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2.0 Feature Guide - Assault on Balaurea 2.0 Feature Guide - Assault on Balaurea Edit


Welcome to new expansion, Daeva. Duddlinerk is here to tell Daeva tales of Dragon homeland called Bullurr…baelerr…ba-something. Name not important, Duddlinerk is still master of Dragonkind knowledge. Daeva better appreciate this!



Assault on Balaurea is Aion’s first expansion, and introduces a great deal of new content as well as improvements to existing content. Continue reading for a full list of some of the more significant new features in Assault on Balaurea.


In addition, please feel free to check out the 2.0 Patch Notes HERE (which will cover similar information, but in a less streamlined format).


Increased Level Cap

Increased Level Cap edit


Daevas can now level to 55?! Duddlinerk will need to start stocking better supplies, nyerk!





Assault on Balaurea raises the level cap from 50 to 55. Quests and content for players level 50+ can be experienced in the new Inggison and Gelkmaros zones of Balaurea.

New Zones

New Zones edit


Bae…lurrrr…eee…aaaah? Buh…larrrr…eee…uhhhh? Balaurea? Duddlinerk thinks is odd name, sound like bad case of indigestion, nyerk. Duddlinerk would have chosen better name for home, like Duddland!




In Assault on Balaurea, Daevas will explore the home world of the Balaur. The Elyos have set up a base of operations in Inggison, while the Asmodians have taken over a fortress in Gelkmaros.

Between these two zones is the treacherous chasm known as Silentera Canyon, where Elyos, Asmodians, and Balaur meet in battle.


Inggison Map


Gelkmaros Map

New Instanced Dungeons

New Instanced Dungeons edit


Six new Instanced Dungeons?! Duddlinerk thinks Daeva will need more supplies…it would be this Shugo’s honor to provide Daeva with said supplies…for a price, akakakak!




Assault on Balaurea introduces six new Instanced Dungeons, as well as the Chantra Dredgion PvP Battleground.
Three of the new Instanced Dungeons are designed for Groups, and begin at level 50. These Group Instanced Dungeons are, in order:




Abyssal SplinterLevel 50+
Udas Temple and Lower Udas TempleLevel 52+
Beshmundir TempleLevel 55+


The other three Instanced Dungeons are Solo Instanced Dungeons, which are new to Aion and being introduced in Assault on Balaurea. These Solo Instanced Dungeons are, in order:




HaramelLevel 18-22
Kromede’s TrialLevel 37-44
Taloc’s HollowLevel 51+


The Chantra Dredgion is a new PvP Battleground, and is similar to the previous Dredgion (which has also been renamed the Baranath Dredgion to avoid confusion).




Baranath DredgionLevel 46-50
Chantra DredgionLevel 51+


Each Instanced Dungeon and PvP Battleground presents a unique environment with exciting new Quests, objectives, Boss Monsters, and of course, loot!

Solo Instanced Dungeon: Haramel

Solo Instanced Dungeon: Haramel edit


Duddlinerk has heard of this Haramel. Shugo traders think shrewd businessman run Haramel; businessman who want monopolize Odium and Odella trade! Is great idea, Duddlinerk just wishes he had thought of first…




Strange things have been happening in Verteron and Altgard. Kobolds and Skurvs have been disappearing in droves. In addition, massive quantities of Odium and Odella have been discovered in abandoned mining carts and crates.

These strange events appear to be linked, and even humans suspect that an unknown malefactor is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Uncover a sinister plot of greed, subterfuge, and mind control that threatens the very stability of Atreia! Brave the horrors of Haramel!



 Haramel is a Solo Instanced Dungeon. Players in a Group or Alliance cannot enter.

 There is no entry Quest for Haramel, but only characters levels 18-22 can enter.

 Haramel Quests can be obtained inside the Instanced Dungeon, as well as at Verteron Citadel and the Cantas Coast (for Elyos), and at Altgard Fortress and the Heart of Impetusium (for Asmodians).

 The Elyos entrance to Haramel is located on the Cantas Coast in Verteron, while the Asmodian entrance is located near the Heart of Impetusium in Altgard.

 The cooldown to re-enter Haramel is 3 hours.


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Solo Instanced Dungeon: Kromede’s Trial

Solo Instanced Dungeon: Kromede’s Trial edit


Kromede had lover?! Duddlinerk can’t believe it…Kromede known for being stingy with Fabled weapon drop, not compassion or affection, nyerk!




Contained in a strange Stigma with a mysterious past, a powerful cognizance reaches out from the darkness. Kromede, a name familiar to many Daevas, is whispered amidst the nightmare.

What memories are contained within this Stigma, and how does Kromede, the corrupt mistress of the Fire Temple, fit into all this?

Experience Kromede’s Trial, a tragic tale of love, death, betrayal, misery, and the darkness that corrupted one of Asmodae’s noblest Daevas.



 Kromede’s Trial is a Solo Instanced Dungeon. Players in a Group or Alliance cannot enter.

 Only characters Level 37-44 can enter Kromede’s Trial. There is an entry Quest for Kromede’s Trial that begins with the Quest Scoring Some Bad Stigma (for Elyos), and Suspicious Errand (for Asmodians).

 After completing the entry Quest, Elyos Daevas can enter Kromede’s Trial by speaking to Raninia at Arbolu’s Haven in Heiron, and Asmodian Daevas can enter Kromede’s Trial by speaking to Bridget at Camp Kistenian in Beluslan.

 Players can acquire Heroic armor, Fabled weapons, or even upgrade their Heroic Judge series weapon from Fire Temple to a Fabled Kromede series weapon in Kromede’s Trial.

 The cooldown to re-enter Kromede’s Trial is 24 hours.


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Solo Instanced Dungeon: Taloc’s Hollow

Solo Instanced Dungeon: Taloc’s Hollow edit


Does Daeva think Taloc is ticklish? Duddlinerk thinks if he were ancient Elim…Daevas running around inside him casting spells and smacking around monsters would feel strange, nyerk!




When the Cataclysm shattered the Tower of Eternity, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia. One enormous shard struck the earth beneath a great tree long held sacred. Over time, the tree’s roots intertwined with the fragment, and the tree became an Elim.

This Elim, which called itself Taloc, grew each day, burrowing its roots deep into Atreia and blanketing the skies with its boughs. Taloc grew so large that the hollows inside of it became caverns, and the bugs and insects that took up residence mutated into frightening creatures.

Daevas sent to investigate Taloc’s Hollow have reported corruption seeping from the Elim’s wood, and returned with a mysterious illness to which no cure has been found. The time has come to explore the depths of Taloc’s Hollow, locate the source of the corruption, and find a cure!



 Taloc’s Hollow is a Solo Instanced Dungeon. Players in a Group or Alliance cannot enter.


 Only characters level 51+ can enter Taloc’s Hollow. The entry Quest for Taloc’s Hollow is part of a Campaign Mission. Elyos Daevas will receive the Mission after completing the Bound for Inggison Mission. Asmodian Daevas will receive the Mission after completing the Crash of the Dredgion Mission.

 After completing the entry Quest, players can enter Taloc’s Hollow by speaking to an NPC. Elyos Daevas can speak to Lothas in Inggison, Asmodian Daevas can speak to Taloc’s Guardian in Gelkmaros.

 Inside Taloc’s Hollow, players will have access to various special items, including the Taloc Fruit which boosts health and attack powers by an incredible amount (many Daevas have close to 100,000 HP under the effects of the Taloc Fruit!).

 The cooldown to re-enter Taloc’s Hollow is 48 hours.

Group Instanced Dungeon: Abyssal Splinter

Group Instanced Dungeon: Abyssal Splinter edit


Black Cloud Traders say Aether crystal size of mountain found inside Abyssal Splinter, nyerk! Duddlinerk smells profit…Daeva is interested? Duddlinerk will split profit 90/10! Abyssal Splinter not dangerous at all Daeva, nevermind rumor about A.C.O.U.P.’s: Aether Creatures Of Unimaginable Power. Duddlinerk doesn’t think they exist, just rumor!


While the Balaur occupied the Divine Fortress, their scientists installed a machine capable of distorting time and space. The Balaur had planned to use this machine to create rifts leading to Elysea and Asmodae, but the rifts instead led them to a small splinter of the Abyss that had remain untouched for centuries.

It was here that the Balaur discovered one of the largest Aether crystals ever documented, as well as a new Artifact. The Balaur also discovered the Artifact Protector, an ancient being of colossal strength that commanded legions of Aether creatures.

Elyos and Asmodian Daevas have now learned how to manipulate the rift and enter the Abyssal Splinter. What treasures (or horrors) await in this unknown land?



 The Abyssal Splinter is Aion’s first Alliance Instanced Dungeon, designed for Alliances of 12 Daevas. Players must be in an Alliance to enter.

 Characters level 50+ can enter the Abyssal Splinter, however, most of the Monsters inside are designed and tuned for characters level 55+. There is no entry Quest for the Abyssal Splinter.

 The entrance to the Abyssal Splinter Instanced Dungeon is located in the Divine Fortress. In order to enter the Instanced Dungeon, the player’s race must own the Divine Fortress.

 The strength of the Abyssal Splinter’s final boss is dependent upon the Alliance’s actions within the Instanced Dungeon.

Group Instanced Dungeons: Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple

Group Instanced Dungeons: Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple edit


Daeva has heard nonsense about Jotun?! Daevas say Jotun better inventors than Shugo! Is insult Daeva, insult to all Shugo, nyerk! Duddlinerk will invade stupid Udas Temple and prove he can make better machines than stupid Jotun!



Udas Temple


The Udas Temple stands as an ancient relic of the Milennium War. The structure was built by the brainwashed fanatics of Dragon Lord Beritra, who were once human, but were little more than puppets once bent to the Dragon Lord’s will.

For centuries after the Temple was built, Beritra’s fanatics indoctrinated humans into their ranks. Before the Cataclysm, the Empyrean Lords grew so concerned with their numbers that Lady Siel sent her Spear Legion to destroy the Temple. But the attack failed, and while the scars of that battle are still present, the structure remains intact.

The Dragonbound, a group of Balaur worshippers, have taken up residence inside the Udas Temple, and now use it for their own sinister schemes. Slay these traitors, and give aid to the Reians, the descendents of Siel’s Spear Legion who were marooned in Balaurea after the Cataclysm.



Lower Udas Temple


Beneath the Udas Temple lies a substructure built by an ancient race of creatures known as the Jotun, who were created by Aion itself. These devout beings wielded incredible power, and their technology made even the most cunning Shugo inventors seem like mere tinkerers.

Under Aion’s command, the Jotun created the Petratliths; massive stone giants intended to serve as weapons against the Balaur. The Petraliths were tasked with protecting and maintaining the Jotun’s technology, but most disappeared in a ferocious battle with the Balaur. But beneath the crumbling walls of Udas Temple, the Petraliths have been rediscovered.

Lower Udas Temple is home to the Jotun Studio, where the Jotun created the Petraliths and perfected their technologies, but now the Jotun Studio is swarming with Balaur. Now is the time to rise up and safeguard the Jotun technology; it could be the final piece needed to overthrow the Balaur.



 Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple are Group Instanced Dungeons. Players must be in a Group to enter.

 Only characters level 52+ can enter Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple. The Elyos entry Quest for Udas Temple, Goal of the Dragonbound, can be obtained from Versetti in Inggison. The Asmodian entry Quest for Udas Temple, Purpose of the Dragonbound, can be obtained from Valetta in Gelkmaros.

 To enter Lower Udas Temple, players must complete the entry Quest for Udas Temple, and obtain the key to Lower Udas Temple from the final boss of Udas Temple.

 The Elyos entrances to Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple are located near Undirborg in Inggison. The Asmodian entrances to Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple are located near Subterranea in Gelkmaros.

 The cooldown to re-enter Udas Temple or Lower Udas Temple is 6 hours. Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple do not share a cooldown.


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Group Instanced Dungeon: Beshmundir Temple

Group Instanced Dungeon: Beshmundir Temple edit


Beshmundir Temple…that place is haunted, Daeva! Duddlinerk has distant cousin that was bit of klepto…tried to join Shulack grave robbers from Nightshade Clan…never seen again, nyerk!




The Beshmundir Temple is a series of catacombs constructed under direct orders from Dragon Lord Tiamat. The Temple was built as a memorial to fallen Balaur warriors, and is filled with sacred remains and relics from some of the strongest Balaur of the past. Graves of Balaur heroes are scattered throughout the Beshmundir Temple in crypts, vaults, courtyards, and gardens, and within the walls, Balaur priests hold ceremonies and conduct sacred rights.

While on the surface Beshmundir Temple seems like naught but a memorial, there are whispers that something darker and far more sinister lurks deep within its catacombs. Scouting reports indicate that Tiamat’s strongest warriors guard the Temple, and the Laksyaka Legion, which consists of some of the most fearsome Balaur in all creation, is stationed there as well.

Forces of such power are unwarranted for a location of low strategic importance, but there must be a purpose for their presence. It is up to brave Daevas to discover that purpose. Penetrate the Temple’s defenses, evade the traps, and discover what Tiamat so desires to protect.



 Beshmundir Temple is a Group Instanced Dungeon. Players must be in a Group to enter.

 Only characters 55+ can enter Beshmundir Temple. The Elyos entry Quest for Beshmundir Temple, [Group] Halt the Ceremony!, can be obtained from Outremus in Inggison. The Asmodian entry Quest for Beshmundir Temple, [Group] The Fall of Isbariya, can be obtained from Richelle in Gelkmaros.

 Beshmundir Temple is located at the center of Silentera Canyon. Both Elyos and Asmodians use the same entrance.

 Beshmundir Temple has two difficulties. When entering the Instanced Dungeon, the Group Leader can choose either the ‘Safe Path’ (normal), or the ‘Perilous Path’ (difficult). Taking the ‘Perilous Path’ will make the Instanced Dungeon a great deal more difficult, but players will have the chance to earn some of the most powerful items in the game.

 The cooldown to re-enter Beshmundir Temple is 12 hours.

PvP Battleground: Chantra Dredgion

PvP Battleground: Chantra Dredgion edit


Chantra Dredgion zooms all over Atreia dropping supplies to Balaur troops…if Duddlinerk had that kind of distribution network, would never lose business to other Shugo, akakakak!




The Chantra Dredgion is the flagship of the Balaur fleet. The Balaur have been careful not to reveal the existence of the Chantra Dredgion to the Elyos and Asmodians, opting to keep it hidden behind Aetheric storms and jump through portals in the farthest reaches of the Abyss.

Through sheer dumb luck, the Elyos and Asmodians became aware of the Chantra Dredgion, and since then the Balaur have been far more liberal with its use, even to the point of attacking other airships.

 Daevas will have to fight with conviction to board the Chantra Dredgion and plunder its invaluable supplies. Of course, it’s not just the Balaur that Daevas need to worry about; both Elyos and Asmodians can board the Dredgion at the same time.



 The Chantra Dredgion is a Group PvP Battleground. However, players can join as a premade Group, or as individuals.

 Characters levels 51-55 can enter the Chantra Dredgion. There is no entry Quest for the Chantra Dredgion.

 Players can apply to enter the Chantra Dredgion three times per day. When the Chantra Dredgion is available, a [Request Entry] icon that looks like a cave will appear on the bottom right of the screen.


 Inside the Chantra Dredgion, Daevas will face the Balaur as well as the opposing faction in a race to accrue points and defeat the ship’s Captain, making the Chantra Dredgion a true PvPvE experience.


 The cooldown to re-enter the Chantra Dredgion is 2 hours.


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Silentera Canyon

Silentera Canyon edit


Silentera Canyon?! Daeva must not enter that place! Duddlinerk has heard horror stories…Duddlinerk’s second cousin’s nephew’s former roommate almost lost his tail passing through, nyerk! Massive Jotun, marauding Balaur…much more than one Daeva can handle!



Silentera Canyon is an underground corridor that links Inggison and Gelkmaros. Both Elyos and Asmodians have access to this space (provided their faction owns both Fortresses in their zone of Balaurea), which makes it extremely dangerous to traverse, but also rife with PvP opportunities!


Each faction has their own entrance to Silentera Canyon in their respective zone.


                            Elyos entrance in Inggison                                                     Asmodian entrance in Gelkmaros


In addition to PvP within Silentera Canyon, the Beshmundir Temple Instanced Dungeon is also located here, which offers high level PvE content for Daevas 55+.


The Beshmundir Temple entrance

Inside the Silentera Canyon are also numerous Quests, NPCs that sell unique items, and NPCs that exchange Tokens between the different Daily Quest Factions.


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New Skill Trainers

New Skill Trainers edit


Ding 51, Daeva? Daeva won’t be able to learn skills from same Trainers now, must go to Cloister of Kaisinel or Convent of Marchutan, nyerk!




Assault on Balaurea raises the level cap to 55, and as such, several new skills are available for each class. There are now more advanced versions of existing skills, as well as brand new skills.


Elyos Daevas can purchase their skills from

Trainers at the Cloister of Kaisinel

Asmodian Daevas can purchase their skills from

Trainers at the Convent of Marchutan

Rifting Changes

Rifting Changes edit


Help Daeva, Duddlinerk is being ganked! Wait minute…these mean Daevas not hit as hard as used to…Duddlinerk will survive to swindl…nyerrr…sell again!




Several aspects of Rifting have changed in Assault on Balaurea. For the most part, the changes are designed to offer players leveling in their homeland more of a fighting chance against players of the opposing race who have entered through a Rift.


 Guard NPCs in Morheim, Eltnen, Heiron, and Beluslan have received a protective buff to bolster their defenses. The buff is stronger for NPCs in Morheim and Eltnen than in Heiron or Beluslan.

 Players who receive a curse from Rifting will experience the effects of the curse while in the opposing race’s lands, as well as in their lands own upon their return. Players will find that the curse slows their speed and impacts their accuracy for the duration it is in effect.

 Players can no longer remain in certain areas of Elysea, Asmodae, and the Abyss for extended periods of time.

 Kisks can no longer be installed in certain areas.

 Spiritmasters can no longer summon their Spirits in certain areas.

 Players who log out or become disconnected in certain areas of the opposing race’s lands will now reappear at an Obelisk upon logging in.


Pets edit


Daeva likes pets? Daeva feeds pets, snuggles with pets, and takes pets on adventures? Now Duddlinerk kind of wish he was pet…



 Companion Pets – These pets have no practical function, but sure are cute!

 Signal Pets – These pets warn their masters when enemies approach.

 Fortune – Feed these pets junk items to earn presents including Enchantment Stones, Manastones, Balaur materials, minerals, herbs, and more!

 Pack – These pets use their packs as a portable Warehouse, storing 6, 12, 18, or 24 items.

 Purebred – These pets combine the practical functions of two or more of the above pets.


There are several ways to acquire pets in Aion, including earning them from Quests, and purchasing them from vendors. In addition, a handful of special pets are available online through the NCsoft Store.

The easiest way to get a pet is to speak to the Pet Merchant. Elyos Daevas can speak to Unos, the Pet Merchant in Sanctum, while Asmodian Daevas can speak to Katin, the Pet Merchant in Pandaemonium.

Purchasing pets will provide players with a Pet Egg. To hatch the Egg, players will need to speak with a Pet Minder, also located in the capital cities.

Speaking to a Pet Minder allows players to name their pet, change its color, and give it accessories if desired.



Navigate Capital Cities with Info Boards

Navigate Capital Cities with Info Boards edit


Duddlinerk never could find elusive Item Remodeler in Pandaemonium, or Daeva of Gender Change in Sanctu…what…? What does Daeva want ask Duddlinerk? Reason Duddlinerk needed Daeva of Gender Change is none of Daeva’s business, nyerk!



Info Boards have been added to Sanctum and Pandaemonium. These Info Boards can pinpoint the location of important NPCs. Click on an NPC name on the Info Board to show their location—similar to the /pathfinding command.


Find Crafting Masters, Stigma Masters, Item Remodelers, and more with the Info Board!

Crafting Changes: Crafting Masters, New Designs, and UI Improvements

Crafting Changes: Crafting Masters, New Designs, and UI Improvements edit


Duddlinerk just became Expert in Handicrafting, and now must become Master? Sometimes Crafting take so much work, nyerk…




Crafting Masters


To become a Master Tailor, first raise the Tailoring skill to 499

Characters can now become a Crafting Master in one profession of their choosing. Master Crafters can raise their skill level to 549, and are able to craft items of the highest caliber, including Eternal grade weapons, armor, and accessories.

To become a Master in a chosen Craft, players will need to raise their skill level to 499, then speak with the Crafting Master NPC located in Sanctum or Pandaemonium.


**For this example, we will use the Tailoring profession.


Speak with the Tailoring Master in Sanctum or

Pandaemonium to accept the Master Tailor Quest

Purchase a Design to craft the item needed to complete the

Master Tailoring Quest from the Tailoring Merchant


Craft the item needed for the Master Tailoring Quest


Turn in the Master Tailoring Quest to the Tailoring Master

Follow the Master Tailor’s instructions and complete the Quest

by speaking to Agehia in the Convent of Marchutan

or Eremitia in the Cloister of Kaisinel


Bask in the magnificence Master Tailorship!


Be sure to don the Raiments of Mastery and do a little strutting too!


New Designs


In order to accommodate Master Crafters, several new designs have been added for each profession. Most of the new designs can be looted from Monsters in Inggison, Gelkmaros, and the new Instanced Dungeons.


Some of the new designs create Eternal grade items!


UI Improvements


Improvements have been made to the Crafting UI, most notable of which is a bookmark function which allows players to bookmark items.



Notice the checkboxes to the left of each item on the crafting list. Check one of the boxes to bookmark that specific item. Check the “Selected Only” box at the bottom of the list to display only the items which have been bookmarked.

It’s possible to bookmark up to 50 items to appear on the “Selected Only” list.

New Crafting Bundles

New Crafting Bundles edit


Daeva spends hours to craft materials, and doesn’t even make Fabled item? Not seem fair...but Duddlinerk has solution! Daeva can now craft item bundles! After all, even Duddlinerk knows all nyerk and no play make for dull Daeva, nyerk!



New "item bundle" Crafting designs have been added to NPCs. These "bundles" produce 10 of each resultant material as opposed to the standard 1, but cost 20% more base materials. While the increased cost is a drawback, creating these bundles can save a significant amount of time.


New "bundle item" Crafting Designs can be purchased from the same NPCs that sell standard Crafting Designs

Gathering Changes: New Gatherables and Extraction Tools

Gathering Changes: New Gatherables and Extraction Tools edit


Daeva is Expert in Crafting but doesn’t even have basic Gathering skills?! Grrrrawrrrrrnyerk! Daeva is fool to be missing out on new resources! Very profitable, nyerk!




Balaurea is home to dozens of unique plants, minerals, and Aether nodes ripe for the tapping!


A Korie Log from Gelkmaros

A Hintera plant from Inggison


This Ordnance Quartermaster offers the extraction tool for

Magical Aether and Malevite Miasma

In addition to new Gathering resources in Balaurea, there are a handful of new Gatherables that can only be tapped with the aid of a special extraction tool. These resources are:

 Magical Aether
 Malevite Miasma
 Weathered Object


Tapping these objects will consume one of the special extraction tools. The special extraction tool for the Magical Aether and the Malevite Miasma can be purchased from Essencetapping Merchants, Aethertapping Merchants, and Ordnance Quartermasters.


The extraction tool for Weathered Objects can be purchased from special NPCs in the field.





Be sure to tap Weathered Objects near Windstreams, as these can yield Mysterious Lump bundles which contain an assortment of Gatherables, or even Fabled weapons!


A Fabled Sword from a Mysterious Lump bundle (left), and a Fabled Polearm from a Mysterious Lump Bundle (right)


In addition to Fabled weapons from Mysterious Lump bundles, there is a small chance to extract Fabled weapons by Essencetapping Balaurean resources above 400 skill level.


A Fabled Sword from Essencetapping in Balaurea (left), and a Fabled Polearm from Essencetapping in Balaurea (right)

Changes to Daily Quests

Changes to Daily Quests edit


Even Duddlinerk was bored of listening to Daevas talk about same old Daily Quests! New Daily Quests mean new stories, akakakak!




The Alabaster Order, Field Wardens, Radiant Ops, and Blood Crusade have added new Daily Quests. In addition, the Reward Stewards for these Factions have new items!


New Rewards from the Radiant Ops

New Rewards from the Blood Crusade


Some of the new Daily Quests from the Radiant Ops

take place in Inggison

Some of the new Daily Quests from the Blood Crusade

take place in Gelkmaros

New Daily Quest Factions

New Daily Quest Factions edit


Duddlinerk can’t wait to hear more about new Daily Quest factions. Charlirunerk’s Daemons is Shugo run outfit, and with name like Fortuneers, business must be profitable, nyerk!




New Daily Quest Factions have appeared with the release of Assault on Balaurea. Unlike previous Daily Quest Factions, many of the Quests from these Factions require Daevas to band together to defeat powerful monsters across Balaurea.

While the risk is greater, the rewards are far more appealing!


Asmodians can speak with Tikalanerk in

Gelkmaros Fortress to join Charlirunerk’s Daemons

Elyos can speak with Juris Po in

Inggison Illusion Fortress to join the Fortuneers

Spend some time accumulating Daemon Tokens or Fortuneer Tokens, then head to the Reward Stewards to trade Tokens for Fabled and Heroic weapons, armor, and accessories, as well as a handful of special items.

The Charlirunerk’s Daemons Reward Stewards can be found in

Gelkmaros Fortress near Tikalanerk

The Fortuneers Reward Stewards can be found in

Inggison Illusion Fortress near Juris Po

Shugo NPCs in Gelkmaros Fortress and Inggison Illusion Fortress are also willing to trade Tokens between the various Daily Factions.

Asmodians can speak to Russonerk at Gelkmaros Fortress to exchange Tokens


Elyos can speak to Mairunerk at Inggison Illusion Fortress to exchange Tokens

New Camouflage Kisks

New Camouflage Kisks edit


Daeva can now purchase camouflaged Kisks which elude enemies, nyerk! Kind of like picking Shugo out of Shulack line-up…but will fool other Daevas not looking too close!




Because Kisks cannot be placed in all locations, new camouflage Kisks have been added. There are 5 different types of camouflaged Kisks.

 Tundra Kisk – Blends into snow and ice
 Marine Kisk – Blends into water
 Sandy Kisk – Blends into sand and desert
 Fiery Kisk – Blends into lava and magma
 Steppe Kisk – Blends into grass


Here are a few examples of what the camouflage Kisks look like:


Three different camouflaged Kisks: Marine Kisk (left), Sandy Kisk (middle), and Tundra Kisk (right)


Discerning a well placed camouflage Kisk from the surrounding landscape can be quite a challenge, and when choosing a spot, it’s most important to be aware of the shadows that the Kisk gives off, as these are the easiest way to identify it from a distance.

Gathering Hat Changes

Gathering Hat Changes edit


Gatherable items appear in green on the radar,

while items that cannot be gathered appear in gray

Gathering Hats? What does Daeva need Gathering Hat for? Duddlinerk uses eyes, Daeva shouldn’t need more than that!




The Gathering Hats for both Essencetapping and Aethertapping have received an upgrade. When gatherable items appear on the radar, the radar will now take into account Character Level and Skill Level.


If either requirement is not met, the Gatherable Item will appear gray on the radar.

Leagues and Alliance Collaboration

Leagues and Alliance Collaboration edit


Now Daeva can create Leagues! These Leagues let up to 8 Alliances of Daevas work together! 192 Daevas…Duddlinerk thinks even Tiamat would be scared of that, nyerk!




A new League system allows multiple Alliances to collaborate to achieve colossal feats. Up to 8 Alliances can join a League, meaning up to 192 Daevas can work together.

To form a League, go to Menu, click on Community, then click League, or alternatively, hit SHIFT + L


To invite other Alliances, the League leader can type /invitetoleague, or /uinvite [Character Name] to the leader of another Alliance, or click on the Invite to League button in the League menu.
 To speak in league chat, type /league or /u. This function can only be used by the League leader and the other Alliance leaders.

 The League leader can type /leaguealert in the chat window to send a message to all League members.

 Alliances participating in a League maintain their same Alliance configuration.

 When conquering a Fortress or Artifact, the League leader’s Legion receives an occupation pass.

 The League leader can set the League’s looting method to “Free-for-All” or “Leader”. For Superior grade and above items, the options are identical to a Group or Alliance (Normal, Roll Dice, and Instant Settlement).

Broker Changes and Improvements

Broker Changes and Improvements edit


Duddlinerk declares, Broker changes are best changes in new expansion! Daevas can list up to 15 items on Broker, and now Brokers will remember Daeva’s previous prices, akakakak!




Players can now list up to 15 items on the Broker. However, items 11-15 will have a steeper registration fee.



In addition to being able to list more items, Brokers will now remember an item’s previous selling price, and default identical items to that price when listed (the default price can also be adjusted whenever desired).

Raise Camera Angle

Raise Camera Angle edit


Nothing Duddlinerk hates more than fat monsters that take up whole field of vision, nyerk! How can Shugo sell bandages to wounded Daevas when see nothing on battlefield but monster gut and monster butt?!




Assault on Balaurea introduces a new camera feature that allows players to raise their camera angle to encompass a larger portion of the screen. This feature is primarily intended for use when fighting large boss Monsters that take up huge portions of the screen.


To enable the Raise Camera Angle option, go to Game Options tab within the Options menu,

and check the Raise Camera Angle option


Enabling this option will raise the field of vision

Balaurean Named Monsters

Balaurean Named Monsters edit


One look at Ragnarok and Duddlinerk needs to use little Shugo’s room! Balaurea is too dangerous for Shugo, maybe too dangerous for Daeva, nyerk!




Several new Named Monsters roam Gelkmaros and Inggison. While some of these Named Monsters are soloable or can be defeated by small Groups, those with the greatest rewards will require an Alliance, or in some cases, multiple Alliances.


Ragnarok of Gelkmaros sets a new standard for

“Not To Be $%&#@! With”

Sematariux of Inggison is the origin of the old adage:

sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dragons lie

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Traveling in Balaurea

Traveling in Balaurea edit


Windstreams, Geysers, Updrafts, and Air Lines? So many ways for Daeva to travel…Duddlinerk wishes he had wings…





Assault on Balaurea introduces several new means of travel in Gelkmaros and Inggison.




There’s no faster method to traverse Balaurea than via Windstream. These Windstreams stretch across both Gelkmaros and Inggison, allowing Daevas to easily travel between different areas or access hard-to-reach locations. In addition, using a Windstream does not decrease Flight Time!

There are two different types of Windstreams: those that can be exited while en route to their destination, and those that cannot.


Windstreams that can be exited have an indigo hue

Windstreams that cannot be exited have a teal hue

Geysers can most often be found at the bottom of chasms and canyons in Gelkmaros and Inggison. Walk into a Geyser to shoot high up in the air (and often out of the chasm or canyon).

A Geyser at the end of a chasm

Simply walk into the Geyser to reach new heights!

Updrafts are similar to Geysers in function, but have small differences. Updrafts are often blocked from access by a Monster, and an Updraft will only propel players upward while in Glide mode.

This Updraft is blocked from access by an enormous Starturtle

Defeat the Starturtle, and the Updraft will shoot out of the ground!

**Remember, unlike Geysers, Updrafts only work while players are in Glide mode.
Air Lines
Air Lines bear all the similarities to Flight Paths, but allow Daevas to fly under their own power. The only real difference between an Air Line and a Flight Path is the animation while in flight.

A winged statue channeling a stream of Aether

indicates the presence of an Air Line

Hop aboard the Air Line and soar to the destination!

Increased Quest Experience and Kinah for Levels 26+

Increased Quest Experience and Kinah for Levels 26+ edit


By Aion’s light, look at that Experience and Kinah!

Daeva not strong enough? Not have enough Kinah? No problem, Duddlinerk has solution! Daeva will now earn more Experience and Kinah from Quests, akakakak!



Most of Aion’s Quests and Group Quests level 26+ have had their Experience and Kinah rewards enhanced.

While some Quest Experience rewards have received small adjustments, most Quests with Experience rewards deemed disproportionate to their level have received a significant increase in the total Experience earned for the turn-in.

In addition, most (if not all) Quests have had their Kinah rewards enhanced.

Increased Drop Rates in Existing Instanced Dungeons

Increased Drop Rates in Existing Instanced Dungeons edit

In this photo, Kromede the Corrupt of Fire Temple

drops a fat stack of loot


Now is even easier for Daeva to acquire Fabled equipment? Duddlinerk’s business will be ruined…




Named Monsters in most of Aion’s existing Instanced Dungeons (those that existed prior to Assault on Balaurea) have had their drop rates enhanced.


In particular, most Named Monsters will be dropping Fabled equipment more often.

New Quests for Vingeveu, Jeshuchi, and Zapiel

New Quests for Vingeveu, Jeshuchi, and Zapiel edit


Watcher Zapiel seldom puts on his friendly face

Imposing Kerubs? Invisible bridges? Flickering lights in falling rain? Sounds like tall tale to keep little Shugos out of Mookie Pickle jar, nyerk.



The sacred Kerubs (Guardian Vingeveu, Bulwark Jeshuchi, Watcher Zapiel) of Heiron’s Island of Eternity have received some significant changes in Assault on Balaurea.


 Watcher Zapiel will no longer drop weapons or chest armor
 Bulwark Jeshuchi will no longer drop weapons or leg armor
 Guardian Vingeveu will no longer drop shoulder armor.


To offset these changes, all three Kerubs now have a much shorter respawn time. In addition, there are new Repeatable Quests for both Elyos and Asmodians that offer Fabled and Heroic armor and weapons as a reward.


Elyos Daevas can speak to Gorgos at Jeiaparan Village to receive the [Alliance] Into Eternity Quest. Complete this Quest 10 times to receive Gorgos’s Loot, which contains 1-4 random Fabled or Heroic items from Watcher Zapiel’s, Bulwark Jeshuchi’s, and Guardian Vingeveu’s loot tables.



The cake is a lie!

Asmodian Daevas can speak with Nerita at Beluslan Fortress to receive the [Spy/Alliance] To the Island of Eternity Quest. Complete this Quest 5 times to receive Nerita’s Loot, which contains 1-4 random Fabled or Heroic items from Watcher Zapiel’s, Bulwark Jeshuchi’s, and Guardian Vingeveu’s loot tables.


While many of Atreia’s boldest Daevas are familiar with Vingeveu, Jeshuchi, and Zapiel, for those who are not, the Kerubs can be incredibly difficult to reach.

The Island of Eternity in Heiron is near impossible to traverse without knowing the locations of the invisible bridges that connect the different land masses. These invisible bridges appear when it rains in Heiron, which occurs at 1:00 PM game time. When this happens, a series of flickering green orbs will appear which reveal the locations of the invisible bridges.



These orbs can be difficult to see at first, but once found, accessing the Kerubs is just a matter of connecting the dots (or in this case, connecting the flickering green orbs).

The orbs only last for about two hours of game time before vanishing, so be sure to defeat the Kerubs as fast as possible!


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Temporary Trades with Group Members

Temporary Trades with Group Members edit


Grrrrawrrrrnyerk! Nothing makes Duddlinerk more angry than when some idiot Daeva roll "Greed" on item that Duddlinerk "Need"! Nevermind fact that Duddlinerk has no armor or weapon proficiencies; is principle of matter!



Certain items marked as "Untradeable" upon pickup can now be traded with Group members for a short period of time. This new function is designed to resolve the "Need or Greed" issues that are often encountered in Instanced Dungeons, as well as the occasional "mis-click".


Here are a few conditions to note:


 Temporary Trades do not apply to Abyss equipment or Quest rewards.

 Temporary Trade items can only be traded with Group members present when the item dropped.


 The item’s tooltip will show the remaining time it is eligible to be traded. When the temporary trade time ends, the item’s status will revert to “Untradeable”.

 When there is 1 minute left on the Temporary Trade timer, an announcement will be made to the entire Group (provided the Group has not disbanded). A second announcement will follow when the item can no longer be traded.

Aion + Twitter = AionTweet!

Aion + Twitter = AionTweet! edit


Duddlinerk keeps hearing about this Twitter...what is Twitter, Daeva? Daeva can interact with followers through series of tubes connected to enchanted boxes behind walls of fire? Duddlinerk does not understand...but sounds exciting, nyerk!



The AionTweet Login

The new AionTweet function is live with the release of Assault on Balaurea! Now Aion players can update their Twitter feeds, or search for their friend’s Tweets while playing Aion!

Players can chronicle their own incredible adventures in Atreia, or track a friend’s exploits with AionTweet.


The Aion Twitter function can also be a great tool for Legions looking to recruit able Daevas or build their reputation in the community.


To get started...


STEP 1: Click on Additional Functions in the Menu, and mouse over AionTweet v0.7, or, alternatively, type /twitter in-game.
This will bring up the AionTweet Login, which will ask for a unique PIN.

STEP 2: Click on Get PIN in the AionTweet Login, which will open up a Web Browser asking for a Twitter username and password.




Log in to AionTweet


Copy the Unique Pin



STEP 3: Copy the unique Pin to the AionTweet Login, and click Login to access AionTweet!


Enter the unique PIN to Login!


STEP 4: Do something Tweetworthy! Then click on the Write New button at the top of the AionTweet Menu. 

STEP 5: Tweet away, add a screenshot from the Screenshot folder in the Aion folder if desired, then click the Complete button to upload it to Twitter!


Write a Tweet!

This new armor seems Tweetworthy...

STEP 6: Bask in the glory!

Dang...I’m good

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