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August 3rd, 2011 – Aion 2.6


Celebrate the launch of Aion 2.6 with the Game Guide's official launch index! Here we have compiled a table of all the major changes introduced in the 2.6 update, including:


 The new Crucible Challenge Solo Instanced Dungeon, an extension of the Empyrean Crucible with six new stages, and a hidden stage!
 The new Auto Group feature, capable of auto-creating Groups for Instanced Dungeons!
 New Godstones from the Crucible Challenge.
 Fabled Loot Chests from Fire Temple and Steel Rake.
 Runaway Poppy; a new production pet with a chance to produce Platinum Medals!
 Much, much, much more!


Follow the links in the table below for more information, and take a look at the Official 2.6 Patch Notes for a more comprehensive overview of the changes.

2.6 Features

2.6 Features edit


Patch Notes 2.6

     The Official 2.6 Patch Notes address all of the content updated in Aion 2.6. Click for a comprehensive look at what's changing in 2.6!


Crucible Challenge

     Confront fresh and familiar foes in the new Crucible Challenge Solo Instanced Dungeon, and watch out for the bonus stage with Godstone rewards!


Auto Group

     Many Instanced Dungeons now feature the Auto Group option; a queue system which auto-creates a balanced Group and provides an attribute boost to all Group members!


Fabled Loot Chests

     New Fabled Weapon and Armor Chests have been introduced Fire Temple and Steel Rake, awarding the winner with a weapon or piece of armor suitable for their class.


2.6 Skill Updates

     2.6 introduces a handful of tweaks to existing skills—click for the full list!


Crucible Challenge Godstone

     In the Bonus Stage of the Crucible Challenge, players will have a chance to acquire new Godstones, including Paralyze, Silence, and Blind Godstones!


2.6 Crafting Updates

     New designs make crafting certain materials simpler in 2.6.


Runaway Poppy

     Runaway Poppy is a new production pet introduced in 2.6—this renegade swine lives on the edge, and also has a chance to produce Platinum Medals!


2.6 Bug Fixes and UI Changes

     2.6 fixes a few lingering bugs, adds new convenience features, and streamlines the UI.


Relic Appraiser

     The in-game Relic Appraiser allows players to calculate their total Abyss Points and better budget their Abyss relics for future rewards.


Summer Event: Scorching Heat (July 20th - August 3rd)

     Rick Damland of the Atreian Weather Service has just informed us that summer is here after a record breaking four month long spring.


The Best Days Festival (August 3rd - August 17th)

     Join Tallas and Olatis, who are out to relive the best days of their lives, and need your help with their plan. Don't worry, they have some fun costume items to reward you!


Summer Vacation Event (August 17th - August 31st)

     Take a Summer Vacation in Atreia! Collect coupons for beachwear and vacation spending money, and tour your old stomping grounds in style!

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The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles.
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