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2.7 Instanced Dungeon Changes 2.7 Instanced Dungeon Changes Edit

While the two new Instanced Dungeons, Padmarashka's Cave and the Crucible Coliseum, are the two focal points of 2.7, there are a handful of changes for other Instanced Dungeons, including the option to skip to Stage 7 of the Empyrean Crucible, and refinements to the Stormwing Quest chain in Beshmundir Temple.


Empyrean Crucible

Empyrean Crucible edit

Players can now begin the Empyrean Crucible at Stage 7, however, in doing so the points that would have been earned from Stages 1-6 are forfeited.

While the loss of points is a disadvantage, the final Stages of the Empyrean Crucible have received a few refinements to offset the loss of points, including:


 Vanktrist (the final boss of Stage 10 Round 5) now awards more points when defeated.

 The Lightning Drakie from the Stage 9 Bonus Round now has a chance to drop the Tahabata Repelled Scroll, which reduces the damage Tahabata Pyrelord inflicts on Stage 10 Round 4.

 Worthiness Tickets now drop from the Ornate Treasure Chest at the end of Stage 7 Round 5.


In addition to some fine tuning the Empyrean Crucible, 2.7 introduces new loot, including weapons, armor, and Platinum Medals, which can be purchased with Crucible Insignias and Courage Insignias.

Beshmundir Temple

Beshmundir Temple edit

Face Stormwing by interacting with the Rift Orb—

no more prerequisite Quest!

Completing the Stormwing Quest chain still offers a sizable reward

Stormwing is now accessible from the Rift Orb without completing the Stormwing Quest chain.

Players who complete the Stormwing Quest chain will be able to receive a new Quest from Outremus in Inggison Illusion Fortress or Richelle in Gelkmaros Fortress.

Quest Name




Your Oath to Outremus


Inggison Illusion Fortress

1,356,962 XP

Outremus' Supply Package

Decree of Valor (20)

A Solemn Promise


Gelkmaros Fortress

1,356,962 XP

Richelle's Supply Package

Decree of Valor (20)

Miscellaneous Changes

Miscellaneous Changes edit

Runaway Poppy's reward bundles now also have a

chance to drop mid and high level Fluxes

 Changed the location where players are placed when they enter Esoterrace.


 Added additional items (mid and high level Fluxes) to Poppy's Lesser Bundle, Poppy's Bundle, and Poppy's Greater Bundle, produced by Runaway Poppy.


 Added an Instance Zone tab to the map window, which displays the locations and cooldowns of all Instanced Dungeons.


 Fixed some terrain in the Steel Rake Instanced Dungeon.

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