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3.0 Feature Guide - Ascension 3.0 Feature Guide - Ascension Edit

3.0 Skills

Tiamat's legions are among the most powerful that any Daeva has ever faced.  We must train ourselves beyond our current limits and strengthen our abilities if we are to be victorious over Tiamat's army.


Mobility is key on the battlefield.  Thus, Atreia's most skilled scientists have researched a variety of technological and empathic breakthroughs to provide us with the latest in battlefield mobility.  These mounts and vehicles will allow Daevas to travel faster than ever!  All mounts have flight capabilities, and most have the ability to temporarily boost their speed beyond normal measures.

Rentus Base

Rentus base had been used to train soldiers, forge weapons and armor, and otherwise prepare for battles with the Balaur. But Merops, who had been trusted to help organize the base, betrayed the secret of its existence to Tiamat's subordinate, the Brigade General Vasharti.

Elementis Forest / Argent Manor

Argent Forest lies within the Elementis Forest and was a key asset in the research and development of new ways to fight the Balair until the Drakan sorcerer Zadra imprisoned the Reian sorcerer Davlin and began twisting her experiments.  Now, Zadra is combining the Spirits of the forest with Davlin's mechanical golems for a dangerously powerful hybrid.

Aturam Sky Fortress

Tiamat's Balaur have powerful air troops, which they deploy either to attack Daeva-owned fortresses.  Aturam Sky Fortress, located on a floating island in Sarpan, is in charge of organizing and supplying these air troops.  The Reians, having decided that it is impossible to face off with the Tiamat as things were, dispatched infiltration forces into the fortress to shut it down.  You must infiltrate the Sky Fortress!

Vasharti Weapons | L58 Crafted Weapons | Level 60 Daevanion

Aion: Ascension brings with it a ton of brand new gear for Daevas to collect!  Whether you want to focus on instances, crafting, or quests, there's great gear for every playstyle!  Take a look at our articles on the Vasharti Weapons, The Master Noble Drenium Weapons, and the new Level 60 Daevanion Armor Set!

3.0 Patch Notes

Get the full details on the latest patch in the Aion legacy.  With long awaited features such as Housing & Mounts, and huge content updates including a level cap increase, new zones, new instances, and many other great updates, Aion: Ascension is sure to be the best update yet!  Check out the full patch notes on this massive 5 gig update!

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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