast-Track Server to level up in an environment without world PvP, the Rifting buffs have been removed from the Standard Servers.


Abyss edit

1. Increased the medal rewards for successfully conquering or defending fortresses in the abyss.



Other edit
1. Fixed a problem in which messages regarding XP acquisition would not appear properly in the chat window while the character had any Energy of Repose. 
2. Modified the message that appears when logging in multiple times with the same account.
3. Fixed a problem causing some graphics settings not to be saved when using the high quality graphics engine.

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