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2.0 Elyos Leveling Guide (51-52) 2.0 Elyos Leveling Guide (51-52) Edit

Guide Recommendations

Guide Recommendations edit

To walk you through the dangerous perils, Duddlinerk the Shugo and Pinky the Elyos will be teaming up to bring advice and humor along the way.



Known for his love of fungen caps and long walks on the beach, Duddlinerk also has a habit of getting in to Jackdaw’s Rum when the clock strikes 2.



Don’t let her boisterous ways fool you, Pinky offers up oodles of good advice and is renown for putting the smack down on Asmodians to let off steam.


Inggison Awaits!



 Go to the new area, Balaurea!

 Level 51: Solo Instance - Taloc’s Hollow

 Level 52: Group Instances - Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple

 Level 52: Greater Stigma Expansion Quest

 Learn new Skills and Stigmas

Assault on Balaurea Introduces Pets

Assault on Balaurea Introduces Pets edit

Production Pets, like this Button-Eye Mookie eat junk items and

spit out item bundles, which might contain Jewels, Metals, or Dyes.


Where’s my Pet?


I will name him George… and I will hug him, and squeeze him, and pet him…


Daeva can have Pets!? Duddlinerk thought he was pet.


Duddlinerk doesn’t care for Pet Merchants in Capitol cities. Too many strange creatures on four legs. Shugo only needs two legs, and is smarter than pet!



The Rotund Ayas is to dye for!


Assault on Balaurea is bringing cute and cuddly pets to Atreia. Buy a Pet egg from Unos, the Pet Merchant in Sanctum, and then visit Amis to hatch your egg, name your pet, and even add custom accessories. Some pets are purely for decoration, while others offer practical uses and can give you additional storage, alert you when enemies are near, or turn your rags in to riches!


*Several pets are also available in exchange for Daily Quest Tokens, as drops from high level bosses, or through retail purchase of Aion: Assault on Balaurea.

Balaurea: Entry Mission

Balaurea: Entry Mission edit



Shards! I’m level 51 and ready to enjoy Assault on Balaurea, but I don’t know what to do first.






The first thing Daeva should complete is entry mission for Inggison. When Daeva opens quest window, Daeva will find mission named Lavirintos’s Call. It is simple two step quest for blessed Daeva, so get started immediately, nyerk!



Balaurea Entry Missions


Lavirintos’s Call  Bound for Inggison!

Complete Lavirintos’s Call

Inggison faces a fierce attack from the Chantra Dredgion!

Watch as the story of Inggison’s rescue unfolds.

Bound for Inggison!

Bound for Inggison! edit

Knuckle-draggers won’t reap the benefits of the new lands.

May the speed and swiftness of Aion be with you as you earn

your entry in to Inggison!


Holy Aether Aircraft, what is this place?! I’m so scared and lost in this strange world.


Daeva is level 51! How come Daeva shows such weakness?!


Daeva must stop brooding like self-loathing Asmodian. First mission introduces Daeva to new geographic features and hunting areas. Keep wits and remember to grab the entry quest for Taloc’s Hollow. Don’t disappoint Duddlinerk!


Taloc’s Hollow Entry Missions


Secret of Inggison  Proving Yourself to Outremus  Friends for Life


- When you complete Secret of Inggison and Proving Yourself to Outremus, you can take the Taloc’s Hollow’s entry mission, Friends for Life.


There are a plethora of quests in Taloc’s Hollow, as well as new Collection items and Greater Stigmas. So much awaits you!

New Quest Search Feature

New Quest Search Feature edit

Enable or disable this feature in your Options menu.



Shinyrific! The Assault on Balaurea update adds a new feature allowing you to see the locations of NPCs with available quests on your map.



- When you enable this feature in Options, the locations of quest NPCs will be visible on the map. The feature can be useful when you want to confirm what quests that you can receive or plan to complete multiple quests more efficiently. It is especially useful while advancing in Balaurea, so please do take advantage of it.



The locations of quests that are available to you will be indicated as shown above.

Level 60 Manastones

Level 60 Manastones edit


Hah! Assault on Balaurea now has level 60 Manastones.


All Attack Manastones need to be changed to level 60 immediately.


Off to Manastone Remover. GO GO!


Stop! Garrr!


We now have a variety of level 60 Manastones, but there are no level 60 Attack Manastones. Daevas must check what’s available before visiting the Manastone Remover.



Monsters level 51 and above have a chance to drop

level 60 Manastones.

Level 60 Manastones - Common

Level 60 Manastones - Superior

 Crit Strike + 14

 Magic Boost +22

 HP +70

 Accuracy +22

 Block +22

 MP +70

 Evasion +14

 Parry +22

 Crit Strike +17

 Magic Boost +27

 HP +95

 Accuracy +27

 Block +27

 MP +95

 Evastion +17

 Parry +27

 Magic Resist +14

 Magical Accuracy +14

 Maximum Flight Time +7


- The 2.0 Update introduced level 60 Manastones. If your equipment is level 41 or higher, it can be socketed with level 60 Manastones. Please refer to the table on the right for the different types of level 60 Manastones available.

New Skills and Stigmas

New Skills and Stigmas edit



Level 51 Daevas can learn new Skills and Stigmas, Nyerk! Matters not if Daeva is hunting or entrenched in ferocious battle, new skills are must haves. Learn new skills first, nyerk!



Normal Stigmas can be purchased from Clymene.


New Skills can be purchased from class specific Preceptor NPCs and Normal Stigmas can be purchased from the Stigma Tuner, Clymene.


!... Now level 51 Daeva has expanded knowledge!


Daevas level 51 and higher can also

purchase Greater Stigmas using Abyss

Points (AP).  Enjoy utilizing stronger skills,




Where can I get my new Skills and Greater Stigma?


Skill Manuals and Greater Stigmas are available for Daevas level 51 and above in the Cloister of Kaisinel.



The entrance to Cloister of Kaisinel is in Sanctum.

Activate Kaisinel’s Teleport Statue to enter the Cloister of Kaisinel.

- Skill Manuals can be purchased from class specific Preceptors in the Cloister of Kaisinel and characters level 51 and above can use AP to buy Greater Stigmas from Stigma Contributors.
* You can purchase Normal Stigmas in the Protectors Hall, but Greater Stigmas are only sold in Cloister of Kaisinel!

Level-up in Balaurea

Level-up in Balaurea edit


Daevas should move on to hunting in fields of Inggison. Inggison full of vicious monsters level 51 and above. Vicious is good, Daeva! This means loads of sweet EXP, level 60 Manastones, Special Greater Fluxes, and new items, nyerk!



Eastern & Western Distorted Forest


 Level 51 normal monsters
Solo play is recommended

Phnoe Valley


 Level 51~52 normal monsters
 Solo play is recommended

Caspa’s Forest

 Level 52 normal monsters
 Solo play is recommended

Shulack Cliff Village

 Level 51~52 elite monsters
 Group play is recommended

Corrupt Underground Fortress

 Level 53~54 elite monsters
 Group play is recommended

Travel with Windstreams and Geysers

Travel with Windstreams and Geysers edit



Buckle up and Glide on in! Windstreams are like

an aerial Roller Coaster. Wheee!


Windstreams and Geysers can be found throughout Balaurea. These help you move using gliding.


In order to travel around Balaurea, you will need to master the use of Windstreams and Geysers, which can also help escaping from... err…winning battles against Asmodians.








While you are wandering around Balaurea, you will see several Windstreams. Windstreams are like a one way gliding railroad.


When you enter a Windstream by gliding, the wind will sweep you away and automatically move you along the Windstream without consuming your flight gauge; providing a quick route to your destination.


Some windstreams cannot be exited while en route to their destination, but many can be exited by releasing glide, free falling for a moment, and then gliding again for a landing. Windstreams can also be utilized for a more dynamic PvP experience.


*All Windstreams are one way.


Geysers and Updrafts


Geysers are essential to survival in Balaurea.


Geysers and updrafts allow you to glide upwards and can at times be used for entering a Windstream.


These are located below cliffs or lower regions of the land. If you glide above the geyser, you can ascend to higher altitudes. Some Geysers are guarded and can only be used after defeating a monster.





Mithril Coins and Fabled Items, Oh my!

Mithril Coins and Fabled Items, Oh my! edit

No shattering way! Look at that EXP reward!


When Daeva reaches level 50, Daeva is over the hill. Duddlinerk means Daeva can accept quests that offer Mithril Coin rewards.


Mithril Coins can be exchanged for the Fabled

Sunsoaked series and quest offers decent EXP to boot!






- There are a variety of Mithril Coin quests. Related quests take place in different instanced dungeons, as well as throughout Balaurea. So when you hunt, regardless of the location, you will be able to collect Mithril Coins. It is also helpful in leveling-up since the EXP reward is good.


Mithril Coin Quests – Level 50~52


Acquire Level


Quest Name

Start NPC

Quest Rewards



For the ScholarsEduardoEXP 1,440,600 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest



Example: ShulacksStelviaEXP 2,235,300 / 2 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest



What’s up, Brohum?CrosiaEXP 1,549,900 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest



Tiamat’s MarkIaetiaEXP 1,647,300 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest


Taloc’s Hollow

Mysterious SeedMysterious SeedEXP 2,129,000 / 5 Mithril Coin


Taloc’s Hollow

Spawning of MosquaHyas

Rewards vary based on outcome


Lower Udas Temple

What Interferes with the InvestigationSteuriosEXP 2,653,100 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest


Lower Udas Temple

Getting Rid of the HecklerSulbanyerEXP 2,653,100 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest

* The start item for the Mysterious Seed quest, Mysterious Seed, can be acquired upon completion of the Taloc’s Wound quest.

The first step in acquiring an extendable fabled weapon!

The first step in acquiring an extendable fabled weapon! edit

I must complete the quest, Blessing to the Agent!



Quest Name

Acquired Weapon


Blessing to the Agent

Laestrygos’s Greatsword


Mirage Greatsword



For a Better Greatsword

Laestrygos’s Mirage Greatsword



Daeva knew already?


This repeatable quest offers exceptional EXP and if Daeva completes it 30 times, Daeva will be bestowed with a Title and a Fabled Grade Weapon, nyerk!



- The Fabled Grade weapon received from the quest, Blessing to the Agent, can be upgraded through a related quest. This will give you an option to extend the weapon after the upgrade, making this an even more desirable quest. The final upgraded weapon will be level 54 Fabled. Note that there is no option to extend Orbs, Spellbooks, and Bows.


Laestrygos’s Greatsword can be received at level 51

Transform it into Laestrygos’s Mirage Greatsword through

the realated quest!

Daily Quests & Token Exchange

Daily Quests & Token Exchange edit

The majority of Fortuneers quests take place in Inggison




In Assault on Balaurea, new Daily Quest organization named Fortuneers has appeared.




Ack! Do I go after Asmodians again?


I’m scared of those darkling brutes...



Don’t worry, Daeva! Fortuneers give rather quick quests (compared to other organizations), such as hunting monsters or delivering items, nyerk.




- New daily quests can be received by joining the Fortuneers. The Fortuneers offer rewards such as Heroic and Fabled grade Items, Titles, Godstones, and more. Most of these items are permanent and are of higher value than rewards offered by the Alabaster Order. With the majority of quests taking place in Balaurea, you can also complete other quests at the same time.


- Existing daily quests have also changed. New reward items, such as Pets have been added to each group. In addition, a Token Exchange NPC has been introduced, so you can exchange group specific tokens. 
Radiant Ops (PvP Quests) have changed up their rules a bit.



You can use your Daily Quest tokens to buy a Pet!

Exchange your token for another organization’s tokens.


Daily Quest Token Exchange Rates





Number of Required


Tokens Received in Exchange


Abyss: Teminon Landing

Progress Tokens: 8

Radiant Tokens: 1


Abyss: Black Cloud Island

Progress Tokens: 7

Radiant Tokens: 1


Inggison: Inggison Illusion Fortress

Progress Tokens: 8

Fortuneers Tokens: 8

Radiant Tokens: 1 or Fortuneers Tokens: 1

Radiant Tokens: 6


Inggison: Inggison Gravepit

Progress Tokens: 7

Fortuneers Tokens: 7

Radiant Tokens: 1 or Fortuneers Tokens: 1

Radiant Tokens: 6


Silentera Canyon

Progress Tokens: 6

Fortuneers Tokens: 6

Radiant Tokens: 1 or Fortuneers Tokens: 1

Radiant Tokens: 6


Radiant Ops – Daily Quest Changes


Quest Name

To Obtain


Asmodians Abated

Randomly obtained only on Mon, Wed, and FridaysKill 2 Asmodians who came over to the field of your own race

Asmodae Infiltration Operation

Randomly obtained only on Tue, Thur, and SaturdaysKill 1 Asmodian by crossing over to the opposing race’s territory

New Instance, Taloc’s Hollow!

New Instance, Taloc’s Hollow! edit

Taloc’s Hollow is a Solo Instance


Taloc’s Hollow is what? Something to eat?





Nyerk! Duddlinerk can’t believe Daeva hasn’t been there yet!


Taloc’s Hollow is Solo Instanced Dungeon, Daeva must go now!



- When you reach level 51, a new solo instanced dungeon opens up for you, Taloc’s Hollow. Taloc’s Hollow has elite grade level 51~53 monsters. Players can breakthrough the dungeon by utilizing items exclusively for this instance, such as Taloc Fruit (gives you equal abilities as a Guardian General), and Taloc’s Tears (a powerful area-of-effect skill).


You will discover a variety of quests in Taloc’s Hollow, including a quest to expand your Greater Stigma Slot (level 52 and higher).


*Re-entry time is 46 hours.

Unlock Greater Stigma Slot Meet NPC Reemul at Inggison Illusion Fortress, complete the quest to defeat Named Monsters in Taloc’s Hollow; when completed, you can open 1 Greater Stigma Slot.
Earn a High Level Enchantment StoneMeet Dorkin in a secret location of Taloc’s Hollow and then purchase an axe to break the mysterious egg and acquire 1 Enchantment Stone (random).
Fabled AccessoriesWhen you kill the ultimate boss of Taloc’s Hollow, Celestius, you might receive one of these items as a drop: Celestius’s Corundum Earrings, Celestius’s Turquoise Earrings.
Mithril Coins

Mithril Coins are given by a NPC you encounter during the dungeon attack.


**Mysterious Seed, the item which starts the Mysterious Seed quest, can be obtained once the Taloc’s Wound quest has been completed.

Fight in Chantra Dredgion!

Fight in Chantra Dredgion! edit

There are now two Dredgions!


I’m gonna speed up to level 55, so I can go to Dredgion!


Then, I can gank lower level Asmodians, bwahahaha!?



Nyerk! What!?


Daeva now has access to two Dredgion battleships, depending on Daeva’s level. Level

51~55 characters will be in Chantra Dredgion, so stop dreaming, nyerk!


- After the 2.0 Update, the Dredgion level limitation is now 55. Accordingly, there are now two battleships. The existing Dredgion’s name is now the Baranath Dredgion for levels 46~50 and the new Chantra Dredgion is for levels 51~55.


 Chantra Dredgion: Level 51-55


 Baranath Dredgion: Level 46-50


Just like Baranath Dredgion, the Chantra dredgion will have an entry request button that appears on the UI. The battle rules and map structure are, for the most part, the same. The main difference is that Chantra Dredgion’s monsters are  level 55 normal and elite grade and offer better rewards, such as Platinum Medals (which are needed for Primus Pilus Abyss items).

Better Loot in Existing Dungeons!

Better Loot in Existing Dungeons! edit

Many items received an upgrade with the 2.0 Update.



But, I’ll miss Dark Poeta and I never got to see Triroan.


..Draupnir Cave is like my hometown…wahhhhh!



Daeva can still revisit existing instanced dungeons at level 51, nyerk!


Many items in the existing instanced dungeons improved.



- Daevas level 51 and above can still receive XP to level-up and score improved loot in the existing instances. Upper Abyss Instances, Dark Poeta, Draupnir Cave, and Theobomos Labs have all received enhancements to their loot drops.

Level 52, Greater Stigma Expansion!

Level 52, Greater Stigma Expansion! edit

Start the Expand Stigma Slot quest by meeting Reemul.



When Daeva becomes level 52, be sure to meet Reemul for the Greater Stigma Slot quest!




- The Greater Stigma quest, Stigma Master’s Offer, is received from NPC Reemul who is located in Inggison Illusion Fortress. To complete the quest, kill Named Monsters that appear in the solo instance, Taloc’s Hollow, and obtain 5 rare items.The limitation of rare items for a single entry is 3, so a minimum of 2 entries is required to obtain the 5 rare items.


Once you open up the Greater Stigma Slot, you can purchase the new and powerful class specific Greater Stigmas. Behold the might of the Greater Stigma!

New Level 52 Group Instance - Udas Temple

New Level 52 Group Instance - Udas Temple edit

Udas Armor Sets have a unique appearance.


Ding 52! I feel the power of Aion surging through me…I’m unstoppable!


Is there a new dungeon, or someplace I can test myself?


Brave Daevas can go to Udas Temple.


Divided in to two floors of varying difficulty and offering two dungeons, Daeva will have opportunity to choose what you would like to do.


- Udas Temple is a gathering house for Fanatics who worship the Balaur Lord Udas. It has a 1st floor and 2nd floor, but is considered a single Instance Dungeon as far as story and rewards. The 1st floor is named Udas Temple and the 2nd and more difficult floor is Lower Udas Temple. Both have different entrance hours.


Killing monsters in Udas Temple or attacking the dungeon will score you a significant amount of AP. Also, Named Monsters that appear inside the dungeon drop a variety of Fabled grade items and Eternal grade accessories. It is an alluring location if you want new equipment.


**The Fabled armor and weapon sets from Udas Temple drops from Named Monsters in both Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple.

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